45+ Good Night Texts

Most of us look forward to night time for it is the time of the day where we can finally rest after an exhausting and energy-draining day. This list is full of thoughtful goodnight wishes which will surely add delight before the day ends. Before you go to sleep, you might as well make someone feel happy and loved by sending him/her one of our goodnight texts.
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Dreaming is free and limitless so feel free to do so tonight. Have a good sleep.

Sending you my prayers so you will be protected as you sleep. Best night!

I am sending you this pillow of happy dreams and blanket of care so you will have a good sleep tonight.

Tonight, I am going to bed with a smile on my face knowing that today I am blessed with God’s grace. I wish the same thing for you. Good night!


Missing you so much tonight. If only I can fly, I will fly thousand miles just to be with you tonight.

I pray that the angels of heavens protect you tonight. Have a sound sleep. Wonderful night!

I’d rather go through a cold chilly night than to be with someone else who will keep me warm. My heart only longs for you. Have a lovely night sleep my love.

No matter how far we are to each tonight, our hearts will be sleeping with utmost delight. Good night!

How I wish I was there beside you to hold you tight with all my might instead of texting you this simple lovely night.

I know that something is not right so I got up and grabbed my phone to send you this simple greeting of wonderful night.

Best night! May you have the loveliest dreams of all.

Have a peaceful and wonderful sleep tonight. Best night!

As you go to sleep tonight I wish that your heart is full of happiness without any regrets. Wonderful night!

Our dreams are like the stars in the skies. We may not be able to touch them but we can follow them and then they will lead to our destiny. Good night!

Goodnight! Lights off now. Sleep tight!

Hold your heart and close your eyes. Time to pray so tomorrow will be bright. Good night!


The sky is full of stars tonight; turn off the lights to see them shining bright. Lovely night!

Even if I am away still please let me say, have a lovely night sleep.

Tonight as we close our eyes let us pray to the heavens that tomorrow may we have another day to live. Wonderful night.

The crickets are chirping. The moon is shining. Time to rest. Best night!

The silence of the night gives me fright so will you please stay with me tonight? I know that you can’t so just let me say best night.

Your eyes are brighter than the stars of the night, but tonight it is time to give them some rest. Wonderful night!

Please turn off the lights so I can kiss you in your dreams tonight. Lovely night!

It has been a wonderful day today, so please have a restful and relaxing night. Lovely night!

Just want to drop by in your inbox to wish you wonderful night. May you have sweet and magical dreams. Good night!

Best friends are like the stars in the skies, they do not shine bright when they are apart, but once together, the closer the brighter. Best night my sweet best friend.

I can’t fall asleep without saying good night to you. So here is a message to wish you a good night sleep. Good night!

The wind is so cold; I wish I can keep you warm. Have a relaxing night and sleep tight. Best night!

The breeze of tonight’s wind is so cold, the skies has a magnificent sight to behold but you will receive my scold if you dare to be bold to not follow what your are being told. Go to sleep now.


Go to sleep tonight with a soul full of delight. Wonderful night!

I hate night time because it makes me miss you so much. All I can do this time is to wish you lovely night.

The day is over; tomorrow is another day or us to cover. So let us rest now and dream of all the wonder. Good night!

I love coming home to you every night; your embrace is so tight. Lovely night!

As we go to sleep every night, I am sleeping with utmost delight, Wonderful night!

A person like you deserves a greeting, a message full of wishing. So here is a message for you, may you have a sleep full of everything but blue.

I am praying to be with you. Even if only in my dreams as long as I am with you. Good night my love!

So excited to be with you again every night. Just hold on tight with all your might. Let me kiss you best night.

I can’t accompany you tonight, but mother let me say to you have a best night. Rest well.

I used to be frightened whenever the night comes but you taught me how to appreciate the beauty of the night. So now, instead of asking you to come over let me say wonderful night to you my sister.

Tonight, I can sleep peacefully knowing that you are already well. Take care of your body. Lovely night!

The night is not full of terror; with you it becomes full of splendor. Lovely night my sweetie, sleep and dream of nice things tonight.

Your night is my day. My day is your night. No matter how far we are to each other it won’t stop me from saying wonderful night.

In a dark night we can’t easily find a path but with the stars up above everything seems to be full of light. Same goes with our lives. May you have a good rest. Best night!

A howling wolf against a full moon may look magnificent to others but other people as well may find it scary, but the wolf does not care what people think. So stop stressing yourself tonight. Go to sleep now and sleep tight. Best night!

As the sunshine turns to moonlight, keep your problems out of sight. All the good things are yours to keep. Shut your eyes and wonderful night.

Tomorrow will bring the good luck that you missed today, so go now and have some rest. Good night!

I can’t sleep; I will tell you a secret that only you can keep. You are running in my mind; please don’t tell others for they might join in. Now that I have told you, I think I can sleep tight. Lovely night!

Goodnight for now, for I do not know what tomorrow will bring.

Goodnight my love, pleasant and nice dreams for you.

Turn off you phone as soon as you read this message. Don’t stay so late at night. Have a relaxing night. Lovely night!

You will always be in my heart sister. Good night!

Siblings are like the stars in the skies, they do not shine bright when they are apart, but once together, the closer they are the brighter it becomes. Wonderful night!

A simple text for you but it does not mean that I do not value you. I want to be with you, but this is the only thing that I can do. Best night my darling!

This text might not be able to convey what I am going to say, but mother please allow your daughter to say, best night and I am sending my hugs for you tonight.

Sending you my greetings every night is my simple way of saying that you are important to me. Have a sound sleep and may you rest well. Wonderful night!

I will dream of you tonight and soon will be together. Sleep soundly my love. Lovely night!


Nothing makes me at ease than knowing that you will be sleeping in peace. Have a very restful night. Sleep tight.

Whenever you go to sleep tonight and as you switch off your lights, please always remember every day I am wishing you goodnight. May the angels protect you as you sleep. Lovely night!

I am praying to God to protect you in your sleep most especially that I was not there to keep you company. Stay safe always. Good night!

The moon is shining bright. I hope you are feeling cool and light so that when you go to sleep tonight you will be able to sleep tight. Have a wonderful night.

Tonight I will be dreaming of you. Tomorrow I will wake up with a smile on my face.

A relaxing night is what you deserve for you to cool off your nerves. Best night!

I am sending my greeting to the person who keeps me from sleeping. Have a wonderful best night!

We can only see the beauty of the twinkling stars when the night comes. It is a reminder that not all good things happen during the day. Good night!

May the heavens shine its light upon you tonight so that nightmares will not be able to give you a fright. Sleep tight!

Goodnight to the gorgeous woman who is the reason why I will be having a good sleep tonight.

You put the brightness of the moon to shame with your glow tonight. Sleep well my darling.

Sweet dreams to the queen who rules my heart. Have a wonderful night.

Darling sleep well and tomorrow will be well. Good night!

This day is almost over and tomorrow is our chance to start over. Quit over thinking for tonight is the time for resting. Lovely night!

The night has come so try to keep yourself calm. Stay positive. Sweet dreams for you. Have a lovely night.

I can’t sing you a lullaby but I can wish you goodnight. Sweet dreams for you my love.

Every night my prayer is the same. I am praying that someday, I will go to sleep each night with you. For the mean time, let me say wonderful night.

Goodnight to my king. See your queen in our dreams. I will do the same.

You are my star who’s giving light to my dark life. I am thinking of you every night. The thought of you alone makes me sleep tight. Best night!

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