40+ Very Sad Statuses

When you are feeling sad, it is often hard to express how much pain and suffering you are going through.
We find outlets in other form of expressions like a song or a quote that we could relate on.
Here are some examples of quotes about sadness.

Whenever you start caring for someone, you give them rights to hurt you.


I don’t know who made the greater damage to whom. Is it when I left? Or was it the moment you let me go and watch me leave.


It’s better to feel lonely on your own than to be with someone and still feel lonely.


The saddest part in loving someone is when you still care for the person after all the hurt they have caused you.


Through all of the pains that I have been through, I learned to smile with a broken heart and became so good at it that no one can tell I’m suffering.


I love making myself miserable when I am sad so that I’ll get used to it and feel numb.


The saddest part of loving someone so much is that the same person you love can cause you the deepest pain.

It’s sad when you realize that you are missing the person he or she can never be again because so much have changed.


You know that you are deeply wounded when you start relating to sad love songs.


Truth can hurt but only for some time. But a lie will linger for the rest of our lives.


The sad part of being broken is realizing we can never go back in time to prevent things from happening.


Sometimes our emotional bucket needs to drain through our tears so that it can give space to happier emotions.


Loving someone who is in love to another person is very painful especially if you see his efforts and sacrifices that you will never get from him.


I am not sad because we no longer talk. It’s just that I miss the times when we talk to each other every day and night.


I don’t know which one will happen sooner. Will it be the day that I will finally forget you? Or the day that you realize the you miss me?


The bad part of trying to forget someone is the more you force it to happen, the more you remember them.



The sad part of missing someone is that, you can never be happy and contented living your life alone.


The sad part of loving someone is when you realize that you miss the arguments as much as you miss the happy times together.


Sometimes, because of your efforts not to hurt the feelings of someone you love, you end up hurting yourself too much.


The greatest pain I have felt is when I did everything to save the relationship and the other one just didn’t seemed to care.


I love spending time with my pets because I know that they would be loyal to me and won’t hurt me like some people do.


I can’t even think how did we go from being a happy couple to complete strangers.


I didn’t know what happened to us. One day, I realized that no matter what I do, I am still not enough for you.


I am now having trust issues because of the betrayals I experienced in my life. Sometimes I feel I can only trust myself.


The worst part of loving someone is when you are already comforted hearing lies and you started ignoring the truth.


Realizing that the person you have loved so dearly over the years is not the same person anymore. You then get confused which is the real deal.


The sad part of being single is when people are rubbing in your face how lucky they are with their partners.


The saddest part for every student us that vacation is already over and we need to drag ourselves to school all over again.


That heavy feeling when you feel that the sky is already sitting on your shoulders.

What I learned is that people can always give you empty promises. So just pay attention because actions speak louder than words!


The worst part of every breakup is waking up in the middle of the night and realizing he or she is no longer by your side and you start crying yourself to sleep.


When you get hurt by the people you love, your anger will sometimes just roll down your face as tears.


I hate the part when you have to delete each picture and messages because you have to deal with the flashbacks of memories one more time.


I always keep myself busy because every single second that I am not, will only remind me of you and how miserable I am without you.


It’s hard to determine when you will stop waiting and start moving on because both is too difficult to start.


If I have known that you are just going to make me feel this way, I should have walked away, but I didn’t so I’m now blaming myself for my own misery.


I know that crying over you won’t get you back to me, but still, the pain is too much to bear and I hate it.


I really can’t remember now how to smile sincerely. I don’t even know if I remember what happiness is about.


People who give the best love advices are the people who have been there and suffered the most. So listen to bitter people’s advice.


It’s hard to realize how miserable you are and people around you either don’t notice it or just don’t give a damn about it.


That moment when everyone is asking what’s wrong and you have to lead them on so that they won’t have any idea how much suffering you are currently into.


Nobody is perfect so cry like you mean it. Break down. Fall apart. Then after the rain, the sun will always come out.


The only consolation I have now is that I made everyone get into thinking that I finally got over you.


Whenever you are into so much suffering, keep in mind that this pain will someday become useful for you. Life is just preparing you for better things to come.


Sometimes you are better telling people that everything is fine to do away with answering questions and remembering all your difficult times.


It’s hard to know that you have given a temporary person a permanent space in your life and later realizing that no one can fill that spot you gave him or her.


I don’t know if I am happy nor sad anymore. I have become so good at pretending to be happy that I, myself got confused.


The only good thing about pain and is that we realize that we have life and that we continue living.


Stop waiting for sunshine when the rain comes. Learn to start dancing in the rain.


Sometimes I wonder if the rejection I am hearing comes from people around me or the voices in my head.


Each day, a lot of people are making it a goal to just survive the entire day without falling apart.


I love running away when things become difficult. It may be I am weak. Or maybe I just want to know who will chase after me.


You will never learn how to be happy and contented if you haven’t experienced great sorrow and misery.


The hardest part of forcing yourself to be okay is the feeling that each time you try to move on a little harder, is the harder you actually move on.


Cycle of my life is keeping myself busy and crying myself to sleep.


Realizing that the only [person who can make you smile is the same person who made you cry so much.


You cannot force yourself to someone because you can never force love where it never existed.


People can easily say they miss you but take no actions on it. Empty promises.


The reason why I cry silently is knowing that no one will ever listen or understand you even if you scream.


The sad thing about being broken is realizing you can never go back to the same person you once are.


It’s a crazy feeling when you are afraid to lose someone you never even have?


It’s painful to know that someone will never see you, unless they need something from you.


In love, no matter how you prevent yourself from getting hurt, the more that you get hurt. Because avoiding love does not make you stronger. Being broken is.


Sometimes, I want to tell you lots of things to keep you with me. Then I realize that we can never go back to what we were no matter how I try to convince you.


When we can no longer speak and all we can do is cry, God will still receive your unspoken suffering and prayers through the tears that fall from your face.


I am hoping that you will soon realize how much you lost. When that time comes, I already realized what I gained from this heartbreak.


It’s killing me to think that we can never be the same again because I miss all of it. I miss how we were together happy.


I am now in the situation where there’s nothing left to do but to move on because everyone already have, and I don’t want to be stuck here all alone.


I just want to go to sleep and wake up like it was all a bad dream.


It’s sad to realize that being with the one you love will hurt you more than being alone.


I thought friendship will last longer than some love. It’s sad to realize how mistaken I was.


Trying to please others is like trying to reach for the stars. You know it will never happen and you end up looking like a fool.


I am almost at the point of breaking down since I have been trying hard to keep myself together for so long.


I just want to be able to sleep one day without these tears rolling from my eyes.

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