50+ Hurting Quotes and Sayings

When you’re hurt, sometimes it feels like nobody will ever understand your pain. That’s why most people choose to hurt silently on their own. When you find a quote you can relate to, it kind of make you feel you are not in this alone.

When you love someone more than they deserve, expect that they will hurt you more than you deserve.


Once you feel how it is to be hurt by someone you love, you will realize that breaking the hearts of other people was not a bit funny.


You will only realize how strong you are when you are able to withstand a heartbreak.


Nowadays, having a good heart is like a curse—you tend to give too much and you end up hurting the most.


I am not forgiving you because I want us back. I am forgiving you so I can let go of the hurt and move on.


I hate how your love can be so foolish. You chose to love someone who doesn’t even deserve your love, over me– who loved you the most. Looks like I am a greater fool than you are.


What hurts more than seeing the one you love with somebody else? Realizing that you were the bridge for their love to get across.


I kept on loving you hoping that one day, I will exhaust all the hurt I had been feeling and love will be the only emotion remaining.


The number of tears that fell and rolled down my cheeks will never outnumber those parts of me that got lost when you left.


I do understand why we have to end this way, but understanding doesn’t mean I am not going to feel hurt. Actually, it hurts me more to realize that I don’t have a valid reason to cry.


The only way that hurt and suffering gets to you is when you let them in.


The reason one cannot talk to others when they are hurting is because they knew all along that loving that person will hurt them, but they chose to love them anyway.


It’s funny when your old hurt suddenly shows up just when you are about to get healed and try to change everything you did to recover.


I got so used with the pain for so long that it had become a part of me.


Don’t turn your back on people who hurt you. What if all the people who hurt you turned their backs as well? Life will be game of solitaire.


Yes, love can give us such unbearable pain but always remember that it’s the most amazing emotion one can ever feel.



There will be times that you will be hurting the people who love you the most.


When you are hurting too much in a relationship, the only two option that you have is stay and continue loving them or leave and start loving yourself.


What could be more painful when the person you love told you he didn’t want you? It’s when he never told you.


People will offer less than what you deserve when they think that you are too stupid to be worthy of their love, respect and loyalty. Love is not a bargain, so know your worth and let go.


Never try to cheer up a person who already decided not to be happy. You will be more helpful to him if you don’t play with their game of self-pity.


You know you have already matured when you are able to overcome the biggest pain you’ve always thought unbearable.


The words we speak is are so powerful that it can create demons and angels alike. So be careful not to create a monster with your own words.


If you cannot do anything to pull someone up, then at least don’t push him down.


Revenge is a waste of time and effort. I can always sit back and relax while waiting for your karma to happen.


Do you think I’m stupid if I still love you after you made me cry so hard?


I believe I am a good person. I never did anything to hurt anybody, so why are you hurting me so bad?


I was a fool for loving you when I knew you can never love me back. Yet, you’re also a fool since you know she’s going to do the same to you.


Being in love is such an amazing feeling that we fail to realize that it could give us the worst feeling as well.


Now that I know how painful it is to be played and hurt by the ones you love, I am feeling sorry for all the people I may have hurt before. I feel so guilty about what I have done.


People will always end up hurting each other. Better find someone worth it.


What really kills me is that we both love each other but not in the same way. So I’d better be off than destroy the love.


The one who promised to take care of you and will never leave you will be the one who will cause you great suffering.


There will be no conflict or argument if there will be no feelings being hurt.


Being rejected by one person is not a big deal. Not unless that person is your world.


If you keep breaking the hearts of people who love you, you will sure end up being alone and unwanted.


You know you already moved on when the person who hurt you don’t matter anymore.


The best cure for your broken heart is finding someone who can make you smile again.


I do not fear being poor and hungry. What I fear is being unwanted, alone and deprived of affection.


If you really love someone you will still love them with all your broken pieces after he breaks your heart.


Be careful with whom you trust because sometimes the bigger the trust we have for one person is the more likely for us to be hurt by them.


In love, there is no happy ending. It’s either there is no ending or a sad ending.


It’s better to love and feel pain than to feel nothing at all. We are humans and not robots.


The reason why depressed people tend to sleep more often is because they see their love ones in their sleep and realize they are gone upon waking up.


I got angry sometimes I couldn’t help but cry.


I feel so far away even when we are together. What happened to us?


It hurts the most when I know I had to smile just to keep my tears from falling. I knew I didn’t have a right to cry when I knew you were never mine.


You know I am hurting when I turn silent. You know it is becoming unbearable when I have to fake a smile.


Whenever I trust people, I always end up getting betrayed.


I never thought you will leave me. I never even realized you have already left me. Why? You didn’t even say goodbye.


The only retribution I get for being alone is that, I am now certain that nobody is going to break my heart.


I have tried to remain strong for so long that there’s nothing left to do but cry.


I will still smile after you left me. I will still laugh. I will still be happy. Just wait and see.


It’s not that I am afraid to love. It’s just that I am afraid to commit the same mistake all over again.


You only see the value of life after you have been hurt so bad, you almost died.


Someday, I hope you figure out how much I loved you, and how you just put it all to waste.


You cannot expect a person to keep on loving you after you kept on hurting them.


Have you ever realized that the reason they kept hurting you was because you kept allowing them?


Truth hurts, but I’d rather take it than a comforting lie.


Revenge will turn you to the person you hate the most.


The most common source of self-inflicted pain is EXPECTATION.


Hurt me with the truth NOW than have me live a lie FOREVER.


You have constantly hurt me that I’m afraid I’m getting used to it.


I never really knew it could be possible to say goodbye to someone you want to spend every second with.


I hope you will realize what you have lost when I’m gone.


You will start hurting the moment you start caring.


Being angry and being hurt are two different things.


I don’t blame you for hurting me. I blame myself for thinking you wouldn’t.


There will always be a risk for tears once you fall in love.


I never expected I would end up hurting myself so that both of you will be happy together.


I can always tell everyone I’m okay when I really feel hurt.


I hate it when I have to be very busy and preoccupied even at night, just to keep myself from missing you.


I don’t really care about others opinion, not unless that person happens to be the one I love.


It kills me to realize that you were my everything yet I am nothing to you.


The most painful thing in the world is seeing the person you love, completely okay without you.


I don’t hate the new you. I just miss the old you. It hurts to know that he’s not coming back.


Sometimes I feel I want to hurt you back in order for you to realize how it feels when you hurt me.


The hurt and pain you’ve caused me will surely leave a mark which I can no longer be erase.


The tongue that once whispered the sweetest words to me, is now telling me the cruelest things I’ve ever heard.


A little TOO MUCH always hurts. Too much trusting, too much loving and too much caring.


I hope you can get across the word I’M OKAY and tell me everything will be alright.


It hurts when love ends, but it hurts more when you cling to something that is no longer there.

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