70+ Good Friday quotes

Good Friday is the very day that Jesus was crucified on the cross because he was betrayed by Judas.
He was beaten, made to walk around the city while having to carry the burden and the heaviness of the cross to repent for all the sins of the world.
The Lord God’s only child was forced to do such things because He wanted to save the world.
Knowing He was going to die wasn’t easy but He did his best to make everyone realize that the Lord loves them.
He sacrificed His own life just to save us all, for the salvation of human kind.
On this day, let us all mourn for the death of the savior, thank Him for the part He played to save every one and to give prayers for He was an innocent lad that was willing to sacrifice his very life just to let us all free from sins.
Here are some quotes to help you with greeting other people on this Friday.

 It was inevitable his death and that’s what makes it all the more special to us on Good Friday.

 Saving the world was not an easy feat, He has given it all, His tears and blood to save us all.

 Christ our Lord has died with his arms nailed at the cross just to save what matters to Him us.

 The Son of God gave up His life because he knew it was the only way to save each one of us.

 The reality of what happened with Jesus is something that is so hard to truly grasped that it is.

 No matter how holy Jesus was, He still suffered and died as a human to protect every person.

 Good Friday is a universal day when Christ the Lord gave us the love He thinks we deserved.

 From the very start, it was His mission to save the world, to remove every sin within all of us.

 If Jesus decided not to suffer, we all would have, we would have paid for every sin we made.

 Every sin deserves a punishment and Jesus Christ decided to shoulder all of our punishments.


 The reality is horrible, we are all doomed if not for the Lord who decided to forgive us all.

 Do not despair on Good Friday for He will rise again from the dead three days later, my dear.

 We must thank God and celebrate the fact that we were saved because he accepted to die.

 What the cross means is our resurrection, so let us all thank the Lord for that sacrifice He did.

 The best gift that God has given us is the act of love that He showed us through his sacrifice.

 To love is to sacrifice and that is what Jesus has proven us a very long time ago on this day.

 Good Friday tells us that without pain, without any sacrifice people will never be free, ever.

 The best kind of love in the world is that which sacrifices without any reservations at all.

 He died on a Good Friday just to prove to everyone that He is the rightful king, our God.

 No matter what the cost, God did not mind as long as we were all saved because He loved us.

 Sacrifice means love, it signifies our Lord on the cross trying to repent for every sin we made.

 He knew that He would be put on that cross and He did not do anything to escape His fate.

 The greatest act of the Lord is the sacrifice He has made to make sure we’re all saved forever.

 Good Friday is but a reminder to us all of what the Lord has sacrificed to give us all peace.

 For He knows how to forgive and that is just a reminder of how holy He is, now and forever.

 There is as much darkness as light in this world but Christ has tipped the scales on this day.

 We celebrate his crucifixion on the cross because He did it just for us, that is the real truth.

 The highest form of love is the one that we have with God, because there is nothing next to it.

 Christ the Lord spoke through us with Good Friday, sacrificing His life to get order for us.

 Only a glorious soul like that of God is willing to sacrifice His only son for all our sakes.

 How someone can forgive after every bad thing done against Him is way too divine, really.

 Blessed are those who follow Him for He is the one who has saved as all from punishments.

 Never will you do something wrong if you follow God’s way and all his real testaments.

 Good Friday is a day to celebrate, a day to be respected for the Jesus, our Lord, died this day.

 He saved us from every possible retribution in the world and the least we can do is change.

 He is the only one who is innocent in this world and yet He had died on the cross for all of us.

 We are the lucky ones to have such a pure hearted king to rule us from the heavens above us.

 Thankful is what we should be for everything that the Lord has provided us with, his only son.

 The cross that the Lord was crucified on Good Friday was but a metaphor of His love for us.

 How painful it is for the Lord God to have to sacrifice His own son for the benefit of many.

 When you are out of hope, just remember that Jesus died in the cross for you, never give up.

 Never should anything that is about giving up ever be justified because God gave us hope.

 We all would have been dead if Jesus did not save us by giving himself to those murderers.

 Good Friday is the very day that Lord has saved us all from the sins of the world we are in.

 And though He was sentenced to death, He never blamed anyone for the things that happened.

 He knew He was going to die and yet He opened His arms to His fate just to save all of us.

 It is with His courage and dedication that lets us be alive today, it is all in His glory and love.

 Today is Good Friday, let us pray for the souls of the innocent that were murdered for today.

 God’s love for humans is one of a kind to let His only son die just to save every one of us.

 Let us celebrate this day with the knowledge that we are saved from being doomed, we all are.

 If we are given a chance to speak to the Lord through our prayers, let us send him our thanks.

 When you start to believe in the Lord, your life will turn for the better because He is loving.

 He was put on the cross with two men and He wished them well back then on Good Friday.

 Generous is what the Lord is giving His child’s life just so He can cleanse the world of sins.

 It is all out fault, we never listened to what He says but in the end He gave us forgiveness.

 Through Jesus the Lord sent us a message that everything comes with a prize so be careful.

 Good Friday was a day of history, where the Lord God surrendered His life to the heavens.

 There is always going to be a choice in your life and it is up to you to stand for what is right.

 When you feel that your world is crushing down, just remember that God is always with you.

 God is fair yet He is forgiving, He will only give you problems that He knows you can solve.

 Good Friday is a reminder to every one of us of how kind and generous the Lord God really is

 No matter what happens now, the most important thing is that the Lord decided to forgive us.

 Imagine how sad life would be if we are all still paying for the sins of our ancestor until today.

 The world has been a better place because most of us know how to listen to the Lord our God

 He will come back was alive once more and it all started on a Good Friday many years ago.

 One day, He will show Himself to us once more, as the king of us all, as our beloved savior.

 Jesus is truly the messiah, the one to save us all and by His divine grace, let us praise Him.

 We must never forget to thank the Lord for deciding to forgive us, to let us be free of sins.

 It is Jesus who lowered the consequences of sins from death to asking for forgiveness, really.

 Good Friday is a reminder that there is no greater suffering than what Christ has experience.

 We all our facing problems of our own but it is the Lord who has made us remain alive today.

 If you were able to meet Jesus right now, I hope you are able to tell him that you are grateful.

 To God is every glory because on Good Friday He gave his life away for the world we are in.

 One day, you will realize just how big we have been blessed to have Jesus on our side here.

 Good Friday is the day when the most innocent person, Christ died to save each of us, really.

 It is with a smile that we welcome this day, with a heart that we remember who Jesus really is.

 Even though we have sinned a lot, still God gave His only son to save us all on Good Friday.

 Through everything that God did for us we must never forget to praise him and thank him.

 Good Friday was the day He suffered, the day He was shamed without anyone there for Him.

 He deserves the best life can give and even more than that for He is the Lord our savior.

 Let us all be reminded of what Good Friday, really was, the day of our salvation coz of Him.

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