54+ Encouragement Quotes

Sometimes words are enough to bring hope into the heart of a person and to encourage a person that you still believe in them. If you have a friend that is suffering through hard and tough times and you cannot be there for them physically, then some words or quotes of advice will definitely be a great substitute. Here are some of the best encouragement quotes that you can give that friend or family for rough times.

You can do this! You are strong enough to go through all the challenges life will give you.


Dear friend, know that I am here for you and I trust you in everything you do. Fighting!


These rough times are bound to pass you by and you will look at this later and laugh at it.


We will get through this, love, all these are nothing but hurdles to test how much we can take.



Life is probably going to throw us oranges and we are going to throw it back orange juice!


No matter how much life tries to make it harder for us to survive, we are going to, carry on!


I believe that you can do this, that you can make the world reverse its spin, you are awesome!


God will always be there for you, to help you and to guide you along, so just pray to Him.


When you feel like the world is going against you, then go against it too! I will be here.


I believe in you, you are going to have the courage to face these problems through, good luck!


There is somebody out there that believes you can do this, do not disappoint that person, dear.


I do not know what it is you are going through but know that I will be here to support you.


I am cheering you on from this side of the world so give it your best shot, my dearest friend.


It does not matter if you succeed or if you fail as long as you did your best, so give it a try.


The journey is what matters, not really the goal, so you might as well take the first step today.


You may not know but right now, I am praying that you can go on with your journey, happily.



Maybe someday you will realize that having the courage now will help you in the future, love.


Just give it a step at a time, do not rush yourself and sooner or later, you will be able to do it.


Do everything you do with love and you will be happy with the results you are bound to get.


Just keep the faith and believe in yourself and you will realize that hard work does pay off.


Eventually, every single thing will fall into their rightful place, you just need to wait for it.


What you are doing at this very moment is something that will reflect on you in the future.


Every step you make is a step closer to your dreams so you might as well take that first step.


I think that one of the bravest things someone can do is to start a change in other’s lives.


When you believe you can do it and other people tell you that you can do it, then you can.


The secret to being successful is to believe in yourself and realize that there are so many people that will always be there for you no matter how you might think otherwise.


There will be days when you will get sad and cry but do not worry because these times end.


When you reach the end of the tunnel, you will see the light, you will see it and you will smile.


Is it not a joyous event to be able to be someone’s hero, to be able to make them smile!

You are going to survive it so stop worrying and just keep smiling to show how happy you are.


Others may laugh at you so laugh at yourself too so that they would not have the power to.


The only way that things are going to be fine is if people get to encourage each other up.


Your story may not have such a great beginning but if you make it worthwhile, then the end will be worth the entire journey to it.


There may be a lot of forces threatening your success but I will encourage you up, so relax.


I hope you are feeling positive now so you become more inspired to reach your dreams.


The real goal you should have in life is to pay your blessings forward to those who need it.


Keep living the righteous life that you have and forgive those who have once wronged you.


When the people around you have the same goals as you do, you get more encouraged.


The key to encouraging someone is to help them see the love they can give to the work they do.


If you want to encourage someone, give them a smile, a positive response and cheer them on.


My friend, it may not seem like things are going your way but it will be okay soon, so hang on.


If you know yourself, then you are likely to encourage only the type of people that will help you to further improve yourself and nothing less.


People are willing to cooperate if the atmosphere helps them to feel the vibes to help others.


Those people who encourage you to be positive are the ones that truly care about you, so keep them close and never let them go.


If the elevator does not work then point your friend to the stairs to encourage him to still get to where he wants to be.


Sometimes, what a person needs is simply self-encouragement, but it works if you are sure.


There is nothing in this world that I care more about than to encourage people to survive.


As much as possible I think that the best way to encourage someone is to smile at them.


Although you might feel like there is not so much you can change, what matters is you do.


If you give your child some encouragement, he will get the confidence to perform better.


We all have the capacity to know about knew things we just have to take control of them.


If you ever face a wall, all you need to have is the courage to break it down with all you have.


Sometimes, waiting is not enough and you have to take the first step to do something for yourself.


After all this time, I guess all a person really needs are people who believes that he can do it.


If you want to succeed, you must learn how to put the necessary tasks over what you want.


If you want to give people encouragement then go take interest in what they do instead of giving them just words.


The mood you are in will define your day and how much work you get done so be happy.


I hope you remember that there are so many people who believes in you, so go do it all!


If you can think it then you can achieve it, go plan ahead and live your life in a new light.


Do you really want to pursue your dream? If yes, then first you need to believe in yourself.


People do not really lack the talent or the capability, they just lack encouragement.


Chances are most people carry talent within them but they think negatively and it affects them.



Do not let any negative thoughts affect how you look on the future, go change them today.


You can do marvelous things if you just remember how to start it and how you will be great.


People say you reap whatever it is you sow, I say you got to start planting today for it.


Believe in the impossible, believe that great things can be achieve from simple but constant effort in the long run, anyways.


You need not be perfect all you need to do is do your best in every single thing that you do.


Get things done today and I assure you that the future will look a whole lot brighter for you.


There is always a way out if you just know how to try to find that exit, just look hard enough.


If you want a successful team you need to know how to encourage your members, you know.


Now, if there ever comes a time you need some encouragement, just come to me and I will give you some of my words of wisdom.


When you encourage your children to be fair and just, they will grow up to be just that.


If you want a person to respond to your text, then send something that will encourage it.


Do not ever encourage violence in anybody, it just is not right to start a war without knowing.


No matter how many times you fail, you just got to keep trying until you finally get to it.


The best thing about family is that it encourages you to be a whole lot better than you are.


Find friends that will never encourage you to do bad things but always go with the right.


Sometimes, things will be rough but you will get through it with some encouragement from your special someone.


If people say that you cannot do it then you need to have the courage to prove them wrong.


People need you so show them that you are worth it that you are worth everything you are.


Life may throw you so many things and problems but if you have people around you that encourage you and support you, you will get through it all.


Maybe things seem so hard right now but eventually it will get a whole lot better, you know?


The key to a happy life is finding the right type of friends, those that will encourage you.


When you find that someone who inspires you to be a whole lot better, then do not let go ever.

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