60+ Long Distance Friendship quotes

Long distance friendship are those that can get stronger from the miles that they are apart, where there is never anything that can prevent you from being friends.
Long distance friendship is hard and very challenging but something that everyone should learn how to keep.
It is with long distance friendship that we may somehow find someone who is the right person for us.
It is with long distance friendship that we learn what faith really is.
It sure sucks at time, long distance friendship, that is, especially when you just cannot be there for your friend when she needs you the most but somehow, you can be there for her because the reality nowadays offers lots of ways of communication.
Keeping a long distance friendship at this moment is a bit easier than before.
Here are some long distance friendship quotes that you may like.

 Long distance friendship is very challenging but at the same time very much fulfilling, really.

 Friend, if there is no other way to see you but to walk towards you, I would no matter how far.

 A friend is someone that can withstand whatever challenge life will offer to the two of you.

 There is not much I can offer you but everything in my heart and I hope that is enough, girl.

 You are definitely my soul sister and one day I wish we can meet each other, I really do.

 There is something that connects us and that is our friendship and I will treasure it forever.

 There is magic in what we share and I want to tell you that I care for you so much, really.

 Though some days would not allow us to meet, the memories we share are the best thing.

 In my heart, there is never a day that I forget you, every second you are here for me to keep.

 I have always treasured our long distance friendship and I plan on keeping it that way, girl.


 Though there is some distance between us, I appreciate every effort that you do for me.

 No matter what time and place, I would go to you as fast as I can when you need me, girl.

 If today is when the world would end, I wish you remember that I will wait for you here.

 Our promises we will keep forever because that is just the type of friends that the two of us is.

 We learn how to be patient with each other because of the miles of road between the two of us.

 If I can wish for one thing, it would be that we can somehow be together now more than ever.

 Even though we are far away, we made time for each other, we stuck together even until now.

 We may have a long distance friendship right now but someday we shall meet each other.

 I wish I can tell you that being in a long distance friendship is hard but I love talking to you.

 There are so many things I could have told you if you were here but the most important were.

 Our friendship means a lot to me and I just hope that you know that for you are my star really.

 As we grow older, this love that we share for each other keeps on growing over and over, boy.

 It is our friendship that matters to me so much no matter how many new friends that I get.

 I am comforted that no matter how long we have not seen each other you are just the same.

 Between friends, there is just no distance that will seem too far because that is what it is.

 Having someone to talk to is the best even if you both have a long distance friendship, girl.

 No matter how far we get from each other, the feelings in our hearts will remain the same.

 I wish I can just tell you that even though you are far, I will always feel the same about you.

 I love you to the stars and even back, my friend, you are the best one I have ever had ever.

 Dear best friend, even when we do not see each other for a long time we get to catch up.

 We see each other once a year and yet we still love each other just as much, it’s a wonder.

 How we keep on being friends despite our differences and distances is truly amazing to me.

 It is only the best people that can actually keep a long distance friendship that is the truth.

 I wish I can hug you right now because I do miss you so bad, I wish you were here with me.

 How do I tell you that I miss you so much that I wish you’d drop by here more often than ever.

 I love you and there is nothing I would not do for you if time allows me to be with you more.

 Our busy schedules and distances get in our way but I will always try to be here for you.

 I don’t care if our distance is too far, I just know that we will make it work, it’s going to be ok.

 Our love is stronger than any other challenge out there so we’ll keep being friends long after.

 You make me a better person and that is one of the reasons why I love you, my dearest friend.

 No matter what happens, I will be here for you, just call me and I shall be there for you.

 I wish that one day we would be able to talk face to face once more long distance friendship.

 You have moved to another country so we began to have our long distance friendship today.

 Long distance friendship is very sweet and amazing how even when apart you are friends.

 There are moments in our lives that we do not see each other but I promise to be there, boy.

 Being friends with you has made things a lot brighter than before and I just love it so, girl.

 We all have different paths to take in this life but I hope we get to see each other often, bro.

 I wish I can see you again because I miss you already I wish you are here with me now.

 I would never let distance define what we have, because what we have is very special, girl.

 If I can be with you more often, I swear that I would, I will try my hardest to do everything.

 I think that having a long distance friendship is truly one of the best things life can give you.

 One of the greatest gift that life can offer is not a tree but a heart that is full of love for you.

 Distance will never be enough to stop us from getting where we want to be that is the truth.

 I keep wanting to see you more often than not, I guess distance does that and I do not care.

 I would go to the moon and even back just so I can be with you because I care that much.

 Man, I wish you could see me right now, trying my hardest so that one day I can be with you.

 Sure you may be far and we have a long distance friendship but it never felt that way for me.

 All the things we used to do feels so incomplete without you I wish you would come back soon.

 Let us meet once more when time permits us and I promise it will become memorable, swear.

 There are places in the world that I would want to go with you alone to mean something more.

 How do I become the person you wanted me to be when all that I can be is who I really am?

 I know that we are stronger than ever right now and we will prove it to the people around us.

 We are better because of each other, you have influenced me a lot and so did I to you, really.

 What we have is special and because it is special I want you to know that I love you so much.

 How do I even begin to tell you that life is meant to be lived in the moment, I miss you so.

 If only I can teleport to you right at this moment, I swear to you that I would, my dear friend.

 You are the friend that I know I can always lean on to whenever life gets the best of me.

 Though we share a long distance friendship, it always felt like you were just here beside me.

 I wish that I can tell you all that I feel but somedays, long distance friendship actually sucks.

 Thank you for always being there for me even when the distance that separates us stops you to

 I want to be there for you but it seems there are times when I can’t, forgive me for those times.

 Truly there are some things in life that I just have to face alone but I wish you were there too.

 If you ever feel like the need to talk to me, my phone is always open, so just beep me back bro.

 I will tell you all the stories I have never told because you are my secret keeper and I love you

 You do not look at me with all those judgmental eyes and that is why I trust you the most here.

 When people asks me if long distance friendship is hard I tell them no because I have you.

 Let me tell you that whatever you have done, I do not care, you are always going to be you.

 You are my best friend and that means that I would be the one who’ll always understand you.

 I will do all that is within my capability to be able to understand you when you need me to.

 There are a lot of kinds of friends but the one I treasure most is our long distance friendship.

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