45+ Jealousy Quotes

Sometimes, you just feel jealous without a reason or because you saw or knew something you did not want to acknowledge.
When you want to tell the person that you care about just how jealous you are of the things that he or she does, here are some of the ways you can tell him or her: the best jealousy quotes that shows just how jealous you truly are.

You may be jealous of me because I have it all, the money, the riches, but I have no friends.


I am so jealous of the way you talk so easily to her, how natural your conversations are.


The way you look at her, I wanted you to look the same way but you just cannot, you don’t.


The look in your eyes tells me of all the thing that I should be jealous about, it does hurt.

Do not make a woman jealous because I assure you that the FBI would not even match.


Fine, go ahead and be jealous of me because it will only motivate me more and more, okay?


You are so insecure about yourself that you are jealous of everyone else, of anyone at all.


You look so innocent but in reality you are nothing but a jealous little girl, am I right or not?


Do not let jealousy be the end of your relationship, just go for it and tell her you love her.


Insecurity is practically jealousy, so do not mix it up as they are the same, be more confident.


Being jealous makes you week, it makes you easier to succumb to a lot of challenges, do not.

Hard work is the key to stop being jealous of what other people have that you think you do not.


Sometimes, the best compliment there is to receive is jealousy that people want to be like you.


You know why haters hate others, because they cannot become that person, they are jealous.


Honestly, your haters are practically the people who are your number one fan, that is real.


Stop lacking the self-confidence and go out there and shine so you can stop being jealous.



To be jealous is to be weak, to be a coward, you might want to get out of it as soon as you can.


Insecurity is ugly, it would turn you into a monster that you do not want to be, believe me.


We had gone over this, you are not to be jealous because you can do the things that they can.


Forget about the people who are trying to bring you down because they are beneath you.


Turn a blind eye on the people that are jealous of you, they would not do you any good at all.


It is cute when your lover is jealous, it actually shows how much he does not want to lose you.


When you like two people, the one you get jealous with is the one you truly love more, okay?


What is there to be jealous about when I am secure that I am the only one that he truly loves?


There is no going back down, I will become the best person I can be, no more room for hatred.


Do not let people rain on your parade and show them that you are the sun, and go shine on.


In the eyes of jealous people, all you will ever do is something to be jealous on, everything.


You do not even know me and yet you hate me, talk about a jealous mean person right there.


Do not be jealous of what they have and just keep on focusing on what you have, baby girl.


My daughter, I am telling you, there is no reason to be jealous, you are beautiful already.


Do not let yourself be insecure and start to hate people that you do not even know at all.


Treat yourself better and do not let other’s beauty be the sole reason for your jealousy, okay?


Remember this: the only reason a guy is jealous of another guy is for treating you better.


Your jealousy actually did me a favor, made me more famous so might as well thank you for it.


I just wish you would stop taking pleasure in the thought of tearing someone’s life down, now.


If you can dream it, then you can achieve it, forget all those people who brings you down.


Do not believe what they say and listen to me when I tell you that you are beautiful already.


There is nothing wrong with you, what is wrong lies with them, so just go for it, go for it all.


Stop counting other’s blessings and focus on what you are already given and be thankful for it.


You can call me all the things that you want, I would not care because I know you are jealous.


Let people bring up your past, it just means that they know you will have a better future.


What haters hate is how well you are doing so let them hate you for all your successes in life.


So I am telling you to look at me and see who of us is really jealous, you or me, you tell me.


What is the point in being jealous, you can become who you want to be if you really want to.


Look me in the eyes and tell me that you are not jealous at all and I might believe you too.


There is no sense on being jealous of someone when you can just work hard to get it all.


I think that jealousy is pointless, you are channeling your anger out on the wrong outlet.


Someday, that jealousy you hold so dear in your heart might actually become your problem.


Thank jealous people because they respect that you are better than they are, that is good.


The more you think about the things that are better than you, the more jealous you become.


Forget about the things I said, I might as well just tell you thanks for being jealous of me.


Girl, I am telling you that there is no reason for being jealous, you can achieve this too.


I look at myself in the mirror and see a beautiful young girl worthy to be jealous of.


When you see yourself and you are satisfied, then there is no room for jealousy inside of you.


Jealousy feeds on your anger, and then feeds on your soul at the same time, leave some.


When you are jealous, it overcomes the love that you feel, I hope you do not ever let it do so.


I am telling you upfront that I am the jealous type, now tell me if you still want to be with me.


I have always been scared of being left alone, of being replaced by someone that is better.


I am going to be a better person for myself, so starting today no more room for being jealous.


Haters are actually but confused people who actually like you and every single thing you do.


Do not ever let anyone intimidate you to succumb, you can do this, they are just jealous of you.


You are blessed, know that and you will not need anything else, let them all be jealous of you.


For all I care, they can be jealous all they want but I know that I am not better than them.


Stop taking pride in other people being jealous of you and just reach out to those haters.


If I told you that I have always wanted to sit beside you, would that be jealousy from my part?


There is no sense in being jealous now that she has nothing left and yet I still feel the same.


If you get jealous at every little thing, I am wondering how far you will really get to be, now.


I wanted to tell you that I am happy that you are there for me no matter what, jealous girl.


You make me jealous on purpose and I just cannot forgive your for that fact, I just cannot.


I bow my head and say sorry for being jealous of you, it just comes to me naturally, sorry.


Is there a room to forgive me for all the trouble I cause you because I was so jealous of you?


You should discipline your children so they do not grow up to be miserable jealous adults.


Do not think that other people are more blessed, you are just blessed in a different way.


It is so sad that some people are jealous by others when we are all but the same people.


If people are jealous of you, then it must be that you are actually doing the right thing.


Jealousy can be an indication of the path you are going to take, it must be the right one.


People will not get jealous of a loser so be proud if other people are actually jealous.


Jealous is born because you love someone and you are afraid they will choose someone else.


Do not bother wasting time getting jealous, life is always changing, you’ll be left behind.


Stop being jealous of the person who makes him happier than you do, you had your chance.


I am telling you that yes I am jealous of you but if you are doing it on purpose, I will kill you.


The first chance you get and you ruin it by trying to make me jealous of that loser of a girl?


You suck at mind games so just stick to that person who has always been there for you, okay?


You make me jealous without even meaning to, how can I be assured that you are mine alone?


Jealousy can mean that you love him because you do not want to lose him to anyone else.


I love him and I hope that you do not steal him away from me because you are jealous of us.


Jealousy would not take you far, I suggest you kill that emotion you have deep inside.


I hope that I do a good job of being a girlfriend that you would never have to be jealous, ever.

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