60+ Good Morning Texts

A good morning becomes even better if it is paired with a hot cup of coffee and a hearty breakfast. But a good morning can become a great morning once you received a thoughtful Good Morning Texts either from your friends, relatives or special someone. We’ve listed some sweet and thoughtful good morning texts that you can use to bring extra happiness to your dear ones. So go ahead and check out this list and do not forget to share.

Each sunrise reminds me that I have a new day to see you. Best morning! Hope that you will have a pleasant day!


Wonderful morning! I just open my eyes and remembered you first.


Wake up. Get up. Shake up. Awesome morning!


The rooster just sounded the morning alarm so wake up sleepy head. Awesome morning!


I always beat the alarm clock in waking up because the thought of you in my dreams make me want to get up. Good morning!


Wonderful morning! The sun is up so it is time for you to get up!


Wake up! Rise up! Time to put on some makeup! Happy morning girl!


Best morning! Make your bed and have a good day ahead!


This morning is a present from God so let us make the most out of it. Best morning!


Wonderful morning! This text that I sent you in hopes that this will bring a smile to you.


I was supposed to deliver you a breakfast, but I remembered that a text is way cheaper. So here is your sunny side up of happiness and a smoking hot cup of glee. Awesome morning!


Awesome morning! My alarm reminded me that my gorgeous friend is now awake.


I hope this text will contribute to the goodness of you morning. Wonderful morning!

Good morning! I am so excited to get out of the bed each morning because I want to see you.


Best morning sweet pea! Time to wake up and make sure to eat your breakfast.


Hey time to get up, I know it is hard especially when dreams are good but getting up will make reality better. Good morning!



The sun is fully up. A new day has started. Isn’t it amazing?


Best morning princess! The sunshine is as beautiful as you.


Today, the rays of sun remind me of your personality, bright and dazzling. Wonderful morning!


The sun signals a brand new day for both of us to play. Awesome morning my friend!


This coffee that I am now savoring is as hot as you! Awesome morning gorgeous lady!


I can’t bring you sandwich today but I can wish you to have an awesome day. Wonderful morning!


Best morning to the only person in the planet whom my heart belongs to.


I wish a good day to the person whose reading this. Best morning!


A short good morning text to my short friend. Happy morning!


Wonderful morning! Let us play under the sun today my friend. See you later!


Good morning! You are the first person who came across my mind as soon as I wake up, probably because you still didn’t return my stuff.


Hello sweetie! Are you still dreaming of me? Awesome morning!


I dreamt about you this morning but I will only tell you about it later in the evening. Awesome morning!


Wonderful morning and it is freezing! I wish you are here to cuddle with me in this cold morning.


Today, I am so grateful that I wake up to greet you best morning.


My day will not be complete if I can’t greet you best morning.


Wonderful morning my sunshine! My pillow reminds me of you, soft and huggable.


A new day is about to start, so get up and do not forget to bring me my sweet tarts. Good morning!


I hope that you will have a day as awesome as you are. Good morning!


This is just a simple text to remind her that she is simply the best. Awesome morning to her!


I dreamt about her, so now I am so excited to wake up to give her a punch because in my dream she ate my lunch ? Special Awesome morning text for her, my love one!


I do not know why I am always smiling whenever I am sending you my wonderful morning text; I hope you feel the same way whenever you receive it. Good morning!


You are one of the reasons why I am so eager to get up in the morning and I can’t even explain why. Best morning!


Best morning to the most wonderful mother on earth. I hope that this simple text of mine can make you smile. Good morning mom!


May she have a super blessed day today. Sending wonderful morning text for her!


It is a very beautiful day so wake up, get up and do not let it drift away.


Have a lovely day, lovely one. Awesome morning!


I will be late for work but every second is worth it in saying awesome morning to you.


Wonderful morning! I hope that you will have fantastic day today.


I wish I can wrestle you to make you wake up, but since that I am far away from home here is a good morning text for my sweet brother.


Best morning my friend! Do you have any suggestion on what adventure we are going to take today?


The sunshine of the morning always makes me smile and I hope it does have the same effect on you too, best morning!


35 Good morning text for her and my love

Happiness is in the air this morning and I hope you can feel it too. Wonderful morning!


I was planning to stay on bed all day then the thought of you reminded me that we still have work today. Awesome morning friend!


Awesome morning mom! Missing your hot chocolate every morning. Miss you!



A fantastic day for a fantastic friend like you. Wonderful morning!


The only remedy for freezing morning like this is hot and filled with love pancakes made by you, mom! Best morning!


Best morning pal! Time to get up to have our morning run.


We have our ups and down, you are the only friend who vanish my frown. Wonderful morning!


Awesome morning! Hope this day will bring you something that will make you feel better.


The misty dew of this morning reminds me to remind you that your face needs washing. Just kidding. Good morning!


Awesome morning! The sky is now blue but I have no clue why I am texting you.


The only inspiration that I need to go on today is your smile. Wonderful morning!


Best morning, I just hope that we both find some luck today pal.


We do not know what lies ahead today but no matter what it is let us cheers for we are still alive today. Best morning!


Wonderful morning! Today is a gift so let us treasure it, not everybody can experience this.


Morning until night, I will always cherish you with all my might. Awesome morning!


My alarm clock is the only thing that stops me from dreaming of you. Anyway, I am glad to be awake because I will see you. Awesome morning!


Today is a good chance to write a new story on our book of life. Rise and shine wonderful morning!


I hope that this best morning text will make you smile as soon as you read this. Good morning!


How fresh is the morning air, to sleep all day don’t you dare.


The only thing that keeps me from smashing my alarm clock in the morning is the mere fact that it is my one and only cell phone. Best morning.


Wonderful morning .May all the good luck in the world be with us today.


May your heart be light for the sun is shining bright. Good morning


Good morning, I am most certain that good luck will pursue you from this morning until tonight.


Your future is molded by what you do today and not by things that you will do tomorrow. Good morning


Awesome morning, today you have twenty -four new hours to live so be sure to make each second count.


Waking up in the morning is a great blessing indeed. Good morning!


Awesome morning! I can afford to forget to bring my car keys but I can’t afford not to greet you a good morning.


Good morning my dear friend, have an amazing day filled with happiness and fun.


Pancakes and bacons were already flipped, but you are still fast sleep. If I am wrong then call me and sing me a song. Wonderful morning!


Life spoils and withers easily, the quicker and faster you make use of it, the better it feels to you.


Good morning! Give up over thinking and start living the wonders of life instead.


You will never achieve your big fat dream if you will just continue to sleep big. Wake up! Move up! Gets your body shaking! Best morning my friend!


Prayer will be the trigger for a very best morning. Have a very good morning!


Dreams will not come true by themselves unless you wake up from it. Have a very good morning!


Make it an objective that the sun will not catch you in bed. Move up! God morning!


Make everyday worth to be cherished. Wishing you to have an amusing day ahead!


A toddler makes a good and effective alarm clock because they do not have a snooze button and it is a crime to smash them down when you do not want to get up. Have an excellent morning!


Chasing your dreams in a dream is pointless; one must wake up to achieve it. Wonderful morning


Mornings with bacons and eggs are good but mornings with bacons, eggs and you is better. Have a very awesome morning!


We sleep to have some rest and wake up to do our best. Have a good day ahead of you. Awesome morning!


Nothing beats the beauty of the sun as it pierces its way in the horizon. Have a very wonderful morning!


The leaves of the shrubs are covered in dew. The cool breeze takes away the feeling of blue. Indeed, this day is so brand new. Best morning!


The flowers bloom under the morning sun; this day will be full of fun. Best morning!

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