60 Short Life lessons Quotes

There are so many life lessons that we will get to know as we move on with our lives.
Every experience will bring life lessons that are sure to be different from the other.
There are also some life lessons that we can get from other people no matter if we are close to them or not.
The thing is that life lessons, the most important ones that which are difficult to actually achieve but are simple when it comes to it.
Here are some life lesson quotes that might help you to get wisdom.

You get different life lessons from the different people that you encounter in this life we are in.


When you do not give forgiveness to people, it will come back when you beg for forgiveness.


The thing you need to understand is to give kindness to people, you do not lose anything for it.


There will be times when you need to stand by your point and that is just okay, it is just fine.


You need not find any shortcuts because sometimes they only bring you nothing but delays.


You can never really do things greatly if you keep getting stuck on your previous mistakes.


The thing is you cannot be everything that everyone likes so might as well just be who you are.


Being true to yourself is one of the best ways to ensure that you will actually be okay in life.


Stop wondering what will happen tomorrow and start on focusing on what today will bring.


You either make it or you do not, that is simply the way life plays, so focus on the good things.



Being an optimist does not always really mean to look at the bright side but to actually find it.


You have to make the good that you want to see in the world that we live in, not vice versa.


Be proud of what has happened to you in the past because it molded who you are right now.


You have made mistakes and that is okay because that is just the way life is for all of us here.


I wish I can give you the best life lessons but that is not that easy to do at all, that I realized.


No matter how perfect you think you might be you have a flaw you have yet to discover.


You only have limited time in this world so I hope you do not waste it by trying to be anybody.


Have the courage to actually go and pursue the things that you want in this life, nothing else.



You get to experience the best in this life when you learn to actually let go of what hurts you.


Stop trying to be better than anyone else and only treat yourself as your only competitor.


It is okay to get to those sleepless nights, what really matters in the end is that you succeed.


The best kinds of life lessons are those that you actually get to realize all by yourself, my dear.


There are some life lessons that will come to you as time passes you by, that is the truth of it.


When the time comes I hope that the life lessons you have learned will actually help you of.



I hope I keep you up at night, that our memories haunt you that they will never leave you.


Everything is all on your mind, on what approach you will use to get what it is that you want.


Whether it was your intention or not, you will hurt the ones that are the closest to you, dear.


It is never going to be easy, life is all about being challenge to be the best version of yourself.


Choose to be the person who will choose to love despite of everything bad that ever happened.


I know you are courageous enough to be who you want to be in spite of everyone’s opinions.


Trust in yourself no matter what other people try to picture you out to be, just be who you are.


Who you are is what you are when you are all by yourself, at the end of the day, all alone.


It is truly sad when you expect people to do something and they do not so stop expecting.


If you work hard for it, you will eventually get there, you will actually get what you want.


Some days, you have to tell yourself that you can make it to another day, one day at a time.


Never stop on actually trying before telling yourself that it is impossible for you to do it.


You only ever get what it is you actually deserve in this life, that is the truth no one knows.


Maybe there are life lessons so you can be prepared for the near future, that it actually is.


Life lessons are one of the best things there is in life and you just got to love them more.


You need not the best situation but a mind that tries to find how to make the best out of it.


Every experience that you go through in life is meant to teach your something a lesson maybe.


It is your responsibility to calm yourself down, to go down to whatever level you actually want.


Go for the thing that makes you happy, it is as simple as that, let go of everything that hurts.


Keep your eyes open, believe in yourself and I assure you that you will eventually be fine.


Helping is the best way that you can do to lighten any burden that you might be carrying.


It is by reaching out to people that you will eventually find who you are, to find yourself.


Life lessons are those that you need to learn in this life, you just need to think about them.


You learn those life lessons by actually being going through something difficult in this life.


You will never learn some life lessons until you get put through a challenge, until you are in it.


Some life lessons are those that you can only learn by going through them and nothing else.


One of the best life lessons in this life is: you only get to reap what you actually plant that it is.


Leave your comfort zone because it is only by then that you can actually grow as a person.


I believe in you, do not forget that, when things feel hard, when things are rough I’ll be there.


If there are people who do not believe you, stop sharing your dreams with them, my dear.


Stop interacting with the people who does nothing but to hold you back, you can do this!


Your heart is the most vulnerable thing about you so I hope you take real good care of it.


I never smile because I do not want anyone to get near me, I want to be all by myself.


Do not worry if your first plan does not work, you can go on and on for even more plans.


You matter in this world and you need to realize that you have worth, that is the key to it.


You must treasure yourself, who you are and realize that there is actually someone you’ll be.


Being who you are may not always be easy but you can’t do anything but to actually try to.


It is the way you think about things that will matter in the end of the day, that it will, my dear.


I hope that my life lessons will not come as people, that they may come just as experiences.


Never give up on things especially if you know that they are actually what you want in life.


Stop being the one watching and start trying to be the one that people would love to watch.


The measure of love in this world is the feeling that you can no longer contain any longer.


You need to actually make things matter in your life, go for the things that makes you happy.


You get to learn a lot when you are open to the possibility of actually learning something.


People are not just what you see on the surface, beneath that mask, there is so much more.


Once you know someone so much, you will see that they actually have more layers to them.


What you are doing today or right now matters because it makes a difference in your life.


May you always remember that it is better to regret things you did than those you did not.


Stop looking for a loophole in your life and try to look for the extraordinary in the ordinary.


I have decided that I am no longer going to be caged in my own trap, I will set myself free.


I learned things by actually doing them, that is the best way possible, at least I think so.


Do as much as you can today so that you will actually be ahead of what you are in right now.


You can actually do things that are great with love if you try to do them bit by bit, believe me.


One day, what you are doing right now will matter, they will actually matter if you care.


I want to stop being the person who cares too much about the most trivial things, I want to go.


If you do not like some things, then be brave enough to change them, it is actually simple.


Be who you want to be in this life, no one else, believe me when I say just that, my dear girl.


The hardest life lessons are those that are in the form of people, those that will break hearts.


Life lessons are something to be treasured, to never let go of, that is how important they are.


And when your life lessons hits you in the back, prepared to actually try to stand for yourself.


You just have to live together with your life lessons and things will be better, believe me on it.


Some life lessons will come in forms you will never expect so never be too assured of things.

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