55+ Sweet Dreams Quotes

When the time comes that you want to say good night to the people who matter to you, your friends, your family and the most important person to you, then you need to do it properly.
You need to show him or her just how much you treasure him or her.
Here are some quotes that might be able to help you with just that:

Hello there! I just wanted to tell you good night and wish you sweet dreams.


Now that the sun is out, and the moon takes its place, I hope you will have a good night.


Sweet dreams, my love, I hope you will be able to sleep tight this very night.


Maybe tomorrow, things will be a whole lot different so for tonight just have sweet dream.

I am missing you but the moon will be with you for tonight so just sleep tight.


Wishing that the you will have a wonderful night and that you will have sweet dreams.


At the end of the day, you are going to need to rest and find peace in the day.


Tomorrow is but another day, so for tonight just sleep and have sweet dreams.


Whenever I think about you, all my nightmares turns into sweet dreams and I sleep better.


I want to thank you for making all of my sweetest dreams come to life.


You are one of the best things that has ever happened to me, that it feels like a dream.


Thank you for always making me feel the best and giving me some very sweet dreams at night.


Pleasant dreams to you, my sweet love, I hope that I will be able to see you again tomorrow.


Is tomorrow going to be as sweet as tonight? Because if so, I am looking forward to it.


Maybe we can have sweet dreams for tonight and just put all of our problems aside.


Keep on telling yourself that tomorrow will be a whole new day to look forward to.



The sweetest dreams are the ones that has you in it, were we are together you and I.


The best things in life are free to us and I am glad that I have you in mine.


If my dreams will be one of the memories I cannot forget, I hope that you are in them.


Any dream that has you in it is but a sweet dream, something that comforts me in so many ways.


So I tell myself, you are going to be happy, you are going to sleep tight and dream good things.


If I could have one wish, I would wish that you will have sweet dreams every single night.


I am still waiting for the day when all these sweet dreams of mine will turn into reality.


An angel came to visit me last night and told me that you are going to come into my life.


If all the things in the world are mine, I would give them up just so I can have you in it.


I have to tell you goodnight but it does not mean goodbye, it means have sweet dreams.


I pray to God every night to give you wonderful dreams so you can sleep tight.


I love you more each day that passes by and the night is one of the best things in the world.


There never comes a day when I do not go to sleep without thinking about you and your smile.


If loving you is wrong, I do not think I would ever want to be right again for the rest of my life.


You were one of the sweetest dreams that I had, only to wake up to reality that you were never really there.


Sometimes, the sweetest dream is the exact opposite of the reality of life, the truth is ugly.


There are some dreams that I never wish to wake up from, most of them include you in them.


If I can change the world, the first thing I would do is change your nightmares into sweet dreams.


I have love you for a very long time, and I still wish that I can love you forever and ever.


I wish that all your dreams come true, especially if they are about you and me.


The stars in the sky at night are nothing compared to how bright you are in my life.


If things are going to get better, I wish that your dreams will finally be good and sweet.


I am praying to the heavens above that they will give you sweet dreams each night.


It is so hard to imagine not being able to see you again so sweet dreams and see you soon.


You are the person I always think of before I sleep, must be why all my dreams are sweet.


The nights when I dream of your kisses, of your hugs and the way you say my name are the sweetest nights of my life.


At some point, I want to stop having these sweet dreams if it means they will be my reality.


Sometimes, my dreams are so sweet I do not know if I still want to wake up from them.


You are all I can think about all day even when the sun went away, so good night to you.


As you sleep tonight, know that I am thinking about you wishing you the best in everything you do.


If time permits, I will become a better person and you will become happy with who I become.


I hope that you notice me someday, just like how you do in all of my dreams, love me.


In my dreams, we kiss, we hold hands and you never let go of me, they are so sweet.


All the riches in the world cannot ever compare with what I feel whenever I am with you.


There comes a time when you must let go of what you have, I will never let go of you.


The night is still young, you can still dream of the goals you want to achieve.


You are my favorite dream, you are my only dream, you are the one I am wishing to get.


I love you and I am still hoping that you will come to love me too sometime soon.


You will always be in my heart, you will always be my love, the one I need.


Home is being wrapped in your arms, feeling your warmth on my back, good night!


You are quite the best thing that has ever happened to me and I would not have it any other way.


Please delight me with your smiles, give your laughter to my ears and kiss my parched lips.


My heart is still waiting for the day that I will be able to call you mine outside of my dreams.


I love the way you tell me you love me, and those I love you’s give me sweet dreams.


You are the reason why I am able to sleep so peacefully at night, away from sad thoughts.


Tonight, let your regrets go and just dream about your future, of the things you might do.


What is life but another lesson that you have yet to learn? Dreams are guides for you.


Never end your day with negativity, it will just give you strange nightmares.


Sometimes, the things we dream about are actually the answers to questions we want to ask.


Step out of your mind and get into dreams, it is more fun here than in reality.


The sweetest moments that we have are the ones that keep replaying in my dreams.


So for tonight, let us just enjoy the night and give a new meaning to sweet dreams.


Sometimes, dreams are better than reality, when those moments come in mind, I go to you and hug you tight.


Kiss me goodnight and I will show you that you are not alone, that I am here no matter what.


Good night does not mean we will be apart for we will always be together even in dream land.


The day is over but the night has yet to come so let me in your heart and I will let you in on mine.


The thoughts that keep me awake every night are thoughts of you and how you are doing.


I wish that you will be alright, I wish that you will be able to sleep tight, I wish it every night.


There came a time when all I ever wanted to do was to tell you that I love you and that I will forever treasure you in my heart.


Sweet dreams are sometimes just nightmares in disguise so be careful of them.


If you were not the love of my life, then what are you to me, why are you in my dreams?


I wanted you to know just how much I think about us every day, this much I said with my arms spread wide open.


I may look tired and sleepy but I am thinking about you, always, sweet dreams my love.


Tomorrow is something that I look forward to everyday because I know you are there.


If you tell me that you love me, I will pinch myself to make sure that this is not just a dream.


Would you tell me that you love me so I can have some sweet dreams tonight?


You are the reason why I have sweet dreams every night, because you show me that I am a better person deep inside.


I am still hoping for the day when I will be able to turn all these dreams into reality.


The day you become mine is the day I will prefer reality over all these sweet dreams.


Whenever I see your face, I am happy that I decided to wake up from those dreams of mine.


The moment that you came into my life, everything felt better, I felt a new surge of happiness.


Please tell me that you will stay here for the rest of forever, with me by my side.


And when I die, I will only tell you that our moments were the sweetest dreams of mine.

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