45+ Happy Quotes

There are times when you are just so happy that you want the whole world to know exactly how you feel but sometimes you are too full of emotions that it is so hard to put them into words.
So here are some quotes which you might relate to in order to show the world that happiness is something that cannot be seen but can be felt thoroughly with all your heart.

The happiest moment in the world is when you are on the way to achieving your goals, finally.


Sometimes, I think that the best moment in the world is the one where you are really happy.


It is so easy to smile and to laugh but it is so hard to be truly happy in these times, sadly.


There is no going back now, you are on the road to happiness and you need to keep going.


Happiness is best experienced when you are sharing it with other people, with your friends.


A happy person is someone that is willing to give all that he has for another person in need.


When you are happy, time passes by so quickly, you barely notice that time has already lapse.


I do not care where I am headed nor do I care where this ends as long as it keeps me happy.


The reason for happiness varies from person to person but the essence remains the same.


If for once you think that you are happy with what you are doing then keep doing just that.


The best way to ensure that you are happy is to do the things you love with all that you have.


Sometimes the only way to be happy is when you are free to do the things that you like to do.


I just want to thank you for keeping me happy all the time, especially now that you are mine.


Happiness is objective, depending on the person that defines it, so keep doing what you love.


When you are happy with the things that you have in life, you get to be generous with it.


There is no need to go search for happiness when you know how to be happy with everything.



The secret to being happy is to be able to figure out and recognize what makes you feel it.


You have to feel it with your heart and forget all else to be able to be happy every second.


How about you start to be happy today by going out there and doing things that lets you be.


Sometimes, happiness is just inside you, waiting to be discovered, waiting to be found out.


Maybe you can be happy by making other people happy, so give someone a smile today.


The ray of sunshine can be seen from anyone, so just go and smile at a stranger today.


In order to be positive and happy, one must internalize and realize that it is possible to do so.


If you want to be happy, go and find a goal and do it instead of tying yourself to people.


When you keep thinking on the things that happened to you in the past, you will not be happy.


The only way that you can become truly happy is when you actually let yourself to be happy.


Stop looking so far ahead and try to see the doors that are open right in front of you, girl.


The best way to be beautiful is to keep on being happy because happy people are beautiful.


One of the best feelings in the world is to be happy with the people that you actually love.



You need to learn how to be happy alone so you can also be happy with other people around.


If you are not happy when you are single, you would not be happy even when you are taken.


It is very important for a human to be happy before all else so thou must always be kind.


If you want to be happy, you need to appreciate what you have in front of you right now.


Where you are now is a place and a chance where you can find the happiness deep within.


If there is a voice inside you whispering you a great thing, follow it to your happiness.


Often, we think we are happy because we have too much but we should be happy with less.


All you need to do is to enjoy your life to the fullest that is the secret to becoming happy.


When you are free to become who you are, you are also free to be happy with all you have.


The key to happiness is to get that feeling from the bottom of your heart, from inside you.


I told myself that there is no chance that anyone would take my happiness from me, ever.


I just have to get through all the challenges that life throws at me and I will become happy.


When you find the simple things beautiful, it becomes easier to become happy all the time.


The truth is that your happiness depends on you alone so you just have to keep being happy.


The secret to being happy is to keep on doing the things that you love and you succeed in.


Sometimes the only way to be happy is to take advantage of whatever situation you are in.


One day you will realize that every rejection contributes to the happiness you feel right now.


Mostly, happiness depends on a person’s outlook towards his or her life and so on.


It could be that you are rejected because you are going to be put towards something good.


Start recognizing things for what they truly are, then you will truly know what happiness is.


When you have finally decided what you want to become and do, keep being happy with it.


The key to a happy life is to make decisions that will make you happy every single day.


I think that the best way a person you can truly be happy is when you share to others.


Once you have finally found out who you truly are, then you can truly become a happy person.


The things that make you happy in life are the things that are truly worth fighting for.


Every person wants to reach the tallest mountains but happiness is in the climb towards it.


When you are thankful for the things that you have you will then achieve happiness.


If you want a lifetime of happiness you just need to help someone else, that is the key.



The happiness that you are searching for is inside of you, now you just need to find it.


If you truly want to achieve happiness, then do something, change your life, change it all.


Happiness would not get decreased if you try sharing it so you might as well do just that.


Forget the things that has bothered you before and just tried to live a happier life today.


Stop being too concerned with the problems of other people and just become happy now.


When you stop depending your happiness on someone else then you will know how to be.


Sometimes one of the best ways to be happy is to just do nothing and just observe people.


One of the ways you can be happy is to stop worrying about your future and just think of now.


Stop comparing things with other people and you would realize that you can be happy.


Be kind to anyone and you will feel good about it and you will see the ray of happiness within.


When you start loving other people, you become happier and you need not anything else.


Stop planning things too much and just live in the moment and you will become happy.


If you enjoyed your time with your friends then it does not matter what you did, you were happy and that is what truly matters in the end, you know?


The key to happiness is to enjoy what you are doing that you actually succeed in it.


At the end of the day, it was either you were happy or you at least tried to be happy.


The truth is that you make your own happiness, you decide if you are happy or not.


Other people may not see what is special in you but what matters is that you see just that.


There is no sense in crying about things that are no longer there so you might as well just smile at it and accept that it was not for you.


People find it so hard to be happy because they are still stuck in their pasts, until now.


Happiness is a cup of hot chocolate in the middle of the snowy winter inside your room.


No matter how much money you have, it would not make you happy without someone to share.


One of the things in life that makes you happy is seeing someone smile at you truly.


You just have to learn that you cannot have everything in life and you will be happy.


Being happy means that you need to take some risks and instead of going with the flow.


One of the best ways to be happy is to appreciate the things that you have, that you see.


Stop making your life so complicated and just keep it simple, just keep being happy every day.


There is not much you need to be happy in life so just go find the things that keeps you that way.


There is always going to be some mistake but you just need to get over it and face it.


Change is very much inevitable and when you accept that, you can finally be happy.


What is the point of being right if you do not feel happy at all being that way, anyway?


Most people do not realize that the happiness they are looking for was right in front of them.


Stop thinking that other people are better than you and just do your best and you’ll be happy.


When you come out of your problems, finally, that is the time you will be truly happy.

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