60+ Broken Trust Quotes

Trust is a common thing among people, yet it is hard to give away to anyone.
Trusting someone is like giving them a token of yourself.
Once trust is crushed, it would be hard to regain it.
A person with a broken trust would always live their life full of doubts for anyone and anything they will ever have.

If you cannot contain one small secret, then you cannot be trusted with a bigger one.


You did lie to me but I am not upset about that but about the fact that I could not believe you anymore.


I would rather suffer than make anyone suffer, and be cheated upon than be the cheater.


Once trust is broken, some attitudes would have to be changed because they are needed to establish trust.


If you want to rekindle the trust in your relationship, both of you would have to work on it.


A relationship with a broken trust could only be saved if one person decides that she is ready to trust again.


I would rather remember my heart before it got broken than look at all its broken pieces right now.

We open up ourselves ultimately when we trust, because we can only find love when there is trust.


If a person already broke your trust once, he will never hesitate to do it again.


Liars would only have their satisfaction a few minutes after telling their lies, but would have a lifetime of a guilty conscience.


Forgiving the enemy is easier than forgiving a friend who betrayed you.


You broke my trust, and it was my entire mistake because I trusted you completely.


Trust should be established first before betrayal can take place.


I can forgive you but I will never trust you again.


It is hard to trust our friends sometimes because they might become our cruelest enemies.


When your trust is broken by someone, never think that it is your mistake because they are just untrustworthy people.



You can easily lose trust yet it is very difficult to build it.


One should select the people they trust; not everyone deserves to be trusted.


Each time you lie, a piece of me is being removed and you cannot get it back again.


Before you start another relationship, make sure that you will be ready to trust again.


Getting someone’s trust would be priceless, yet once you break it consider yourself useless.


Gaining trust could motivate you in life, but you have to be patient about it.


You can love everyone but only trust a few of them.


A person who turns over your papers when you are not in the same room should never be trusted.


Treat trust like a vase, you can glue back its broken pieces together but it will never be the same.


Everything has reasons for happening; you are being lied to so eventually you will learn to trust only yourself.


Trusting too much could hurt you, but not trusting enough could torment you through life.


Only trust those who deserve to be trusted, not all men are worthy of it.


Paper, once crumpled, can never be the same piece again, just like trust.


You always say that you will do anything, yet you never did and that is why I do not trust you.


When the person you trust the most breaks your trust, get over it by building a bridge but never let them cross it again.


Only corpses do not have the ability to break your trust.


I forgive you because I am a good person, but I would not trust you anymore because I am not stupid.


Even suspicion could destroy one’s trust in you, so be careful of what you do.


Why do they call it heart break when everything else in my body also hurts?


Trusting someone means you are putting everything in your partner’s hands because you expect them to take care of it.


I feel so bad not because you lied, but because I have to stop believing you from now on.


The moment we trust, we are also becoming vulnerable, but we still have to do it for love.


You cannot trust everyone you love, so I trust you is much better than I love you.


Never trust a person whose feelings easily change, but trust the person whose feelings remain unaltered through time.


I gave you my trust which is a part of myself, and I hope you would not make me regret it.


You cannot trust a person completely once he has broken it.


Our hearts does not know what doubt and believing means, it only knows trust.


When you trust someone, you will find yourself with a friend or a lesson to remember in the end.


Each time I trust a person, they always remind me why I should not have in the first place.


Constantly lying persons could never expect the people around them to give their trust.


I never get too close to a person because I fear that when I trust them, they would only break it.


Once a person lied to you once, you would never be the same again.


Trusting everyone would get you to nowhere.


Trusting the wrong people would lead you to wrong circumstances.


Trusting only yourself is the safest way to avoid getting hurt.


I opened up to you completely, yet you still managed to break my trust.


When people are given trust, they just take advantage of it and later on destroy it.


Reserve your trust from someone who says I will never tell anyone but.


Sorry is not enough to fix the trust you destroyed.


The list of people that I only trust is almost invisible to the naked eye.


You should stop thinking about the people who ruined the trust you gave them.


I fear that when I start getting close to you, you would also leave me like the others did.


There are no regrets that I met you, I only regret giving my trust to you.


If you fooled me once the shame is on you. If you fooled me twice then the shame is on me.


Trust may be tough, but all the doubt in the world came from broken trust.


I find it difficult to trust people, so when I give my trust to you I hope you would not make me regret it.


Just stop apologizing if you are going to do it again.


Avoid believing what you just heard and only believe half of what you see.


When the person you trust breaks your faith in them, they are the bad person, not you.


No trust in a relationship is like having a phone without a network connection; you just use it to play games.


I wish that you would remember that the hardest thing to do is repairing the trust that has been broken once


It is not that I do not trust you, I just fear that I would lose you.


Every time I use my heart in deciding to trust someone, I end up broken and hurt.


Never place your trust in a good or bad friend for when you have a fight, they may reveal your secrets.


Being sarcastic at the wrong time could destroy one’s trust in you.


You never know that the person you trust completely trusts you the least.


We can never know who will betray us, so hand over trust like it is something that is very fragile.


A relationship without trust deteriorates over time.


Trust dissolves once one person in a relationship fails to stay true to his partner.


The wounds that a broken trust creates would take a long time to heal.


When someone breaks your trust, try to start over again only with the people who have faith in you.


Once trust is broken, stop analyzing what went wrong because it will hurt you even more.


The pain and trauma that a broken trust can create would be very much difficult to heal.


If you want to be trusted, then never break anyone else’s trust in return.


Relationships are strengthened by loyalty and trust; a broken trust would never make a relationship grow.


Stop trying to bring things back to normal if trust is broken because it will only hurt you more.


The right attitude is needed to establish trust that has been broken once.


When a person decides to stop trusting, that is when a relationship would have its downfall.


The survival of a relationship depends on whether a person would still decide that she can continue trusting the other.


Once my trust is broken, I would never pick the pieces up and glue them together like they would be as good as new.


I wonder what liars gain from betraying others; all I can see is they would lose the respect of others and their dignity as well.


A friend who once betrayed you is harder to forgive than an enemy who attacks you.


I felt like the mistake was all mine, for I was the one who let myself trust you.


To build trust again, you should find out the differences between you and the other person.


To make anyone untrustworthy, you must distrust him.


Be careful in choosing the people you want to trust because not all of them could be trusted.


Never leave a relationship the moment trust is broken for you can learn much if you stay in the conflict of the situation.


Every time you lie, you take a piece of me that would never be returned again.


Be thankful if you are trusted by someone because it is a rare commodity nowadays.

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