55+ Rainy Day Quotes

For some, rain brings a lot of memories to them, either sad or happy but it does.
It is quite the best weather to reminisce some of the memories worth remembering.
Here are some of the quotes that will help you in relating with how rainy days feel or maybe what you should feel when rainy days come your way.

People say that they love the rain but then they take cover when it starts to pour on them.


I personally think that the rain is awesome, I love getting drenched in cold water whenever.


You just have to feel it, you know? You need to feel the rain and not just to simply get wet.


Let the rain wash away all those feelings that you have, all the pain, all the sadness inside.


The rain will cleanse you away of your regrets if you let it, that is the key, you need to let it.


The best thing about the rain is that it makes you feel so clean, makes you feel as pure as is.


I love rainy days and the cold winds that comes with it, I love feeling cold at this time of day.


Rainy days mean cold lonely nights and I believe that I could remedy yours if you let me.


People can survive with water alone so I think the rain is as much of a blessing as fire is.


I think that the rain is beautiful, how it pitter patters on the roof and how amazing it feels.


Some days, all I really want is to be able to hug you under the rain and let you feel my warmth.


You know what? Let us stop fooling ourselves and let the rain be the witness to our love.


I will kiss you under the pouring rain if that is the only way I can ever show my love for you.


And love lasted, until the last drop of rain poured down from the black clouds, overhead.


I think that the rain is grand and that it looks magnificent even as it is pouring so hard.


Maybe I will let the rain get the best of me today and let it know that it had helped me a lot.



It is fun to cry under the pouring rain because no one notices my tears and all my sadness.


I keep all of the pain and sadness inside my heart bottled up until the moment I burst, it rains.


It rains whenever I am feeling sad, when I feel like I want to cry and I think it is so awesome.


Who would have known that the rain can eventually relate to me once I let it do just that.


I think that the best kind of love is the one that has survived a thousand of pouring rains.


Rain is so amazing, it shapes mountains, it shapes lands, it makes things muddy and pretty.


The rain makes everything else so beautiful, imagine the look of the garden after the rain.


I think the rain makes things shiny, it makes people see things they have never seen before.

Let it rain, let the water pour down the earth, let us continue this cycle, let it all change, more.


You want to know what the best part about the rain that I really like, honestly? It stops soon.


At least the rain makes you feel alive just like summer, like summer makes you feel lively.


I do not believe that summer is the opposite of rainy days, I think that they are just the same.


The rain understands me, it soothes my soul, it is the music inside of me waiting to come out.



I love the rain as much as I love you, I love the way it always speaks to me, to my soul and all.


The best thing a person can do when it is raining is to actually let the rain be itself, let it rain.


Do not bother the rain, it will not do you any good, it will just keep on falling the way it does.


The rain is foolish it makes me feel like I am a child, it brings me back to my childhood days.


You want to know which side of the grass is actually greener? It is the one that is rained on.


Let the rain be, let it become something to you, give it meaning, give it something to hold on.


The rain will eventually make you feel special, it will stop making you feel lonely, let it be.


I hope that the rain reminds you of me, that you would think of me whenever you see the rain.


When it rains, all I think about is that moment when we kissed under it and dreamed of things.


We were still together the first time it rained, the first rain of the year, now we are broken.


You meant so much to me, more than you think you did and I love like the rain pours over.


Let me kiss you under the rain and I will let you feel just how much I truly feel for you now.


I love the rain because it makes me feel alive, it makes me feel like I am not totally alone.


The rain will break you in your weakest place and show you the things you need to improve.


I loved you just the way you were until the moment it rained and I loved you even more.


You are the reason I love, you are the reason I live, I love you the way I miss the rain.


Would you let me be the rain in your life? The one you just cannot live without anymore?


Then the rain will kiss your head and whisper its lullabies to you and you will accept that.


You will love the rain just as much as it has loved you, like how much I had loved you.


I love you even before the first raindrop fell this year and you do not even notice one bit.


I hope that the rain goes away, it makes me feel sick with sadness and longing of my love.


On that fateful day, it was raining, and you were slipping out of my reach, you left me alone.


You made me feel special, you led me on and then like the rain, you suddenly just stopped.


Love it or lose it, the rain will crumble away all the paper cranes that I have made just for you


I folded so many origami roses for you but you, being yourself, left it outside to be rained on.


The rainy days are the only days when I can sleep peacefully under the covers of my bed.


I love the rainy days, the coolness of the air, how damp my skin feels and its amazingness.


Will you let me into your life like you have let the rain inside your heart? Or will you not?


The rain fell, mercilessly, like it has no meaning, like it did not like me as much as I did.


I loved the rain for so long, I have always waited for it to fall but it kept me waiting for long.


The best thing about the rain that I love the most is how calming it is, it makes me feel good.


If there is one thing I can tell you, it is that the rain feels like the movies, it feels great to see it.


I think that the rainfall should be celebrated first and foremost because it makes a great view.


One day you will realize that the rain only brought you good even if you said you hated it so.


The best thing to do on a rainy day is to get a cup of tea and ask friends to have tea time.


I miss those cookies that grandmother used to bake me as we eat it over a cup of tea.


When it rains, my mama used to say that I should make a wish because it would come true.


You were the one I remember the most when it rains because you held my hand back then.



Even then, you were the person I would hope to see whenever it rained, that is how I love you.


May the gods bless us with more rainy days this year to have a better cropping season ahead.


Today, how about dancing under the rain until the moment that your feet actually hurt so?


You need to let loose, let the rain become you, let yourself have a tiny bit of freedom, okay?


When you feel like things are not the way they were, just watch the rain, the constancy.


The best thing about the rain is its drops, the way they would make rhythms in there, you know.


You want to know how much I love you? I love you as much as the volume of the rain when it is pouring down so hard you thinks that it would eventually flood.


The rain will pour down on you and make you feel like you are a brand new person today.


Maybe things will eventually change, for the better or for the worse, but the rain will never.


I love the comforting feels of the rain, it makes people seem less aggravated on things.


Maybe today will be the rainiest day of the year and I will love today just because of that fact.


I wanted to be with you today, on this rainy day, so I can hug you and give you some warmth.


You are my love, the one that I want to be with when it is raining, the one I truly desire.


The rain makes you rethink the way you have viewed life all along, it makes you analyze.


I wanted to be the person who makes you happy, the one you cannot live without like the rain.


I love the rainy days, I love getting wet for no reason at all, that is my innermost wish.


Can you tell me just how much you love me, like the rain does on the grasses and plants?

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