Judging others is never justified especially when you barely know the person.
Before judging others, what you must do is to be able to understand, to know what their story is.
After all, each person has his own story to tell, his own personality to measure up to your scale.
Always keep in mind not to be judging others unless you want the same to be done unto you.
Well, in case you are still confused and profound, here are some quotes about judging others to help you out.

 By trying to be judging others, we are actually binding ourselves over to the darker side of it.

 There are battles that are not yours and on those moments the best you can do is to lay down.

 This must not be your fight so stop trying to judge someone based on how they did right now.

 The past is a long time and something that can and should be left alone buried in there too.

 The very moment that you judge other people is the moment you define who you are not them.


 Do not even attempt to judge to harshly because nobody was born great, they are made to be.

 The trail that they track is very weak so please try to not judge people so hard, I ask of you.

 It is our own evil and feeling of entitlement that we actually try to be judging others, really.

 By judging a person, you risk being judged as well so might as well just try to be better too.

 Maybe you can learn the lost art of observing without having to evaluate about anything.

 Do not judge someone just based on how they look, they sure have seen better days as well.

 As there are limited things in the world, try to be a little bit friendlier as much as you can.

 There is a story there that is buried and that is the truth so might as well know it firsthand.

 We should be more about knowing our strengths and weakness above judging others, truly.

 Ask yourself about the point in what you are doing and you will realize what matters most.

 By not telling anyone the true story, there are things that you do risk as well, my dear.

 And may you always know the reasons before you ever declare any judgement, I tell you.

 You have to see both sides of the story before anything else, you need to clear your mind.

 I think that judging others is just a big waste of time since they do not give us anything at all.

 When everything you knew about them turns out to be a lie, it is normal to get hurt, I get that.

 The problem is that it is human’s nature to judge without knowing the whole story, sadly.

 When you tell someone to stop on judging the other person, he has already done just that.

 Stop trying to sum up a person in a few words, we humans are much more complex, really.

 There is no point in judging others for it is another way we are making sins that we shouldn’t.

 You should really carry on and be a whole lot more, you should stop imposing on others.

 There is no benefit in trying to tell the world about a person, better yet to judge them out now.

 The moment that you decide to stop on judging the people around you is when you get free.

 Giving your advices to people who would not pay you, like judging others is just not worth it.

 Society thinks they know who you are but not even your best friend does, only you know it.

 The best way to be able to live a better life is to start loving instead of judging people, girl.

 Because I believe in the Lord, I think that I am not in a state to judge others, only He does.

 I try my very best to be as lenient as possible to the people that are around me, it does work.

 It is a sad state of mind when you start judging others just because of what they wear or eat.

 We are bound to forgive people, as we too make mistakes that are unforgivable, but He does.

 Not by the highest points in life nor the lowest points should we judge a person, not now.

 We have travelled for so long, it is only now that we see the distance that we have made too.

 And still, by judging others, you risk being judged at the same time, so do it on your own now.

 Each person has his own set of pain that no one in the world would ever understand but him.

 The one thing that you should really feel right about is to own your hurt and be yourself too.

 When you think about it, what you should do is to just feel things for the better as well now.

 I think that in order to heal a damaged heart what we must do is to stop on judging others.

 You were too busy trying to get look at other people’s lives that you forget to improve yours.

 You left your closet open and the skeletons you were hiding feel out, let them judge you then.

 No one has the right to tell you that you made the wrong choice coz you are here coz of them.

 If you are unaware of who he is or what he does for a living, maybe you should not judge him.

 Judging others is another pointless thing to do since you do not get any benefits from it at all.

 I do not think that a person ever gets the right to judge another when all he does not matter.

 The moment you start to judge another is the moment you let others do just the same to you.

 What is bringing judgement down to another but working overtime without getting extra pay.

 The more that someone tries to judge you for who you are, the less love that he gives to you.

 You are only trying to keep your heart heavy the moment that you start on judging others.

 Instead of spreading judgement and malignant things, maybe it is love that we should bring.

 When you meet someone, try your best to see through his heart and not through his clothes.

 Understand that there is a pain in thinking you are not enough because you were told so.

 There is no point to judge a man because of the weak things that he does, it makes him too.

 When you stop on judging others, you being to open your heart and free from getting it too.

 I do not change my personality for that is me but my attitude does based on what you do.

 I have already accepted who I am and celebrated it, those who do not understand be damned.

 I no longer wait for another person’s approval when I can do things on my own, my way too.

 If you must really be judging others, try to do it tenderly in such a way that no one gets hurt.

 The truth is that some people pass us to bring us a lesson, some to just judge them out too.

 We are not just but dogs but we are trying to be the type of person we can be, the best of it.

 If you feel like you have to judge me, maybe I should start feeling the same thing about you.

 You might not have heard their story just yet so why should you be judging others this time?

 I have learned things the hard way & so I realized that they matter the most when I need them.

 What we do matters and so when a person looks on the verge, do not harshly tell them things.

 I have spent this life knowing about myself but not others so I take this moment to change it.

 God never thought about judging others so what is your point in even attempting to do it?

 Where is the dignity in trying to judge about other people in the long run, I ask you right now.

 If you have any pride, you would keep your thoughts to yourself and forget them as soon too.

 Beware that as long as you live, you will always be judged based on how you look, you will.

 The best lesson that I have ever learned is to know when the battle is won and not to fight.

 There are stories you know nothing about so you have no right at all to be judging others.

 Even I am used to judging myself so what more would other people’s judgements add up to.

 I get inspired by words but also get hurt by them, still I get happy to be the talk of the town.

 I am reminding myself each day that I can get better if I want to, that I can do great things.

 The point is in trying to make things work and doing what I can, I am no longer just me.

 Judging others is a sin that is not meant to be done, it is up to you to do whatever you can.

 There are a thousands of faces in the world and millions of story yet to unfold, not be judged.

 What is the basis of the judgements that people make, do they benefit from doing what they do.

 The beauty of a soul is measured by the accumulation of everything it has been through once.

 I used to be someone who judged people by the way they look until you came in my life too.

 For now I just hope that everything turns out to be the way you want, forget of judging others.

 You see, all that I have ever wanted is to be someone that I can love and so I worked hard.

 I think it is important for a person to be his own self and not be judged wrongly by others.

 It is through accusations and faults that things happen without our knowledge, no judgement.

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