70 + Freedom quotes

There is something about freedom that soothes a lonely soul, that makes you feel better than ever before.
Freedom is basically being able to do the things you want, whenever you want them.
Should there come a time when you want to exercise this freedom, that is to express yourself then one of the best things to do.
So go for it, go and exercise your right to speak what it is in your mind.
Here are some of the freedom quotes to use when you are feeling that way.

Freedom is not simply about being able to do what you want, even that has its own limits.


You are free to do the things that you want so go for them, reach for the stars, go for it all!


Do not let yourself to repeat the same mistakes over again because you have to learn, girl.


Being weak of mind is not a good trait, you need to sharpen what you already have right now.


It is once you have lost what are the most important things to you that you know how to let go.


When you learn how good it is to actually be free, you will see what really matters to you.


Darling it is losing that makes you be able to gain things so go ahead and free them all, girl.


Knowing we can do some of the things that we like gives us the hope that tomorrow is better.


Some days, I wish I can begin again, to restart my day and do everything the right way, really.


You do not have no right to deny what is rightfully to others, you should not even try doing so.



It is only because we are free that we are able to know what real happiness is that is the truth.


The decisions you make now will gradually affect how your future will be so be careful with it.


Everything that you have were given to you because you are free to get what you deserve.


When you have freedom, believe me when I say that it also comes with great responsibilities.


There comes a point in your life when you would not be as glad to have your freedom.


Life is not always easy but once you try it over and over it will be a whole lot better, really.


I wish that I can hold you, that I am free to do so, that I am able to love you with all I have.


Right now, I just want you to know that I care for you and nothing’s going to stop that ever.



You are more than entitled to your opinion, you can go on and tell the world everything.


May you choose to be happy and try to keep the pretense until the lies begin to become truth.



Get lost in the moment and still consider your options, never let anyone tell you what to do.


Freedom is being able to find what you need and get it in whatever way is possible, my dear.


There is no need to defend yourself from people since they practically have the same rights.


Ignorance may just be what they call it: bliss but it is not actually what being free means.

If something is still holding you back, you either cut it or you try to improve it all the way.


It is moment of crisis that it is more important to be able what your opinions really are about.


I wish you would fight for what you believe in, to stand for what you think is the right thing.


No matter what your status is, the important thing is that you are able to prove yourself.


Prove them all wrong, that you are free to do what you want that you can do this as well.


A book is the most personal of all things, it tells the story of the author and a whole lot more.


Thank God that when all else fails I know I can still try and become what you are right now.


Tell the stories you know to save the world, go ahead and say all that you want to say today.


You have freedom so you should also get up and respect the ways other people express it.


At the end of the day, it is more about trying your best not to fail at doing what it is you want.


If you are doing things for the greater good, never let anyone stop you in pursuit of it, dear.


It is okay to start small, to test how free you really are in doing the things that you need to do.


There is so much more rights that you need to exercise, that you actually need to know about.


Trust me, there is no person in the world who does not enjoy the feeling of being free, dear.


My dearest, I just want you to know that it is going to be fine, no matter what, things will be.


And one day, maybe you will be alright with seeing him once more, he won’t matter anymore.


Maybe it is only deep within you, how you try to accept the things that you are seeing, actually.


Never let yourself be tied down, be handcuffed and fight for the things you believe to be right.


It is by losing yourself that you lose your rights, that you lose what it is that comforts yourself.


As a nation, we must be able to express ourselves, to show people what it is we want to get.


Prove to yourself that the things you have now are not just illusions, that they mean a lot dear.


If tomorrow I will not see the light no longer, then I do not really know what I would do then.


Freedom to speak what you want does not give you the right to actually be rude to people.


There is something so great about freedom that everyone just desires to actually experience it.


I wish I can give you the freedom to go ahead and live your life the way you want it to be.


And I just want you to know that at the end of this my loyalty will still stay with you now.


It is with you that I am comfortable being with and that truly means a lot to me this day.


Maybe it is hard right now, what you are going through but you can do something for it.


Keep on fighting, never let go, keep on telling yourself that you can do this until tomorrow.


Take it a day at a time and I swear you are going to be alright, you will get through this.


The answer to your prayers is close to you if only you try to realize what it is around you.


Though it may be but hard to do the things that you do, I promise you it will be alright.


Let me tell you that things are going to be fine, that you are going to be okay, my dear.


As long as you know how to claim what is rightfully yours, you are going to get just that.


And so I promise you that you are going to achieve the things you want, believe me, it’s true.


I have never seen someone like you, someone who is rightfully willing to defy all odds in life.


And I just have to say that if I can find freedom in letting go then I would have done so now.


Let me tell you of the story that you only experience once you actually try things out again.


I do not like slavery, I do not support it because no one has the right to take another’s rights.


The future depends on your hand right now and I just know you can actually do this, my dear.


I believe in you and your capabilities, you are going to survive this, I just know that, okay?


This time I am giving you all the freedom you want, but do remember where your loyalty lies.


When you give freedom to someone who has been caged up in a while, it liberates them badly.


I wish I can tell you that freedom is something that is achieved, not just simply given, my dear.


I am telling you now that the best weapon you have at your dismissal is simply your freedom.


When your freedom is at stake that is the very moment you should wake up and actually resist.


A man who is already used to having no freedom will eventually make but another dull boy.


The thing is that freedom is something that you work hard to keep, do not take it for granted.


Never take the things you have for granted or else they will really be gone the next time.


When it seems things are not going the right way for you, remember it will be alright.


Trust yourself, fight for what you believe in and hold on to all the feelings you have.


And when someone tries to take your freedom away, I wish you could fight for it, mean to.


Freedom is God trying to give you His trust on whether to do the right thing or do the wrong.


Do not see where your freedom extends to, do not test your limits but instead stay safe inside.


What is the sense of freedom when you do not do anything to exercise it anyway, my dear girl.


Freedom must be something you never take for granted, instead do what you think is right.


Freedom comes hand in hand with justice and that is the way life must truly be lived, my dear.


The only way to deal with what life is to embrace the freedom that you have as of the moment.


Maybe the real sense of freedom is when you actually have nothing, so do not ask for more.


Yes you have freedom but that does not give you the right to actually abuse it in any way.


Freedom is when you do not have to ask permission from anyone to do something you like.

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