60 Secret Love Quotes

Secret love has its many gifts and yet, it holds as much pain as well – especially when the person you want to be yours cannot ever be yours.
Don’t ever think that you are alone with this dilemma! Here are quotes which shares the wonderful and dreadful feelings of secret love:

I love you with my all of me, with my entire being, but I will risk my life if I can keep you in the dark about it forever.


When exposed, secret love explodes and implodes the heart of both the lover and the loved.


If in silence I can love you with no limit and if in darkness I can see you clearly, I won’t mind loving you even if you’ll never know how sweet it is.


I will succumb to a sleep that knows no end for in my dreams you are mine.



I miss you so much, every second and in every heartbeat – but I can never tell you that.


I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve stopped myself from telling you that you the world to me.


There will come a time when you will fall for someone who you can only love from afar, who you can only wish from the stars above to be yours and who you can only tell ‘I love you’ when you are sure he can’t hear it.

If I can keep loving you in silence and it won’t change anything that we have, I don’t mind loving you in secret for the rest of my life.


Sometimes, we chose the cowardly way of keeping our love a secret – if it means that you will be the person she runs and turns to every time.


There is no rejection and pain in silence and that’s the reason I chose to stay this way – loving you in secret and without words.


You may and never will know it, but I love you with all my heart – inside and out.


Every time you look into my eyes, I fear that you may get a glimpse of how much I love you.


Each time you call my name, I try my best not to dance with rapture and sing with joy.

As long as I am sure that you cannot hear me, I can freely and loudly shout out to the world that you are my dream come true.


I knew it from the start – you will be and only will be a far away dream.


Whenever I see you laughing or crying, I pray with all my heart that I will be the person who will share your joy and pain with you.





In so many ways you will never know, I have fallen deeper and deeper in love with you.


I love you with all my heart and soul, sadly that you will never ever know.


All I ask is a minute with you – there are no need for words, just by your side for a second means everything to me.


Thank you for being my sunshine after all my disasters, even though you will never know that.

If keeping my love a secret will not cause you anymore pain, then I will never speak about it as long as I live.


I am more than happy, even if you will never be mine, as long as I can comfort you during your darkest times.


If you dare look inside my heart, you will find every words I am dying to say and ever love I am dying to give to you.


I hid it well inside my heart. I’ve locked it away and threw away the key. Now, it is threatening to burst inside me and fill you with all the love I can give.

My grandest wish is to be loved by you the way I’ve loved you in silence all along.


The fear of losing you is what made me choose to love you silently.


She loved him from afar. He loved her but have no courage to tell.


Secret love is passionate and burning love on the edge of exploding.



The day will come when the man I am secretly loving will love me as much as I do – I can only hope for I know it is not even close to coming true.


You may not see it but when look deeper into my eyes and there, you will find that I love you with each corner and space I have inside my heart.


Inside the deep recesses of my soul, you will find an image of you laced in every strand of my love.


To get a drop of affection from that person, to be one of the reasons for his/her happiness, you will go out of your way to change yourself just to be the right one for him/her. Oh, the insanity of secret love!


I can’t tell you how much I love you yet. Until I think I am worthy of you, I will keep this love inside.


I hate the countless times when fear eats my insides up and I can’t tell you how much I love you.


Secret love is cute until it starts to overflow and threatens to explode.


With our secret love, every step is like walking in a mine field. You will never know when the truth will come bursting out of your lips.


You know you are doomed when you long for something beyond your reach.


In my dreams, I believe you adore me as much as I do to you.


I’m in this relationship someone. The only sad thing about it is that he/she can never know about it.


One look from you is enough to send me floating to the moon. One smile from you is enough to keep me asleep forever. One nod from you is enough to make me do things I could never do before – that’s if only you could do even one of these…


I trust that I could love you without reservation. I know that I could go out of my way just to make you happy. The only problem is that I don’t know if I am worthy enough of someone as amazing and wonderful as you.


I’ll be that shadow who will constantly watch over you. I’ll be sweep off any harm that comes your way. Go on. Walk confidently. Be happy. As long as I can see you smiling, even if I remain unknown to you, I would not ask for anymore.


30 Secretly in love quotes for Him or for Her

I didn’t know when I started to love you. It may have happened, one day, when I woke up, all I could ever think about is you. I am praying for the day that I could finally tell you this.


Call me a coward or a fool, but if the only way I can keep you beside me is to forever hide this feeling, I can do it until my dying day.


When you secretly love someone, the burden of hiding your affection will haunt your every waking moment.


The only time I have realized I have secretly fallen for you is when everything around me reminds me of you, in the smallest things and in the most unexpected moments and I can’t tell you a single thing about it.


The way you move, the way you speak so softly and the way you look have surely captured the hearts of many whom do not possess the courage to tell you how they have already secretly fallen for you.


I am the victim of this cycle – the moment I have decided to tell you everything and the agony of holding everything back when I was about to do so.


I hate the suffering of falling in love with someone I have zero chance with.


I don’t have the right to be consumed with jealousy when you are not even mine in the first place.


My dream come true is the day when you will find all about my secret love for you and welcome it with open arms.


I’m still trying to figure out how I can say everything that I’ve been holding inside my heart – I just don’t know how and where to begin.


All I know is I want you – pure and simple. The only problem is that I don’t think it is a good enough.


Please never ask me who I love if you don’t want to hear your name fall upon my lips.


I hate getting angry at someone for holding your hand when you are not even mine.


The only difference between what I feel and what you feel is we don’t know anything about it.


If you look at me for a minute or longer, I’m afraid you will find a sweet reflection of you in my eyes.


In this game of love between us, I am clearly the loser because I am pretty sure that I loved you first and I love you more.


My ultimate secret is I love you with everything I am, heart and soul, inside and out.


Get out off my mind, please! Before I lose control and tell you everything.


I won’t go anywhere without you in mind or in my heart. I love you so much and I can’t tell you about it.


Someday, I hope to tell you exactly how I feel and not like this, hiding behind the curtain of my fear and insecurities.


I dream of going to places with you. I hope to wake up with you each morning. I wish to hold your hand and never let it go. Someday, I hope all of these hopes and wishes would come true.


I am an expert ninja for I am so good in stealth and covering up my love for you.


Love kept inside without the touch of sunshine or rain will soon wither and die.


What if the person you are secretly loving is also secretly loving you but both of you don’t have the courage to reveal the truth?


You will always be the light against my dark, my sweet in the bitter even though you have no idea about it.

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