70+ Education quotes

Education is also fairly important although the problem is that not everyone is able to afford to send their children to school to have formal education.
Nevertheless, with the never ending improvements in society, it would seem that education has certainly attained a certain degree in which it is more reachable for the masses.
It is also important to note that education and success comes hand in hand in this world that we now live in.
People tend to judge you by what you have attained in your education.
Although education does not stop at the four walls of the classroom, here are some quotes about education that you might enjoy.

When your education stops at the classroom, then you have yet to be really educated, I think.


It is when you have learned to do things that you will fill as full as you have never been filled.


Being taught is never enough, you must be immersed in the situation to fully understand it.


What you need to aim for, my dear is not perfection but ultimately to succeed in your goals.


Take things little at a time, start small because eventually they will all ball up to be bigger.


You should never be satisfied when you do things right, make room for your mistakes, love.


It is knowing fear that makes people able to move forward with their lives, knowing more.


You learn something new every single day, it is up to you on how you would apply it.


What use is a library if people are not using it anyways, what use is a brain then if not used?


Never try to set limits on yourself because you can do more than your limits, reach for those.



The truth will truly set you free if you only let it out to be, believe me when I say that, girl.


Doubting yourself would not do you any good, use what you have learned and take advantage.

You either learn what you can or take away the lesson, or you do not really learn anything.


It is the moment you have learned something new that you will see what a treasure it is.


The things that we are being taught right now will somehow make sense in the near future.


Education may seem to cost money but it is going to be worth it in the years to come by.


It is through education that we need to actually build ourselves upon to understand more.


Education is something to ingrain in the minds of young kids, to be able to know it more.



Through the young people who know how valuable education is, we will live on forward.


The key to a beautifully lived life is to have an education that exceeds what has been taught.


It is when you stop trying to learn something new that your life stops on progressing, child.


Be like a kid who is curious to know how everything around him works, be curious as always.


In the end, it is what we were taught and what we teach that will survive when we cannot.


You do not do anything by chance, you sought for it, you fight for it, you strive to have it.


When you learn something new, I hope you have the heart to integrate it, to know it all.


The process may be different for everyone but the point is practically the same, it’s important.


Knowing why you did this rather than just musing on the effects is what people should do.


Get a passion to know more about the things around you and I promise that it will pay off.


At the end of the day, you will see how more productive you become when it comes to an end.


When you die, it would be nice knowing you have lived your life the way you meant to do so.


Even when you think you are well accomplished, there will always be something more to know.


Education is something that one person must exercise his right to, go for what is right.


Just because you had the education and others did not does not mean you can belittle them.


Never should you stop to grow, to progress, to rip apart from what the society thinks about.


It is by proving wrong the people who thinks negatively about you that you grow more, girl.


Live by knowing that you have invested a lot in what you do and what you are going to do.


You never stop being a student, you know? Because the process of learning is never ending.


It is by learning new things and trying to figure them out more that you become better.


Stop being afraid of the future, of the storms and become a whole lot better, my friend.


You only fail when you think that you have not learned anything in life at all, that you do.


You either do it or let it do you, the latter would be living a life that is completely useless.


Move on to that goal, you need to be accomplished to pursue what it is that you want.


It is imperative to know that being yourself and still engaging in intelligent conversations.


Be with the people who are open to talking more about the possibilities of tomorrow.


It may sound crazy but honestly, I hope you find someone who will appreciate your mind.


It is not just school that you can learn from but also from the experiences you encounter.


In life, you will not be taught this and that, you will have to know them all by yourself.


You who had education must understand those who are still ignorant even more than ever.


Try to impart things that you have learned from your education to those who did not have it.


Remember that the education you have is something no one will be able to take away my dear.


Having time with yourself is very important especially if you want to actually improve.


It is okay to make mistakes for you only do better when you learn from them, that you do.


Let me tell you that it is not going to be easy but the journey has always been set to be like it.


Your mind will know if you are using it or if you are not so keep on challenging yourself.


Pay attention especially to the small details for they hold some of the best lessons you learn.


Your mind will not break if you try to explore new things outside of your comfort zone.


So darling, let me tell you it is going to be fine, you will be just okay, believe me on that.


Work hard and eventually you will attain the things that you really want in this life you live.


One day you will get to where you want in life if you diligently strive for your goals, my dear.


There are many things that you can forget as long as you have learned something at most.


When you have learned a thing, it will feel as if you lost something you should not have.


It is always refreshing to learn something new as the world is so stagnant nowadays.


May your education and patience come hand in hand although it may be tough at times, love.


There is a limit to what education can offer, it is up to you to fill up the rest to make it full.


And even in loving there is such a thing as learning, that is something I sincerely believe.


How do you know if things are going to work out fine, you simply do your best, forever.


When you have figured out what is wrong, you will see why you did what you had to do.


And I still believe in myself, I still believe in you and no matter what, I will try my best to.


So tell me how do I keep on telling myself that it is going to be alright when it seems not.


Always be aware of your actions for it will affect you greatly, that is the process of learning.


It works like this, you try your best to be on your peak and then you smile at yourself for it.


Learn that there is something more to life than the things you get to know inside of the room.


School may seem challenging but then again you either do it or you do not, so keep going.


I wish I can tell you it is going to be fine but it is not always going to, so just keep living.


And still I wonder what will happen if you are unsure of the things that you want in this life.


You always feel better once you have done your best in the things that you do, my dearest.


It requires an effort to know something, you must be willing to suffer though it may cost you.


A lot of times, things are not going to go fine but you should keep on doing just that, dear.


You may seem afraid of things now but at the end of the day, it is up to you to actually do it.


Education helps you to explore what you are capable of, what more there is outside your box.


Start thinking about the benefits of having proper education and think of how lucky you are.


The thing is that without common sense, education is nothing more than just stock knowledge.


You do not just memorize things, that is not education, you also analyze and interpret as well.


And when the time comes that you must defend your education, I hope you try your best to.


Education is only effective when the purpose of it is for the greater good of mankind, really.


Invest in education and see where it pays off around a thousand years from this very day.


The thing is that a lot have tried to be what they think they are but it is education that helped.


Education can also mean to accept changes in your life, to actually see that it matters more.

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