45+ Spiritual Love Quotes

The best kind of love is that which never gives up, which passes all the trials that life and the world throws at it.
The best kind of love is that which is given to Him who is righteous, to Him who is the center of the world, for He died in the cross to save every person in this world so it is only right to offer all the love that we feel inside for Him.
A spiritual love connects people to God and makes them see the wonder of love that He has created.
Here are some spiritual love quotes that will help you see just that.

Spiritual love is something that will bring fulfillment to your soul, it will surely soothe it.

When you fill yourself with love for the God that is in heavens your fate shall be revealed.

He will bless your soul as long as you do that of His bidding for He is the all-knowing Lord.

The Lord loves us far more than you think He does so pay it back by sharing your blessings.

Love grows inside of you because there is beauty when there is love, it starts from within you.

There is something about a spiritual love that makes you want to just shout with joy because of it.

Love does not sing praises to itself nor does it boast for it is the purest form of all emotions.

When you are in love you see the face of the Lord in the person that you are in love with.

The God above in heavens will never fail to lend you a hand when you really need it be.

There is nothing better of love than a spiritual love with a person who accepts you for you.

Your soul is made up of stars, of galaxies that you have truly yet to explore, that is the truth.

For there is nothing prettier than the love that you have when it is blessed with the Lord above.

It is nature to love someone that is hurt but to try to help that person heal is what blessing is.

When your soul fits the other in the most perfect of ways, know that God has created it so.

Through all the things that the Lord has blessed us with it is spiritual love that is sacred.


The heart chooses what it thinks is right but it is God who guides it to the right places, dear.

Darling, you see beauty because the Lord made it that way so fear no beautiful person, indeed.

Forgive people, that is the nature of love for He forgives everyone as easy as you wave a hand.

When two people engage in a spiritual love, everything eventually falls into place somehow.

Stop searching for a meaning to your life because when you least expect it, He will come.

God will provide for you, He will give you the person that is meant for you, learn to wait.

Patience is a trait that should be exercised for it is the most basic of all the things in life.

Spiritual love only but strengthens the bond that connects the soul of two lovers in peace.

The path to love is not simple, nor is it easy but the Lord has promise His people it’s worth it.

If you work hard enough, God will give you what you truly deserve in this life, that He will.

Be one with the Lord, serve Him with all that you have and in return He will give you all.

Those who have surrendered themselves to God has found themselves praising His name.

I got that there is something about spiritual love that makes you want to have it as well.

You become a better person when you leave your problems to God and work harder in life.

You need to work it off, to prove yourself that you are devoted to what He wants you to be.

The meeting of two souls through the help of the God in heaven is what spiritual love is.

Your soul will start singing once you have found the tune that will suit your life, my darling.

There is no shame in proclaiming your love for the Lord for He is the reason you are alive.

Love can do great things, it can start a war or end it and that is just one of its purposes.

It is God that we get closer to when we learn how to love the right way, to give it all to him.

The truth is spiritual love makes two people give all that they have to the God that is giving.

It is given that when you are in love, you get to be the best version of yourself, that is true.

Indeed, the choice is up to you, to take the love being offered or to wait for what God will give.

To love is to sacrifice and only when you are willing to do so will you learn God’s will.

As long as you offer what you are to the Lord, He will give you a spiritual love that lasts.

He will give you challenges that He knows you can overcome, so prevail over all of them.

There comes a point in your life when you know the choice you make means you can’t return.

When you understand what spiritual love is, you will know that it takes three to be in love.

Start by becoming aware of what you are and the power you have, you are God’s creation.

Remember that you are beautiful because He made you using His own hands, molded you too.

Love is but giving all you have and taking what you need and never asking for a return.

If you want a love that will last more than a lifetime then engage on what is spiritual love.

It is but a decision to fall or not to fall in love but first give all that you have to the Lord God.

Be the bridge that will connect God and your partner for love is but a spiritual connection.

When you find the right one, He will send you a signal, something that will tell you right.

Be truthful and never judge people outright for there is only one God who can judge us all.

Spiritual love can move mountains, can cross oceans, can walk on a thin line of water as well.

He has already extended His hand for you to take all you have to do is hold it and let Him.

When your love is pure and blessed by the Lord, it will make you shine, your soul and heart.

Lay your foundation with God and I assure you nothing will ever be able to shake it, believe.

No matter how strong the storm might be, all you have to do is hold on to Him for he is strong.

Spiritual love defies everything that life deems impossible because there is help through Him.

It is a journey, to love and find yourself and find your faith as well, I hope you find it with Him.

There is something about connecting with God that fulfills your soul, makes you feel satisfied.

Satiety is what you can achieve when you lay all that you have at His feet, allowing Him in.

He is the source of all that is spiritual love because He is the one who has given it anyways.

Allow God into your life and I assure you that you will find everlasting peace with Him.

Sacrifices will hurt you but He will give you far more than what you will, so put trust in Him.

Through His grace, you should fall into a spiritual love, the meeting of two faithful souls.

Believe in His unconditional love towards you that He will make your life so much worth it.

For He is the one that will save you over and over again should the need for that ever arise.

When you find a person that loves you at your worst, I assure you that He is sent by the Lord.

No one can love you the way the Lord can, some may not even come close to it, sadly, really.

If you have faith then you should experience a spiritual love soon enough for He never fails.

He will give you the best if you let Him so open the door of your heart and invite Him in.

Those who love the Lord will always be blessed for that is how it is truly meant to be.

Let me tell you that there is nothing wrong with telling people that you are in love with God.

Even spiritual love can cause you heartache but you will always find it in you to keep trusting.

The truth is He wants the best for you so carry Him in your heart wherever you may go to.

Truth be said, I am nothing if not for you, my Lord so let me give it all back to you for I care.

Be kind to other people and love even those that are strangers for you are made all by God.

The good Lord will give you a spiritual love when you are ready so do your best to prepare.

Help someone today, let the graces of the Lord fall on to you and be the one to act upon it.

Love with all your heart for that is truly the only right way to ever love a person, indeed.

The problem is a lot of people do not believe anymore so they do not know what spiritual love.

A perfect world is one where you can love someone freely but you can do that, love Him.

The best thing you can do know is to wash yourself off your sins, do some penance on them.

It is by loving someone that you learn how to make do with yourself after all these years.

Spiritual love is achieved when you fall in love with a person who walks the same faith you do.

Let your spiritual love be the key to having a life that is happier than you expect it to be, dear.

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