40+ Young Love Quotes

Perhaps, most of us have experienced young love.
It is such a truly exciting experience especially since this is the time that we will start to learn about love and savor the spellbinding feeling that comes with it.
So here are the young love quotes that can truly warm your heart and help celebrate the love between two young couples.

I never though that love can be as great as this. It might just be a puppy love, but honestly, you made me feel like a grown up.

Being young and in love is truly one of the best feelings in the whole wide world. Being with you is such a wonderful feeling and kissing you is the best feeling ever.

It might seem like I have waited forever for my first kiss. And then you came along and suddenly, it happened. But I am forever thankful that you did, because it was in fact, the best experience I have.

I am crazily in love with you. You are my first and hopefully, you will be the last. I like how I feel for you and I feel like I want everyone to know how wonderful you have made me feel.

Even if we are still young and our relationship is still new, I want you to know that I want to grow old with you and spend the rest of my lifetime loving you.

You will know he is someone special, if no matter what mood you are in – he can always manage to make you feel better.

Young love is still, after all… real love.

Love is not something you find. It is something that will find you.

We may be too young, and it might still be too early to say this, but I truly hope you are already the one.

If we are still too young to be with each other, then why do you keep on running through my mind?

Whenever my friends would ask me what I want to take up when I go to college, the first thing that comes to my mind is you and only you.

We do have so many things in common, and one of these is that we both are each other’s first.

Since that time that I first realized I like you, I would rather spend my time in kissing you instead of playing football, basketball and any of my favorite sports.

One of the most valuable gifts I have ever received in my entire life was my first love and that is you. Thank you for coming into my life. You are my first and hopefully, the last.

Have I ever told you that you must use your mouth more for kissing and less in talking? I would prefer to listen to what you want to say, but honestly, your kiss is more captivating than your words.


Young love will need some danger and some barriers in order to nourish it.

We were given two eyes, two ears, two arms and two legs. But how come we only have one heart? It’s because we are yet to find it’s partner, and I found it in you.

They say that we are too young for each other. But perhaps, they were just too old to even remember.

No girl will believe that she is truly beautiful, until a guy will come along and make her feel like she really is.

A relationship is made up of two crazy individuals who do not know anything except for the fact that they both will be willing to figure it out altogether.

Since that day I found you, I already know that you will become my first true love.

I may just be a teenager who is madly falling for you, but please know that I truly care for you and I want to spend the rest of my lifetime in loving you.

You are just too cute and I cannot help but fall for your great looks. I may still be young, but I can assure you that I know what love is and I know I am in it.

For me, puppy love is when you share lots of smiles and giggles and eat popcorn in front of the TV. That’s what exactly what we do.

You are smart and sweet, and you are on my boy friend list. If this will suit you well, then I would be the happiest girl.

When love hits you the first time, nothing will be more important than making her feel happy all the time.

If I will walk you home every single day and carry all your books for you, will you also fall for me, the same way I fall for you?

For new and first time lovers, holding hands while watching movies in the movie theater is truly romantic. I would want to experience these things with you, if you allow me to.

If you will fall for the first time, you will feel like you do not need anything else in the world but only the love you have found and that’s the beauty of a young true love.

When you fall in love at first, you will start to think of the things that you have to do in order to make that girl or boy you like to like you even more.

You will always remember the first experiences in your life, and that includes your first love, first kiss and first date.

Falling in love the first time will make you realize how powerful love is and how weak you will become at the thought of losing that one person you love.

We have known each other since we were young, yet I know since then that you are someone whom I will spend my life forever with.

Stolen kisses among young lovers will always be the sweetest and something that I will forever cherish.

Young love is like a flame. It is very pretty and often hot and fierce. Yet it still only light and flickering.

First love is more like foolishness and mostly about curiosity.

That feeling when you found out that your crush has a crush on you as well. It truly is a wonderful feeling to know that the person you wanted to fall in love with has the same feelings for you.

If you will make a girl laugh, she will easily like you. If you will make a girl cry, then perhaps, she already loves you.

Just thinking of you brings a smile to my face, a sparkle in my eye and makes my heart to skip a beat.

The young often mistake lust for love and they are often infested with idealism of all kinds.

I have seen young love die way too many times when it in fact deserves to be alive.

The magic of our young love is our ignorance that this feeling can never end.

The differences between infatuation and love are similar to the differences between for now, for a little while and forever.

It hurts if you want someone, but you cannot have him or her in your life. But it will hurt more when you have already had that someone in your life and yet you lost him or her.

When I am alone, I think of the many things that I want to say to you to express my feelings. However, when I already have the chance to tell you, I just go speechless.

True love, most especially the first one, can become so tumultuous and passionate that it will feel like a violent journey.

When you feel like there’s a snake that slithers down in your spine and that your nipples are itchy while your mouth feels dry whenever you see him, then that is your first true love.

The loss of a first love is extremely painful that it will border into the ludicrous.

I am glad first love cannot happen twice. For it’s a fever and both a burden, whatever the poets would say.

Love truly hurts. The first one is in fact excruciating. It is like being burned into orange flames and then immediately cast into the icy water.

I remember that very first moment I fall for you. I held your hand in mine and I got no interest in letting go. It seems like I floated lighter than I have ever felt.

My future is already a thing of the past. You are my first and you will surely be my last.

Men will always want to be the first love of women, while women want to be the last romance of men.

The magic of the first love is our ignorance that it will never end.

There’s no love as powerful as the first love.

Love is like a game that two people can play and end up a winner.

You learn to like someone if you find out what makes him or her happy, but you can never truly love a person until you find out what it is that makes them cry.

True love is when you place someone in a pedestal and if they fall, you will be there to catch them.

You know when you have already found your price since you will not only have a smile in your face but also in your heart.

Anyone can easily catch your eye, but it will take someone special to ever catch your heart.

Of the people I have met in this world, you are the one who made me draw silly hearts in a small piece of paper.

Love, especially your first, makes your soul to crawl out of its hiding place.

Love is like an overwhelming desire to be overwhelmingly desired.

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