60 Nice Quotes About Love

All is fair in love. It does not know no boundaries.
Everyone would always relate to it so it is the most common topic in songs, poems and quotes. Here are some of the quotes:

You inspire me in everything I do and motivates me to do things I never have imagined I am capable of.

If you love me as much as you want to be loved, expect that I will reciprocate it twice as much.

I thought meeting you is the biggest blessing I would ever get in my life. I was wrong. Staying inlove with you is.

You don’t know how you make me melt with just your stares. I love you more than you would know.


There is an invisible thread that bonds us no matter where we go. That invisible thread is called love.

I am entrusting you of my heart because I might be so gullible and clumsy to take care of it myself. I hope that you would take care of it more than I could ever do.

I don’t know how will I ever survive without you. You are like the oxygen I breathe. I won’t last a few seconds without your love.

In this cruel world, our love makes me want to go on and makes my life worth living. I will always love you and stay by your side forever.

We sacrificed a lot of things for each other. We fought a hard battle for our love and I would like you to know that I will keep fighting because you are worth it.

People keep saying that I am so in love with you That’s exactly what I want the world to know because I am proud and happy that you are with me now.

I can never explain the happiness and that familiar feeling when I first met you. Something told me that you are going to be special. I guess I’m right.

If it weren’t for you, my life would be dull and meaningless. Now, I am happy to hold your hand and show the world that I am in love with someone like you.

I don’t know if forever exists but I would like to spend each day of my life creating happy memories with you and no matter how short or long that forever is, I would still spend it with you.

I am excited to wake up every day to see your face that brightens and completes my day.

I don’t know if my love for you will ever be a limit. I am head over heels fallen for you.


I can never explain what it is that I love about you. All I know is the way you make me feel loved like no one else can.

I was sad and lonely but you came and make me forget how it is to be alone.

I loved you then I will keep on loving you because the live I have for you never fades but it grows stronger as I get to know more of you.

I know that you knew I was in love with you since day one. There is no sense denying because my love for you comes out very strong.

I am in love with your clumsiness, your insecurities and your jealousy. I don’t see any faults when I look at you. All I see is the girl I love.

I will still remember the times that we catch each other’s stares. Now, I stay up at night just to look at your face while sleeping by my side.

We have been together for years but I still remember all the memories we spent together from day one. That’s because everything about you is important to me.

I would never exchange your love over any luxuries in life. Your love is the greatest treasure one could ever have.

I chose to stay with you because I knew I will never get tired of loving and understanding you for the rest of my life.

You make my life happier each day—even when I thought I couldn’t get any happier.

No matter what problems we go through, I am still happy because where on this together and I will never let go of your hand no matter what.

You don’t need to do anything to make me happy and contented. Just knowing that you are with me already makes me so happy.

I want to see your face before I go to sleep and wake up with your bright smile every single day of my life.


Every simple thing you do makes me so happy that I am with you. You make me so happy more than anything else in the world.

I am so happy that you are with me and I would give up everything in my life in order to keep you in it.

With you, the night seems magical and the rain seems fun. You make my burdens easy to bear just by holding my hand.

I love you when we are together and funny thing is that it grows more even when we are apart.

I know I cannot give you everything that you deserve in this life but I promise you that I will do everything in my life to keep you happy every day that we are together.

I am afraid to lose you since I know that I could never found anyone else that can compare to the way you make me feel whenever you look me in the eyes.

Many other men could fight for you. I am so lucky that you chose to be with me even if you had better options. I’ll make up to you by keeping you happy each day we spend together.

35 Amazing Nice quotes on life and about love with images

I thought my love for you couldn’t get any stronger, but living with you each day makes me more in love.

I wouldn’t want to imagine how miserable my life would be if I haven’t met you. I am so glad you finally came to my life and make it worth living.

In the journey of life, the only light I ever saw was the smile in your face when I told you I love you.

I never knew I would ever meet someone as perfect as you are, but I did. I am so happy that a perfect creature chose an imperfect man like me.

I cannot even remember how I managed to survived before I met you. I don’t even know if I will make it without you.

You make my life so happy and I would spend each moment together twice as happy as you make me feel.

Whenever I am in deep pain, I only picture you on my mind and that will erase all the suffering I am feeling.

I was dying to spend a moment with you. Now that we spend each day together, I gain a lot of strength so I can keep our relationship stronger.

You give me so much inspiration to keep on going with our future together in my mind.

They told me to count my blessings in order to be happy. When I saw you, I knew I never had to count more than one.

I love you no matter how dark your past is or how troublesome you are. I will love you because you are the light of my life.

I would want to make each moment spent with you memorable so that no matter life may bring us, you know how special you are to me.

I am a dreamer and people think I end up daydreaming. Now that I have you, my dreams already came true.

I love you so much that I could never think of a day that my love for you will ever go away.

I am afraid of myself for loving you too much that I may end up destroying you or destroying myself.


When I say that I love you, I am not passing any responsibility for you to love me back. Loving you is my business. Loving me back is your choice.

I thought I would never love someone more than I love myself. I never even imagined I am capable of loving someone this much.

I may be a fool to love you the way I do but I’d be a greater fool if I deny my own self.

I love you because you are you and not anything about you.

Other men might have all the means to give you worldly treasures. But those could be stolen. My love for you is something that no one can ever take away from you.

I would like everyone to know how important you are to me because that’s what you really are—my greatest treasure.

I am afraid of loving you so much that it could end up as a complete disaster.

True love can happen anytime, anywhere and with the people and places you least expect it to be.

I would fight for our love no matter what. Nothing is more agonizing than letting you go.

I want to be everyone for you, your best friend, your family and your lover.

I would never let go of the hand that makes me feel home and special. You make living worthwhile.

If loving you is a mistake, then I’d rather not be right again than live my life without the love of my life.

Life will bring us to different walks of life but always remember that I will always find my way back to you.

We know we are in the right kind of love when we love ourselves more in the process of loving someone else and you both grow together.

You make me believe that I am wanted and that I never have to be someone for anyone anymore. All I have to be is myself.

I never knew that love can make life this good. I mean, I never expected love to come my way and make me the happiest person on earth.

I was confused about how love works and why people act crazy about love. Then you came and made me understand how it feels like.

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