55+ Feeling Loved Quotes

These quotes are for those people who make you feel loved, who makes you feel special and that you are important.
This is to thank those people for the time and effort that they give you and in exchange, to somehow be the person who is always grateful for them.

I know just how hard it is to love someone whose personality is so different, thank you for that

Thank you for always making me feel loved no matter what I do in this life I am living, friend.

There is no way that a perfect lover can come but the perfect love is possible thank you.

I always feel loved because you are always there for me no matter what happens in this life.

There are women who chose to follow their hearts, for me I am grateful just to feel loved.

You are the reason why I am always happy, why I am always laughing because you love me.

No matter how bad my attitude is, you are always there for me and I am thankful for that.

There is a fire in your eyes that I know signifies your love for me and I thank you for it, dear.

If you are wondering what it is I like about you, it is the way you make me feel loved and all.

Remember that no matter what happens I am grateful that once upon a time, you loved me.

I am not sure about things in my life but I am sure that you love me and that is enough for me.

You can never tell how it is with love, it can warm you or burn you but be grateful for it still.

There is something about being loved that makes you feel like you can do anything you want.

Let me tell you that once I also wanted to feel loved but I realized some things, I changed.

If you deserve to be loved, then you already have it even when you do not notice it at all.


Friend, you make me feel like someone in this world cares for me and that alone is enough.

I just want to tell you that I care because you would do the same for me if I was in your shoes.

I carry the weight of all the things I did inside my heart and you lighten it by loving me.

Never let your fear get in the way of doing the things that you love, that is the key to life.

When you are loved, you feel like you can make the impossible happen, that is how it is.

Even when you think that no one loves you in the world, remember that He is there for you.

The Lord has given you everything you need, is that not enough to tell that He loves you?

Stop feeling thirsty for love because you have people who love you but you do not see it.

Love is intangible, something you cannot see nor touch but believe me that it is right there.

I may not know who you are or where you are from but you love me and that is why I love.

You love me in a way that only you could ever make me feel and I love you just for that.

Of course we are going to argue at one point but you will still make me feel like you love me.

It gives me strength to know that somebody out there cares enough for me to notice me.

Out of the sea of people, you still saw me and that is how I knew that you cared for me.

There is just something about the way you look me in the eyes that makes me feel special.

There is never anything in this world that would amount to the way you make me feel now.

At this moment, I think nothing can ever surpass the love that I am feeling from you, dear.

I close my eyes and all I see is darkness but I feel the love that you are giving me, sweetheart.

Your love makes me feel more courageous than ever that I want to feel it every second.

I hope that I am doing things right and that when I do them you also feel that I do love you.

There is not a single thing I would not do for you who has shown me what love really means.

To love is to let yourself be vulnerable and you did that for me and I love you for that deed.

Loving is when you risk yourself to get hurt but still you did that just for me, thank you, dear.

You let me be right even when you know I am wrong and that is when I knew you cared for me

There are going to be some unredeemable things in my life but you will not be one of those.

You let yourself be risked to the pain of being in love and that is what I loved about you.

Love is the only thing that would save people from their fate and that is what you did to me.

With love comes truth, honesty is one of the basis of a relationship and that is how I know.

I know that I am loved because I can see it and I can feel it in every action that he takes.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you are safe and you feel loved, dear.

There is something about the way you care for me that makes me feel that I am truly safe.

How can I tell if you truly do love me, how do I know if I am love? I simply feel that way now.

You have fulfilled every promise you ever made with me and that is how I know you love me.

You try your best to understand me when even I do not understand myself, and I feel loved.

You care for me because you trust me to do the right thing no matter what the situation is.

You may not notice how much other people care and love you but the truth is that they do.

It is like making me feel loved is just a natural thing for you, like it is innate within you.

Sometimes, I wonder why it is so easy for you to make me feel that I am loved but I find it hard

I just how that you will remember how it is you loved me so that you would not forget me.

You always treat me as if I am important to you and that is why I truly do love you, dear.

You push me toward greater things in life and that is how I know that I am loved, sweetie pie.

No matter how ugly I seem you remain by my side, never being ashamed, I know I am loved.

I need not worry about a single thing as long as I am with you and that is why I love you.

You love me in the most obvious sense in this world, true and forgiving, thank you so much.

You bring me flowers, make me coffee, listen to my stories and it makes me feel loved.

There is something about the way you smile at me that makes me feel so at ease every time.

I love the way that you make me feel so appreciated every time I do something for you.

Some people say that love is blind but I think that love does it on purpose, actually.

Find someone who will elevate the way you think about things, that which loves you.

The best feeling in the world is knowing that of the billions of people someone loves you.

I know that someone out there cares for me and that thought alone is enough for me.

You told me that you loved me because of the way I make you feel, I want to tell the same.

I want you to know the story of the girl who felt the luckiest because she was loved.

There is nothing that would ever compare to you because you loved me at my very worst.

Appreciation makes you feel important and thus makes you feel that you really are loved.

There is no reason not to be in love with you when you make me so happy, I love you too.

Happiness is within me because I can definitely feel it, I feel that you indeed love me so.

I am here for you is what you always tell me and that is how I know you do love me.

You are the one I send all my drunken messages and call at 3am and you are there for me.

You stay with me when I need a shoulder to lean on and that is what makes me feel loved.

I will keep on staying together with you no matter what I do and that is the truth, dear.

My heart will never break as long as the love you have for me remains the same intensity.

There is a courage in loving someone though you know you will get hurt, thank you, friend.

You showed me I have nothing to afraid of and that is why I feel loved by you, honestly.

The truth is that you make me feel that I am loved and that is why I stay by your side.

You never forget to include me in everything that you have planned and that is how I know.

There is nothing wrong with giving every piece of yourself in love, it makes you feel great.

I am loved simply because you show me everything about you, you are honest enough with me.

How do I know that your love for me is real, simply when I see you and you keep smiling.

I see you smile and I see through your eyes on how much you feel and I see you love me.

In reality, I just want to thank you for always making me feel that I am loved.

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