60+ Quotes about Loving Someone Who Doesn’t Love You Back Anymore

There is something that is truly sad about loving someone who doesn’t love you back, there is agony, there is that longing for something to actually start to happen between you.
How you try and give meaning to the things that the other person does for you when you do not even know if he or she also does it to anyone else.
It might not just be you because you know that loving someone who doesn’t love you back is a road set up for your destruction.
When it comes to loving someone who doesn’t love you back, reading some quotes will help you in soothing that aching feeling you know feel.
Here are some quotes about loving someone who doesn’t love you back:

There is so much pain included in loving someone who doesn’t love you back, that’s the truth.


Unrequited love is the hardest of them all, hoping for something that might never just happen.


Honestly, it is all a matter of perspective if you should still wish for something you don’t have.


I have this desire to make you fall for me but I find it very impossible to do just that, it’s sad.


I want to blame you but it is not even your fault that you do not like me, what am I to do now?


Keeping quiet about how you are feeling will honestly just make those feelings stronger, dear.


Give me some chance to actually try and make your heart flutter, wouldn’t you, please do.


Have you ever felt that heart breaking feeling that you cannot even take any second more?


I wanted to get over him so we can keep on being friends but my feelings grew even stronger.


You and me, we are meant for each other but you cannot even see it and that is just too sad.


I wish you wouldn’t have to know how loving someone who doesn’t love you back feels, dear.


You can’t deny it, we have something but maybe it is just me that is feeling this way after all.


No matter how much I try to beat it down, my heart does not want to stop feeling this way.


I do not care, we can ruin our friendship for all we can and I will gladly agree to that, friend.


I have lost months of sleep trying to figure out if I at least have the chance to make her fall.



Finding you was not easy and now that I’ve seen you I wanted to keep you but I just cannot.


My heart feels like it is breaking in two, ever since it started loving you because you don’t agree.


I thought you might have some feelings for me just the same, it turns out that you cannot.


In loving someone who doesn’t love you back, be prepared to actually get hurt and feel down.


May you never know how it feels, loving someone who doesn’t love you back, it will kill you.


There are days when I just want to go back to what we were before and forget all the risks.


We will never end up together, I know because I have tried, she is in love with someone else.


I shared myself to you, bared myself to every question and then you drop me like I’m nothing.


Unrequited feelings are hard to control, you want to say it out loud but you fear for your life.


You broke my heart to millions of pieces and still I cannot blame you for making me this way.


It sucks when you cannot blame anyone but yourself for the things that happened to you, girl.


When you are in the process of loving someone who doesn’t love you back, start moving on.


It’s going to be alright, your heart may be in pain but one day soon, those scars will heal.


I have realized that I love him in ways no one knows and I am enjoying what I am feeling.


Yes it is going to hurt, most thing does, especially love but you will get used to it, believe me.


I wish I can show you the right way of things but somehow I cannot even begin to wonder.


It is sad when you have started liking someone who once felt the same way to what you do.


For the rest of my life, it seems whatever feelings I have will never be reciprocated ever.


How do you even let go when you are loving someone who doesn’t love you back forever?


May you learn to love me, not for who you see but for who I really am, I truly wish for that.


And still it keeps me awake at night, at the possibility that you might like me a bit, I really do.


This feeling of hopelessness envelopes me and I am so scared to fall for you so much more.


My chest is full of feelings that I don’t know how to control and I am just so scared of them.


It is better knowing I have loved someone though not reciprocated than never felt like that.


I have moved on is what I keep on telling myself but in reality I do not really know what.


You do not lose yourself because you love, you lose yourself when you hold back, my friend.


There isn’t even an explanation why you started loving someone who doesn’t love you back.


You should go for it, keep loving, keep on making the person that you care for feel your love.


Yes it will hurt, you will wish it back but at the end of it all, it is but another lesson learned.


I wish I can take back what I have said about loving someone who doesn’t love you back.


My feelings for you reaches the ceiling, they run so deep inside this simple heart of mine.


If we must part, I just want you to know these feelings waiting to burst out from within me.


You give me such a hard time a have I cannot even figure out what I should do with you now.


My heart is crying ever since it has met you and honestly, so I am, I am so hurt by all of this.


One day, I swear I will get over my feelings and eventually get over you, finally in this life.


I wish I can just tell you to stop, to stop my heart from feeling for you but the truth is I cannot.


Why do I keep on feeling these things for you when you just don’t and never will feel the same.


There are moments you wish you can just stop loving someone who doesn’t love you back.


The first person you love will truly influence a lot on you, to determine whether to love or not.


I want you to know that it is okay to hurt, to be in pain, later on they will be gone, you’ll be okay.


The pain will numb later on, you will not even feel anything at all, believe me on that, alright?


There is not much I want to say than I want to just get over you as of this moment, honestly.


How do I even start to undo these feelings that I have in this very heart of mine right now?


I will give everything that I have because that is just the way I love someone, that’s who I am.


I want to start moving on, to start letting go of these feelings of my heart that I want to forget.


It is going to be hard, loving someone who doesn’t love you back but it might just be worth it.


Who knows, loving someone who doesn’t love you back can eventually pay off later on in life.


It is as difficult to feel no love as it is, loving someone who doesn’t love you back the same.


The truth is that you are hurting me with every careless words that comes out from that mouth.


I see you and I fall for you over and over again that it just really freaks me out even more.


Scrape knees were so much better than these feelings that I cannot even start to explain.


I wish you would know how I feel, that you would realize how much you are hurting me now.


How do I know if I have moved on when it feels that every step I take only brings me deeper?


Give me my last dance, give me my last moment together with you and I promise to get over it.


Where do I start trying to forget every moment that we have once shared together, tell me.


It must be so devastating for you, loving someone who doesn’t love you back and will never.


Let’s not even start on the fact of loving someone who doesn’t love you back, you will bleed.


There are worst things that to fall in love with a person who do not feel the same way, really.


Remove those hesitations in your mind, you will be alright, believe me on that, honestly.


You have got me so annoyed with my life that I am just so scared at this very moment.


You make me feel alive because hurting means that I am still awake and it freaking hurts.


You hurt me in ways you never thought you would, in ways I know you are not aware of.


May you finally see the feelings that I am laying in front of you, on the pedestal just for you.


I want to wait for forever, to wait until you begin to feel a fraction of what I feel for you now.


I want to tell you that you should stop loving someone who doesn’t love you back, I can’t.


Listen to me when I tell you how hard it is, loving someone who doesn’t love you back, dear.


I care for you and I want you to know it’s painful, loving someone who doesn’t love you back.


Eventually, you’ll get used to it, loving someone who doesn’t love you back and be numb on it.

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