60 Painful Love Quotes

Talking about the past will rub salt more for heartbroken people so it is quite difficult to express the pain we experience during a heartache.
So instead of talking about it, we’d rather relate to movies, songs and quotes.
Here are some quotes that we can relate to:

I don’t miss you. I don’t miss you with her. I miss US.


Loving you so much has become my identity. Now I don’t even know myself.


They say it’s hard to wait. They say it’s hard to forget. I say, it’s harder to be caught up not knowing when to wait or forget.


I don’t have any regrets. The problem is not when I loved you. The problem was when you stopped loving me back.


Love hurts. Some are worth it. That’s not you.


It hurts when your heart was taken away by someone you know won’t come back.


The more I try to forget you, the more I remember you.


There will always be a million reason why he left you but not one single one is worth the pain.

Love is a gamble, if you give it your all, you will lose it all.


You knew how to leave. You should know how to come back.


I remember all of you; and you don’t even remember my existence.


You can no longer see my pain in my eyes. I am now wiser to hide them in my smile.


Love’s not a cage. It is a home. Let go and make room for the right one to come.


How can I forget you when you are part of my every memory?





It’s hard to wait for what might never happen but even harder to leave cause of what if’s.

Our heartaches will end soon but will always leave a mark.


Never tie yourself to someone who can’t even commit.


It’s really painful when you cannot do anything about the situation but cry.


The only way to win after he has left you is not showing him your pain.


It’s hard to realize that you were never special like he said you were to him.


I was there when you got nobody to lean on. That’s what I’ll ever be too you. A nobody.

Loosing trust in someone is one thing. The real sad story here is losing faith in love.

Thank you for helping me get over him. Now, who would help me get over you?


Loving someone and lost is not deadly, but sometimes, you will find yourself grasping for air due to unbearable pain.



The reason why you only saw my flaws is because you are seeing someone better.


To love and not to be loved back is the most noble yet saddest thing to do.


It’s painful to love someone you can never have but its more painful when they made you believe you had a chance.


Seeing your love one, loving somebody else, is like being stabbed straight to the chest.


Being alone doesn’t kill me. You, loving somebody else, does.


I hate how my heart still beats for you after tearing it apart.


If I had known that you’re going to end up breaking my heart, I will still choose you. I would just have loved you more while I got you.


It is painful to realize that after keeping someone as your priority for so long, you were just on the bottom list of his options.


We can never change what happened yesterday, but we can still do something about today and still hope for a better tomorrow.


The pain that broke your heart will be the same pain that will help you recover.


Nothing lasts forever. The love you shared will be forgotten as well as the heartache that goes along with it.


I will not be who I am today if I haven’t experienced heartaches, love, friendship and betrayal.


What really killed me is when you knew that she couldn’t love you as much as I do but you still chose her over me.


If people cannot see the what you really are today and only judges you from what you have or have not done in the past, then let go. You are not your mistakes.


I want to go back in time when I don’t have to worry about my heart getting broken.


I knew you have broken several other hearts before mine. I just thought we were something special.


You will never realize the depth of your love until you break apart.


Don’t let the sadness and pain from your lost love exhaust the remaining love you have in your heart. It’s time to stop the sadness and use your remaining capacity to love– for yourself.


I am now letting go of all the anger and hatred I once felt for you. Not because I still want you, but because I want to free myself in order to forget you.


You remind me of the trees during winter. How easy for them to let go of their leaves.


When you harbor hatred against someone, the weight of that animosity will take its toll on you and you alone.


40 Unique Quotes About Pain and Love With Images

The relationship that have survived ups and downs and have been tested through the odds of time is the same relationship that will have the most tragic ending.


You could have just stabbed me rather than leave me. At least I’m sure that I can recover through stab wounds.


There is no way you can prevent your heart from breaking. Just make sure you break yours the right way.


As long as we are alive, our hearts will keep on beating. It may crack sometimes, but it will keep on beating.


The hardest part is that I know I’m not supposed to miss you and not supposed to care–but I still do.


Sometimes, we kept on fighting for your line in the taxi lane without you noticing that several cabs already passed you by.


I don’t understand why some people cling to pain when they cannot do anything to change the reality. Holding on to pain will keep them away from love and hope.


There was always a scent of heartbreak from you but I never doubted your smile.


You are the master of your emotions. The past cannot harm you unless you allow it.


What I only wanted was your heart. I never realized that what I a wishing for is long gone.


I was always fond of magic tricks. The same way I was fond of you playing tricks on me.


Maybe God has allowed heartbreaks to happen so we could remember Him.


I don’t care if I am going to end up alone or end up with somebody else. Why would I even care if I am now certain I won’t end up with you?


The clock will continue ticking and the world won’t stop revolving no matter how painful your heart breaks.


I hope that my heart will still have the capacity to love and trust after this pain and rejection you caused me. After all, deserve to heal.


The best way to torture oneself is flounder in the past.


I am now unsure how to move on from a relationship that only existed in my assumptive mind.


Sometimes, following your heart means going away from the person you love.


Love is the most expensive and sought after feeling in this world. We even pay for it with tears and grief.


How come fairytales never had a warning saying happy ever after don’t really exist in real life.


I am not really sure how love works but I know it’s cruel enough to leave so many heartbreaks behind but tempting enough to get people to love someone they can never have.


Don’t let my heart be broken for too long that you can no longer fix it.


I sometimes wonder if Love and Pain are married or if they are just sometimes having an affair.


Use your heartaches as your weapons and shields so you won’t hurt by the same blade twice.


The heart is so fragile that I wonder if it has always been made to be broken.


I can still be okay after this heartache; but I’m telling you now that I can never be the same.


Now that I can smile through my pain, I can’t help but wonder how many times do I have to get my heart broken so I can become as cold as you?


Everyone experiences heartaches but no pain is the same. So never tell a heartbroken person I’ve been there.


Does anyone realize that there are more love stories that ends tragically than those of the happy ones?


My biggest mistake was loving someone whom I cannot keep.


Instead of attaching yourself in the past, use the remaining pieces of your broken heart to build your future.


Making sure that the mistakes you’ve made will never be repeated is my type of apology.


You could’ve have just broken my bones since they are quite strong and I have hundreds of them, rather than breaking my only fragile heart.


Once your heart is completely healed of all the wounds, you’ll realize that it had been scarred and will never beat the same way again.


Make sure that you would never look back for your options once you already made your choice.


If you keep on crying after the sun has gone, your tears might block your view of the stars.


Once you stop from crying after a heartbreak, the only wise thing to do is move on and get over it.


The best kissers have the lips with the taste of tears.


Have you ever wondered how many hearts will be broken if the real desires of people will be known?


There are many sad stories that have been uncounted, but the saddest story untold is the story that ended which haven’t even begun.


The beauty that never gets old is the one inside which remained untouched by heartaches.


Cheers for the person who totally change my point of view of the word love. I now see falling in love as the best way to mess yourself up.


I have experience all kinds of pains in life but heartache is the most unbearable.

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