55 School Life Quotes

There is always going to be a moment in your school life that you will find worthy remembering or you would want to forget so bad you just do not know what to do.
When these times comes, all you need to do is find a piece of quote that you can relate to or something like that so here are some of the school life quotes that you can look out and try to find yourself in those memories.

This school is nothing but a jail to hold the students prisoners, every move is being watched.

You get schooling for most of your life and then you work for some time and then you die.

I always keep on asking myself on the real purpose of school, what good does it really do?

Until now, when I remember the things that happen in class, I still smile because I enjoyed it.


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Actually, I miss the things that made me laugh back then, the memories I had with my friends.

Hating school when you are in it is normal but once you leave you will surely miss it then.

When I tell you that I miss school, what I really mean is that I miss the people I had fun with.

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Sometimes, your school is the only place where you can truly show who you are, be true.

Often I wonder what I had become if I had not gone to school and met my favorite people.

It was the school that made me realize that I am also worth something, that I can be someone.

A school was built for the purpose of learning first and foremost, you must remember that.

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In the process of acquiring some knowledge, you begin to know yourself better than you do.

Let me tell you a secret to surviving school life, you have to find the right people to be with.

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To be honest, I still have not figure out the sense of making tons of homework every day.

Homework is the thing that I hated the most in my school life, I just am tired of all of it.

All I wanted was to get out of school, to go out and explore the world and live my life more.


It is really awkward when your parent meets your teacher and they talk about you in front of you, like you were not even there ever.

I still think that I prefer school life over any other part of my life, and I am thirty now.

One of the best moments I had in my school life was meeting the friends I will have forever.

Who would have known that a person can learn a lot of life skills from school? I did not.

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You were the first person who taught me that school life can actually be fun too, I remember.

There is a lot more to school than you know, they do not teach you a lot of things in it.

When you come out of school, you wonder why they did not teach you much about love.

I wish that school would ready you for the life outside of it, of how to survive life in general.

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They give you so many rules to follow during your school life that sometimes you don’t know.

I had algebra the other day and I asked myself when am I going to be able to use this stuff?

They say that they try and hear your voice out at school but the truth is they shut it up more.

The worst thing about school is the fact that you need to fit in with all these other children.

I entered school one day only to realize that things would have been better off without me.


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Often, I change schools because I am still trying to find who I am out of all the other kids.

Do not let your grades ever define you because believe it or not they are not everything.

You get to see the love of your life every day, that is the real reason you go to school still.

I am the introvert in the class, the one no one talks to and no one really likes, I think.

The wallflower, the classmate you do not remember, the one that just blends in with others.

The school is the place where most people lose themselves in, they come out a new person.

One of the best things about school is history and all the warnings that come along with it.

So my classmates tell the teacher that they miss me but they do not even know who I really am.

I still try to hide my true self from my classmates until now because they might dislike me.

It is so hard to retain fame in middle school as most people are morons who forget easily.

One moment you have the crown of the school, the next one you become the janitor that no one knows about and that is one of the saddest things in school.

Of course I will be famous one day soon, now I just have to get through this stupid school.

Back then, I wanted to finish school and go to college but now the tables have been turned.

There are some things that can only be learned by mistakes so why are we punished in school just because we made some mistakes with a homework or test?

What is the purpose of trying your best when your teacher cares no less about you and all.

Forget what your teachers told you, of course you can do it, of course you should do it.

When you keep doing whatever it is you want to achieve, eventually you will succeed in it.

One of the experiences that I had in my class was cutting it whenever I do not like the teacher.

Go on and drag this body of mine to school but do not expect me to be there, my soul is not.

You may not know it yet but when you go to school, find someone who will encourage you.

Teachers should do a better job at teaching children to help them, not to be comparing them.

I think one of the most important things that should be learned is school is the act of sharing.

Freedom is one of the things that a child should feel when he or she goes to school.

There is no smarter person or brighter child, all students just need to work harder than usual.

If you really want to achieve something with your life, you should try going to school.

When you stop skipping school just for fun, then maybe you can finally be happy with life.

Just remember who send you here in this school and their real purpose for sending you here.

I have been living in the boarding school, now I am tired from everything else, you know?

They do not teach you so many things that are important in life in school, so just go out.

If you want to learn the art of the going to school, you might as well go and attend it for real.

Life is one of the best teachers you will ever have, far better than the ones you had at school.

For what is the sense of your life but to go to a school and try to find a purpose for it.


The difference between us was that I wanted to go to school while you were forced into it.

Eventually, you will realize that school is kind and then you will actually love going to school.

One day, I hope that I can look forward to going to school, look forward to meeting friends.

I think school should be removed and replaced with things that will matter more in your life.

For what is the purpose of school but to teach you things that you will never use in the future.

The school has taught me the purpose of living life to the fullest because it was really boring.

When you find the person worth seeing to and find a way to inspire yourself to go to school.

If you really hated school, you would never set foot on it ever again but here you are, friend.

Dear child, going to school is as important as not losing your favorite eraser or your pen.

A school is nothing if there are no people to inspire you to go there and have fun.

My goal is to go to school and find out what makes people there happy enough to be in it.

People tell me all the time that they had most fun when they were in school how come I don’t?

There are so many people that get bored of school and yet they still attend their classes.

Someday you will learn to appreciate your school for the things it will teach you, soon.

When you lose your purpose for attending school, look at your parents and do it for them.

Think about it this way: go to school and you make your parents happy, after you finish, you can then go out there and make yourself happy.

School is where the geniuses started making their dreams, to plan it out carefully step by step.

You just don’t know it yet but school is one of the best places in this planet to exist peacefully.

You have a purpose in life and you can try finding it out by going to school and then some.

Now, go out there and find someone to help you out in your problems with your school.

You met your best friend in school, so is that not a reason enough to keep you in there?

I think that one of the best things that happened in my life was being forced in school.

The things you learn might not make sense right now but eventually, they all will.

For now, you just need to relax and try to love your school as much as you can.

One day, you will thank yourself for attending the classes you could have missed.

I love school and all the dramas that it comes with, that is the truth, honestly.

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