There are quite a lot of things that goes on every Monday morning, there are so much work to do, school starts and everything else does.
For students, it is one of the most dreaded days of the week, always signifying the start of things.
Here are some of the quotes that might be able to finally catch what you really want to say or how you want to describe your Monday morning.

Monday is practically one of the worst days in school life, a dreaded day for every student.

Please let Monday be a holiday so that this could be the best week of my life, this year.

Monday, please be kind to me, please let me get through the whole week so I’m happy.

Whenever Monday morning comes, I feel like I do not want to go through the whole day.

Monday morning feels like the last candy I always keep in my pocket to last me for days more.

As long as I survive Monday morning, I know that I am going to be fine for the long week.

The weekend ends once Monday morning starts and I just cannot get enough of the weekends.

I wish the weekends get a whole lot longer and Monday morning gets to be a whole lot faster.

Some days are okay, some days are not fine but Monday mornings are just so hard to get by.

Work begins on Monday mornings and so I get annoyed over and over again, it’s so hard now.

Monday is just like a problem in math, it really adds so much irritation in this life of mine.

You just have to subtract some sleep and there you have it: a pitiful Monday morning now.

When you learn to multiply your problems, you learn that Mondays are like math problems.

You need to divide the happiness, that is exactly what Monday morning can do to people.

You get a Monday after you get two rainy days and then suddenly the sun shone brightly.

Just two rainy days, the third one it will be good and you will know that is a Monday morning.


As long as you have knowledge as the top of your body, you are going to beat Mondays.

Just put some wisdom in your heart and you will be able to get by your crazy Monday rush.

Think of a Monday morning as a new start of a new week to be able to do what you want to.

This Monday morning is a start of a new day, to accomplish the things you want to, all else.

I should tell you that one of life’s greatest inspiration mostly comes out of desperate times.

When you are desperate, suddenly you do all the things so meticulously and end up okay.

You have to have your homework done by Monday morning or else you will fail for good.

Genius is practically being able to withstand all the pressure that a Monday morning can give.

If you are talented enough, you will have all your work done before Monday morning comes.

I think that something good will happen as long as you believe in the power Monday has.

You just have to accept that awesome things are going to happen because it is Monday now.

Maybe Monday will be good to you and things will work out just fine after all, you see.

In order to be successful in your field of work, you need to be able to fall in love with it first.

You got to love what you are doing and in return, you will be able to do the things with love.

You are going to be successful in all that you do as long as you love the things you do now.

I hope you realize that every Monday morning is a gift waiting to be opened, to be known.

Appreciate every Monday morning of your life because believe me, you do not know when it will finally be your last morning here on earth.

Always remember that you are loved, as long as you are alive, you matter to someone.

You need to be able to tell yourself that Monday morning is here and things will be better.

I think that the best way to start your Monday morning would be to smile all day long.

You just need to tell me you love me and that you care and Monday morning wouldn’t matter.

I just want to wish sometimes that I can just have Mondays cancelled, I want to go to sleep.

Monday mornings are nothing but something that keeps me from sleeping in every week.

Wherever you may plan on going, I just hope that you are reminded of our Monday mornings.

I work hard enough during Monday mornings to be able to make up for the rest of the week.

You need to have second thoughts, if you think Mondays are pretty hard up front right now.

You need to be able to love your work so that every Mondays will not be as hard as they are.

I wish you would wake on a Monday and you could start your day and it would be awesome.

Monday mornings are awesome especially when you learn to fall in love with them, love.

The best way to get happiness on a Monday morning would be to try your best always.

You see, the new year would make people change but what you really need is Mondays.

You just have to keep living your life with the people who make you happy, not to impress.

I think that Monday mornings are the best because they make you feel like you have a start.

Mondays are the best, it cleans your slate and lets you start fresh and amazing, my love.

Every Monday is a new beginning, it is a new day to start with, a new week to start with.

Monday is so good, you get to have a new beginning for around fifty two times for a year!

Every single Monday that you wake up to is a day you can try to make a change in your life.

Mondays are signs that you can have a greater tomorrow, it is a chance to make new things.

Once you finally start making a habit of working hard, it can later become so much fun.

There is a sense of satisfaction when you finally push yourself to the limit, every single day.

You need to start making things happen because sooner or later your effort will pay off.

I think that Monday mornings are great because it is God who had granted all of this.

And I hope you have a great Monday morning and may God keep on blessing you more.

Today is a new day, today is a day to finally do some major changes in this life of mine.

Nothing will ever be change if you do not start making the most out of your Monday mornings.

If you do not face your Monday mornings, you really cannot hope for a better tomorrow.

I still believe in you, in the possibility that there might be a better Monday morning up ahead.

I hope that there is a promise of a better tomorrow that something might happen if I believe.

Will Monday morning be a whole lot better if am together with you? Will it really be?

I still believe that things will be better, that there are better Monday mornings up ahead of me.

So let me tell you that this world will keep on loving you until you finally decide to love it now.

You want to know what Monday truly is? It is a chance to start correcting the mistakes of last week.

We met again on a Monday and still we are not able to live our life to the fullest and it’s sad.

I think that every dream begins with someone trying to make the world a better place.

We will never be friends because I hate Monday mornings and you just simply love them so.

Today is the day I begin a new life and I will greet it with a big smile and love in my heart.

The past cannot be change but I am telling you that every Monday is a new day to correct it.

I think I might need a day more between Sunday and Monday and make that a weekend please.

It is so hard to direct the wind but hey we can just adjust the sails and we will be happy.

Monday is not so bad as long as you keep believing that there is a tomorrow, there will be.

You have to work hard to every single day and things will be a whole lot better than it was.

You just need to keep getting up on a Monday and then soon enough you will reach dreams.

Know what you want and when you want them and soon enough you will be able to get them.

Mondays are the best days of every week for they bring new hope with them every single time.

You just have to meet some people who can make you happy on Mondays and things would be a whole lot easier.

Dress better for Mondays, and then maybe things will be a whole lot better than it already is.

Do not let any obstacle beat you to your goal and maybe you will be a whole lot better.

If you want to see a change in this world, then you better start making it right this very moment.

Just take pleasure in the things that you have and then Mondays will be a whole lot brighter.

Monday means that the weekend has gone past and that there will be more days until the next one.

It is a Monday and I am happy to be here, alive and breathing. God is certainly amazing.

Monday is one of the best days ever, I love it so much and I will keep on loving it so much more.

I think Mondays can be one of the best day there ever was as long as I believe in it.

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