45 Quotes to Live By

The universal truth is that life is hard, there is no other way around it.
Life will suck at the times when you least expect it to.
You will have the most frustrating times when you feel like you cannot even do it anymore.
Do not worry for when these times come, all you need are some quotes to help you live by, to help you get through whatever it is that you are going through as of the moment.
Here are some quotes that will do just that for you.

It is hard enough to just live by what you have but even harder to do so when you have less.


If you want to be a great person someday then you need to learn how to earn it the hard way.


Never let someone else’s opinion of who you are affect the way you see things from your eyes.


The truth is that no one wants to listen to you so you need to be able to make them do so.


Do things the way you want to do them, never let anyone in this world make you feel less.


It is not easy to live by the things that make you contest your principles but you will have to.


You are the best person to live your life do not ever succumb to other people trying to do so.


You can get the things you want if you work hard enough for them, nothing is truly impossible.


It will never be too late to become the person you want to be if you just trust in yourself.


There comes a time when you have to live by the things that you hate the most in this life.


You can still redeem yourself from all the past mistakes if you stop looking back at all of them.


Stop bringing your past into the present and just focus on the now instead of looking far out.


Let no one tell you that the sky should be your limit when people have stepped out already.


Do not let the world hold you on your place and just keep on reaching for places you want to.


Though you may not know it, you live by telling yourself that tomorrow will be another day.



You can travel far, live the life you want if you can just trust yourself a bit to do those things.


Life is not measured by how far you have been but by how much you have lived it, truly.


Live by telling yourself that you are going to be fine, that things will eventually fall into place.


Never be in despair when your heart breaks because you can still do things with it all broken.


Start making people happy, that is but a fine notion but I think you should start with yourself.


Live by the moments in life that makes you feel alive, those that are worth remembering.


It is never easy to lose someone that is important to you but one day you will learn to accept it.


Should things not be going the way you plan, stop accepting and do something to change that.


Stop settling for just anything, only settle for what you are worth, that is what you should do.


If you should just live by, then you should do so by enjoying this life to the fullest, always.


Never be swayed by what other people thinks and instead, formulate theories of your own.


Stop letting yourself agree with the things that other people say, but I tell you, make a stand.


The storm is not going to pass, so you might need to learn how to dance under the rain.


One of the best ways to live by is to make yourself as useful as you can and just be happy.


If you know where you are heading, then getting there would not be as hard, I promise you.


Keep on dreaming, it does not cost you anything, just work hard to make them all true.


Be free and just have the best time of your life trying to become the person you are meant to.


Do something you have never done and you will get something you never have, that is the way.


Live by singing and dancing to your heart’s content and just have the best day every day of it.


Stop wishing for things to happen and start doing something about it, you make it happen.


Do not let others make you feel little of yourself, rise to the challenge and just have a laugh.


Live by snuggling in your blanket on the coldest days and cooling off when it is the hottest.


Be happy with your life and I assure you that life will be happy with you as well, that it is.


Never be afraid to sacrifice things to achieve more in life, it is the natural order of things.


I think that you should start trying to just exist and do something with your life and live it.


The best way to live by is to try and be happy with what you have in this world you are in.


Start doing things that matter, things that would count in the long run, that you really should.


You should begin every morning with a prayer, something to soothe your aching soul, my dear.


Be grateful for everything that happened during your day, may it be good or may it be bad.


Hard as it may you might have to live by just the words of encouragement from your family.


To accept your life is pretty hard, that is the truth, but you need to learn it somehow, you know.


Do not let anyone define who you are for it is only you that should be able to do that, love.


Sweetie if you keep being afraid of what can go wrong, nothing will ever go right with you.


It sure is hard just to live by but you need to make it all worth it, make every second count.


Nothing is wrong with trying out to be a little more positive with each passing day of your life.


Let go of the things that weighs you down and start lifting yourself up start trying to fly.


If it is so easy to just live by, why is it that people have a hard time trying to do just that?


Do not let your fears overcome those that you dream of and think of the things you truly want.


If you feel like you can’t solve any problem, take a break but never should you stop trying to.


How do you live by knowing that tomorrow is going to be worse than what today already is?


Failing is natural in life, so you just have to accept that you would not always win in your life.


Go after what you truly want in this life and when you do, keep your eyes on the prize, always.


There will always be some risks in life but you just need to accept it if you want improvement.


Get better every day, do something that will make you improve, do not just let yourself be.


Live by learning to love just how amazing life is because that is one of the facts in life, dear.


You will get knocked down, that is for sure, what you do after that is what matters in this life.


The way you react to what life throws at you will define the way you will live your life, sweetie.


In life, there is no easy way out, you need to bring yourself down the dirt and fight your way.


Live by telling yourself that there are a lot of people out there who truly cares for you.


Start taking things seriously, it is okay to go a little slow as long as you keep on moving for it.


Do not be afraid of not getting what you want and start trying to act on what you believe in.


Use your talent and make yourself better in what little ways that you can, that is the secret.


Live by showing the world just how passionate you are about a lot of things in your life.


It does not matter what track you take, in the end, you will get there if you work hard enough.


Live your life the way you want to, stop taking thing for granted, I tell you, stop doing that.


Do not depend your life on luck and instead do things that matters to you, to get there.


It ain’t ever a sin to just live by, the truth is most people does because it is far easier.


Sometimes you have to give up on something though you do not want to, because you need to.


Know yourself first before trying to set yourself up for the bigger things life has to offer.


As long as you have the courage to face what life has in set for you, I believe you’d be fine.


Stop trying to run away from the things that are chasing you and instead start facing them.


You just have to live by the truth that someday what you feel will somehow be accepted.


What is the most important is you never should lack the will to do the things you truly want.


The problem starts when you do even try to do something about the way your life is now.


No one can have a clean slate again but one can try to make a new ending for himself, now.


Never quit, whatever it is you are going through right now will pass you by, I promise you.


So I tell you to live by and hang on to every word that is spoken by the Lord, my dear friend.


Dream about things you have yet to see and start doing actions to make them happen.


If you want to test your limits, you need to be prepared to be disappointed, I tell you.


Speak with a mind that is open to the possibilities that life has to offer and you will be okay.


Start today and you will see that all is well, all will be if you just trust in you.

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