50+ Effort Quotes You Dont Wanna Miss Out

Effort Quotes : Everyone has the desire to be prosperous and have a future that is worthwhile.
However, there comes a time when we realize that in order to achieve our dreams, we must put in a lot of effort to that.
Effort is more than just investing what we already have but instead to contribute what we know by putting everything that we have inside of us, body and soul.
With effort, we can actually do a lot of great things.
Here are some quotes about effort to motivate you.

What strength you have now is all because of the effort you have put in years ahead of today.

There is a thrill that you feel when you are waiting to see whether your hard work paid off.

When someone gives their work or suggestion to you, try to respect the time they did spend.

What most people lack in this life is the ability to maintain self-discipline and be powerful.

It is important to put some effort in life if you want to have the room to grow and get success.

Please try to always give in all that you have even when everything seems to be against you.

There is nothing wrong with trying with the best that you can do so there would be no regrets.


Quality is never going to be just an accident but a continuous work to make things better too.

With continuous effort, you can get all that you want in this world, no matter how impossible.

No one can ever succeed without having to input something, so work hard and achieve well.

Your perseverance is something that matters a lot so you might as well try your very best too.


Putting in everything that you have, money, strength and time will lead to brilliant results.

The art of learning will only be satisfied if one is to put in some real effort within, that is true.

Hard work and having courage is certainly not enough, you need a direction with a purpose.

Sometimes, you do not realize that all that you really need is someone to push you to the path.


When the path is just in front of you but you do not see it, maybe you need to look harder too.

Listen, progress can sometimes be real slow but put in extra hours and it will pay off then.

Without putting in some effort, everything that you do will just be some futile thing, my dear.

Through all the struggles you go through and the effort you put in, you get closer to your goal.

Life can be quite boring, so you got to put in some extra work, make it more productive then.

Just give it all the effort that you got and you will unlock the potential that you have in you.

You make that risk, you take that chance if you want to bring in some happiness in your life.

Leaders are not really born, rather they are made and molded through different struggles.

Keep practicing until you get to the top, put in some hard work and see what happens next.

Happiness is even more worth it the moment you decided to put in some effort for a change.

And the price you pay is that you should so you can achieve the goal you want to happen.

The moment that you know it will be worth it would be that when you begin to feel some pain.

You should try to be unselfish for a moment and think of what you can do for the world now.

If you want something great to be done, you must input something great of amount as well.

Achieving your dreams take some time but with some effort, everything will be just fine, dear.

You just need to be yourself and to tell everyone else to do things like you do, filled with faith.

The results that you get will be based on what you have inputted so might as well try it out.

The healthiest type of competition might be the average person giving it all that he has then.

Who you want to be in the future will also depend on the person you are now so be wary of it.

Life can seem bitter on the outside but when you give it a try, it is truly sweet on the inside.

Believe me when I tell you that all the effort you will input today will reflect greatly tomorrow.

The inevitable will be possible the moment you have decided to work harder than ever, love.

Keep in mind that hard work is the key to open your potentials, all you have within you then.

For every try that you make to discipline yourself is incredible so just keep on going, ok?

And you try to be the best you can become but things go horribly wrong so you work harder.



It will be worth it, all the effort you decide to give will come back to you even tenfold, dear.

When you put in your heart and soul in a game, whether or not it works, you will be satisfied.

I thought I should actually say this to you: you deserve something better than this, my dear.

You can actually do a lot of things so long as you put your heart into it, believe me on that.

Do what best you can do and you will see that things are going to be working out, okay now?

My friend, listen to me when I say this: just give it your all and I will be proud no matter what.

You will have to give out some effort and dedication but believe me coz it is gonna be worth it.

I see how hard you are trying to make things work out and I am just so proud of you, darling.

There is nothing that can stop you from doing what you want so long as you try your all, love.

For now, I want you to understand that you can do all things as long as you give it some time.

You have to hear me when I tell you that things will be fine, give it your heart and your soul.

And the truth is that there is some satisfaction when you figure out that your effort worked out.

You pour your heart into what you do and the results will truly be satisfactory, trust me on it.

We do what we think is worth it so we put our hard work and risk the results, that is how it is.

For now, you just have to listen to me when I tell you things will be better when you do try.

Just keep going and things are going to be what you want when you strive harder, my dear.

When you work extra hard, you also get some extra good results so that you can understand.

Once your effort has paid off, all the pain and all the sweat begin to be more than worth it.

You may need to sacrifice along the way but sooner than later it will eventually bring results.

For now, what you should do is just keep going, put some extra work on all that you do too.

I can see that you have the determination and believe me that it will eventually give back.

And I believe that as long as you put in some effort, you are not giving up just yet, my darling.

Honey, all you need for the work to be done is some effort, so do try to give just that, alright?

They say that good things happen to people who knows how to exert energy, so go do that.

It may hurt a bit but that happens when you put in some hard work but it will be fine too.

For now, know that some days you can be exhausted but it will also be working out as well.

And the times when you feel like giving up but you did not will pay off and real good too.

Tell me that you want to make things happen and I will tell you to work even harder now.

And when the time comes, know that all your effort will eventually pay off so just relax now.

Only the people that knows where they want to go and work hard for it that gets success.

I know you and how hard you always work and so I am just so proud of you my dearest friend.

You worked hard for this so no matter the results, stand up with your chin set up high, love.

There is no satisfaction to feel if you never put in some effort in the first place, believe me.

Listen to me, it will be fine just keep going and remember that everything will be just okay.

Put up the things that you can and just work even harder and things will be just fine love.

By now, I think the best that you can do is just give it all that you can and it will be okay.

You will feel more victorious knowing you have put in some great effort into the things you do.

And in putting effort, you double the value of the things that you do, it is going to be okay too.

There comes a time when effort is all you will have left so might as well give it your very best.

In trying something, you achieve the fruit of all your effort so go ahead and do what you can.

Just a bit of a hint in life is to always put in some effort in what you do, it would pay off too.

There comes that moment when you will be really grateful that you put in some great effort.

Let yourself give some effort and you will be surprised at the results that you will get then.

Be enthusiastic and put in effort in what you do so that you will achieve greater things too.

Happiness can be measured by how much effort you gave and how much it has paid off then.

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