50+ Love of my Life Quotes and Messages

The love of your life is someone who captivates your heart for reasons you do not even know.
So suddenly your world seems to rotate around her and you are extremely happy and full of delight.
It is indeed a marvelous thing to finally find the love of your life.
We have listed this heartfelt and loving love of my life quotes that will surely help you out in conveying your feelings to your beloved. Feel the love as you browse our list and do not forget to share the love.

I want to let the whole world know that the love of my life is no other than you.

I am so grateful that you are the love of my life; I just can’t imagine having someone else by my side.

When you walked into my life I always find myself breathless not because I am choking but because of your genuine love for me.

Love of my life, are you for real? Why up to this moment I can’t find you wherever I go?

Am I dreaming? How can be that an angel like you becomes the love of my life?

Just in case I am only dreaming with me having you in my life, I beg you please do not wake me up.

You are not only the love of my life but you are also my whole universe.

I am delighted to announce that the woman who is reading this quote right now is the love of my life and the apple of my eyes.

How many days more before I get to spend the rest of my earthly life with the love of my life? I just can’t wait for that day to finally arrive.

You are like a radiant sun which rises in dawn; you brighten my life in every corners of it. You gave me light when all of the other sources died out on me.

I will do all my best, all my might and all that I can to make you happy and content because everything I will do for the love of my life.

I just can’t wait for the love of my life to finally become my legal and one and only wife.

You are the right woman whom I have been waiting for to complete the puzzle of my life.

The greatest gift that was given by heavens to me is when it gave me the love of my life who is no other than you.

You used to be my best friend alone, but right now you have become the love of my life and my best friend at the same time.

How painful it is when you already found the love of your life, and then she found hers but the only thing is that it is not you whom she had found.


Love of my life, it is only you, the person who keeps the blood running in my veins.

I will never let you go, not this time that you already became the love of my life.

I just want to live this life peacefully with the love of my life who is you my dear.

All I ask is for you my dear is to stay with me; I want me and you to be with each other’s arms eternally.

You taught me things which I thought I am not capable of learning maybe because it is the love of my life who is teaching me this time.

I heavens permits, I want to be with the love of my life until the day I die.

We separated briefly, but that brief moment has been the longest and saddest moment in my life. I can’t afford to be separated from the love of my life anymore.

The goal-oriented friend that I have before is about to marry me tomorrow. Yes indeed, she became the love of my life.

My life without you is like an abyss, dark and what lies at the other end is uncertainty.

I am so blessed that my soul mate is also the love of my life.

You are the love of my life my dear husband, you showed me how to open my heart again despite the terrible things that I have encountered before.

The love of my life showed me the true meaning of love and what it is capable of doing of.

Seeing the love of my life happy with someone else is like torture in my heart.

The person who is the love of my life and the person who ruined my life for good are the same person.

I want to have my children with the love of my life and no one else but her.

The biggest mistake that I have committed in my life is that when I already have her in my arms but I forced her to leave me, the love of my life is now in other man’s arms.

I do not want to lose you, oh sweet love of my life, because if I do, I will go crazy.

You are far from my ideal man but fate works it magic and now you are the only man that makes me cheerful and happy.

When you already found the love of your life, do everything to keep her, do anything to make her happy and loved.

I can’t wait for the time to come for me to meet the person who will become the love of my life and I can’t wait to become hers’ too.

I trust you, not because you are my friend but because you are the love of my life.

I promise you; from this day forth you will be the only one whom I am going to love until my death takes me away.

Billions of people around the world, I am so blessed that I have meet you or else I will still be the old sad me.

Let us forget what happened in the past, what happened when we still don’t know each other let us focus to what lies ahead most especially now that we have each other to count on.

I have no regrets in loving you because you are all that I have in this world.

The spark that I see in your eyes each time that you smile is more beautiful and radiant than the stars.

Billions of years from now, the sun will die but my love for you oh sweet angel will never die.

If this planet will finally meet its demise, all I want is to be in your side while everything falls apart.

I need you in my life just how like a drowning person needs air, desperately.

Is it a sin to love someone more than you love yourself?

The time I laid my eyes on your eyes, I know that instant that I am going to marry you.

The only thing that can’t be stolen from me is the precious gift of your love, no one will and can ever take it.

My love for you sweet darling is like a river, serene and it keeps flowing.

Indeed it is very hard for us to be together, many are against for us to be in each other’s arms but it is way harder to be apart from you because it is like a poison which is killing me slowly and softly.

I do not give a damn what the world has to say to us, what matters the most is you loving me completely and me selflessly loving you.

I will not let you go darling because you have my heart with you.

Love is like a drawbridge, it can connect you to a person but it can also easily disconnect you anytime it wanted without any given warning.

I knew that you are the love of my life the moment the door of my secrets opened up to you voluntarily.

I am happy every time I see you just like how happy a dog is when his owner finally arrives.

Wherever I go, I will always find my way back to you sweet love because our love is like a compass, it will lead us to each other.

Even if it means sacrificing my own happiness, I will put you first among anything else.

The greatest achievement of my life is me tying the knot with you.

Our love is comparable to the rosary. Why? Because it has its own mysteries.

I believe in reincarnation because in my next life, I want to love you still.

I do believe in neither destiny nor fate until you arrive in my book of life and proved that I was wrong.

Happy endings are not real because true and pure love knows no end and limit.

One lifetime is adequate for me as long as I am allowed to live it with you.

You are the rainbow in my life because you bring the colors back to life.

If a genie will award me even just one wish, my wish is for me to be able to love you forever or eternally.

A person can’t change other person’s life; she can only inspire and motivate the other person to change his life. I knew it because that’s what happens to us. Am I right oh dear love of my life?

If calling you mine has a proud and selfish tone to it, then let it be.

You are my heart’s home. Wherever place you go, I will always follow you.

If loving you is a mere mistake I will be glad to do it over and over again.

Convincing many individuals that I do not care for you and I’m so better off without you at my side is as easy as 1, 2, and 3. Now I am having a tough time to persuade myself of the same thing.

I want someone to be obsessed with me like how Sméagol is so obsessed at the one precious ring in the Lord of the Rings movie.

Society said death is the prevalent loss in life; I think the prevalent loss in this life is when a relationship of love between two people dies while we are still living and breathing but did nothing to revive it.

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