50+ Selfish Quotes

Some people just want things for themselves and are not fond of sharing while some people loves to just go and share all they have even when they are left with nothing at all. Here are some of the best selfish quotes for those selfish people who only want things for their own pleasure, for their own benefit.
Maybe you can show them how selfish they are through these words.

What are selfish people but ones who use the weakness of others for their own pleasure?


There are people who are so original that they become selfish and use those ideas for profit.


It is sad that most of the people who have great ideas are so selfish and uses them for benefit.


I would not be great to sacrifice too much of yourself as you will then be left with nothing.



No one would ever give all of themselves to you, no one will really care enough like that.


Nowadays, even love is selfish; there is so much selfishness that surrounds the planet we have.


Because selfish people only think of their own sake, the result of what they do is negative.

A great person is that who have let go of his selfishness and wants to help other people too.


Love is always beneficial to a person as well as compassion as long as selfishness is omitted.


Just because you care about yourself means you are selfish, it is by not caring of others that you become a selfish person that only cares for yourself and no one else.


The real measure of selfishness is by asking a person how much he is willing to sacrifice.


Most of the time, we love the selfish people, you even give them all that you have, everything.


Even by just showing you care, you can stop being selfish, you need to become giving, kind.


Be kind enough to everyone that no one would ever doubt you to be selfish even if you are.


When you stop thinking of the benefit of other people, that is the moment you become selfish.


Go on and waste some energy for someone else tonight, go out there and just do it all, okay?



There is nothing born out of selfishness, you just have to give the best you can in everything.


There is nothing wrong in giving without expecting anything in return, that is the beauty of it.


Stop being that selfish person that you are and might as well learn to give things to others.


The moment you stop thinking of only yourself is the moment you stop being a selfish person.


To have a great achievement, one must learn to sacrifice a lot more than he needs to do so.


Share your blessings to other people and learn that no one in this world can be better.


The best things in life must be shared between people so that selfishness is never ever born.


You have to fight for what you want but remember to do all of this for other’s benefit.


Stop doing things just for your own benefit and start living a better and brighter life today.


When a person is in love, he becomes less selfish than he was because he wants to give.


What is the point of being selfish when all you really need to do is to keep giving yourself.


Love makes people less selfish, it makes them give away all that they have with them, all of it.


What is selfishness but asking others to live the way you would want them to, instead of theirs.


Selfishness is depriving others of the choices that they can make, only thinking of your own.


Being selfish is a disease that has no cure at all you have got to have it in you to fight it out.


When you are lonely or at least seem to be that way, it would be selfish to excuse yourself.


Just because you are selfish does not prove that you are capable of loving yourself, you know?


It is sad that selfish people cannot commit in a relationship, they are incapable of love itself.


When you have a goal that is bigger than reality, then you can stop being selfish any time now.


You do not matter to me, I do not really care if you do not like me, that is what being selfish is.


Okay, I admit that I am selfish, I admit that I only think of me, but what is your problem now?


Life has never been fair, sometimes, the fearless ones all have but a secret deep inside of him.


True, life is selfish but a lot of people are even far more selfish than life, and that is sad.


Do you not find it sad that the people who are the most selfish turn out to be the one happy?


The sad part is this: selfish people try to gain from the success of other people, they do.


Who are you to deprive me of the things I want, I had never been selfish my entire life.


You need know about the things that make a person happy to be able to make him happy.


It is weird to think that things can be a lot better than normal and I would love to see that.


Selfishness is innate to all of us, that is the sad reality of life and no one really cares.


To be selfish is a deadly sin, after all, that is to be greedy, to hoard all blessings given to you.


I have always taught that someone will love me enough to cure me of my selfishness, wrong.


I was wrong to even hope that someday, someone will stop me from this selfishness I have.


I like you and that is the real reason we cannot be just friends, I know I am selfish, sorry.


I may be selfish but I am still human, I still get hurt when you make me feel like I am one.


Sorry for being selfish, I did not mean to, really, I just am, it is within my nature, sorry.


I know, it is a shame that I was selfish enough to love you on my own, forgive me for it.


One day, I hope you realize that I never meant to be selfish, I just wanted to be loved too.


I have sacrificed a lot of things to make a lot of people happy and yet they call me selfish.


Selfish as I may seem, I actually care about other people, I do want to make them happy too.


I did not choose to be selfish, I guess this trait has chosen me, how unlucky I truly am, I guess.


I just do what I like without a care for the world, whatever happen to ignorance is a bliss?


I still believe that to be the one in control of this relationship I have to love less than you do.


I do not want to be the one controlled, so I did not give you all of my heart, truly selfish of me.


To say sorry all the time proves you are selfish, because you do not realize the worth of things.


I think that being alone is the ultimate act of selfishness, not sharing your company to people.


If I may be so honest, I am only selfish and possessive when it comes to you, I really love you.


You do acts of selfishness and try to cover it up as love, you should know better than this.


They can hate me for Pete’s sake, I was just being myself, nothing really wrong with that.


People do not like it when you are alone but only like it when they need you somewhat, alone.


Sympathizing and being selfish are both but fools trying to get in trouble for being there.


How glad I was to know that you were all having the time of your life without me right there.


I wanted to be the one you look up to, the great person on your pedestal, how selfish of me.


I have only wished for something that you have, for the times that you actually do not have.


Some days, I still think that life is but a big buffet, you need to fight your way through it.


There are so many challenges in life that sometimes, it is so hard to keep up with.


Oh sure, I am charming, that is the truth, it just means that I am obnoxious and selfish.


I honestly do not know what is so wrong about being selfish, I mean something is obviously wrong with it and I just cannot understand up until today.


All I ever really wanted was to be the person that you love, I do not know what ever happened.


There are a few people in this world that I love and is it so wrong to be selfish as to keep them.


I wanted to keep you for myself and until now I am still waiting for that moment to happen.


I just wanted to be the person that you love, the one you care about, is that so wrong, really?


I am selfish, I know that I am, but I never thought that it can actually hurt this much.


All of the sins that people makes can eventually be traced back to being selfish, that is sad.


You wanted to know what is wrong with being selfish? I am telling you it is everything.


I was cheated on, he was selfish enough to only think of his own happiness, never about mine.


Our relationship sucked because he never thought about my feelings, never thought about me.


There are only a few people in the world that is worth being generous of, only a chosen few.


Eventually, I am going to succumb to life’s challenges, I might as well do it with all I have.


Selfishness is never the answer, I know that now, I have just realized the reality of life.


People tell me that I am going to fail, how selfish that is, you know? I just do not know at all.


Why am I always the one wrong when all I ever do is try to be the best one for you?

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