40+ Unappreciated Quotes and Messages

Sometimes, you will feel unappreciated, there will be moments that you will feel that alone and that you are being taken for granted.
It will surely hurt a lot, it will make you realize that sometimes, no matter how hard you try to do something good for someone else, it will go unnoticed.
It is quite hard to deal with it but here are some quotes that you can relate to and see for yourself if you do feel unappreciated or not.

Sometimes even when you are with your group of friends, you will still feel unappreciated.


And once again, you took me for granted and I am at loss for words to tell it to you, my dear.


Who would have thought that you would turn out like this years after we married each other.


Was I but another goal you wanted to achieve only to discard once you actually get me?


Beware when a woman nags at you because that means you are not appreciating her enough.


You know you are not being appreciated when someone takes the credit for what you did.


If you keep treating me like this, I want to remind you that there will be no tomorrow with me.


I would not make you feel like you have ever made me feel because I am way kinder than you.


It was being unappreciated that made me realize that sometimes, it is better to be all alone.

Maybe someday in the future when you are all alone you will realize that I do matter to you.


And you tell me it was my fault again when all I did is try to make things possible, is to try.


I did my best but I guess I am just never good enough by you and by your silly standards.

You chose to take me for granted, no one asked you to do that but you did and that sucks.


You want to know what hurts the most? Being taken for granted by someone you believed in.


It was nice knowing you but I have decided never to go back to you after all you have done.


I feel bad about the way things has unfold but I hope you feel even worse for what you did.


It was in the moment of clarity that I realized I have to let go of people who forgets me.


When you are unappreciated, you feel like forgetting everything else and just be by yourself.


It is the moment that you do something great and you are unappreciated that is the saddest.


Who would have thought that I would be like this, feeling so miserable because of you, boy.


Maybe it was the moment that you stop looking at me as if I matter that you’ve forgotten me.


I wish I can go back to those days when I mattered to you a lot coz now it seems I do not.


When the time comes that you get to choose, I do hope I am not your last option, really.


Can I just be your first choice even for just once? I feel so left out by you all the time, girl.


I know it may just be me but I cannot shake off the feeling that I am always second to you.


It is actually tiring, it is so exhausting, this feeling like I cannot do anything right at all.


Sure, I was a bit difficult today but we all have bad days so why do you hold this against me?


I am unappreciated, I am never the first choice but always the last resort you tend to go to.



I tried my best to support you and be there for you all the time but you took it all for granted.


Sometimes, I just wish you have just met me so you would show that you are interested still.


And as time passed us by, you gradually forgot all the promises that you have once made me.


I know that my love is always not being noticed but still I will keep on loving, it’s who I am.


At the end of the day, no matter how much good you have done, you are still not appreciated.


I want to hold on to a person who wants to hold on to me just the same, where are you now?


And no matter how tight I shall try to hold on to you, if you do not want to, you will let go.


I just wish that you do not have somebody you care for a lot at this moment, I hope you don’t.


Let this kindness that I give that I try to give out not be the one that people take for nothing.


You made me feel like I was nothing and that I what really hurt me the most of all, my dear.


It was as if all the efforts I have done were just nothing, that it did not matter to you at all.


When people are unappreciated, their relationships tend not to work out at all, even a bit.


There are just some group of people that are always unappreciated, like scientists in general.


You know what hurts? Being the one left out, being told that you are not worth anything at all.


Well, people are meant to be underappreciated by fools that is just the way life is meant to be.


It is virtue that was difficult to uphold and yet it was never appreciated as much as it should.


Stop giving out to people who do not even stop to thank you because they will not do it ever.


And when people are not even giving you anything, I hope you also do not give things out.


It is the kindest of people that are not given enough appreciation in this world, that is true.


I hope that when the time comes I get to be appreciated for all the things I have done too.


If you can go weeks without texting or talking with me, then I must not be important at all.


I really hoped for the best but what can I do when I am left with no choice but to be alone.


Sometimes the best person to be with is yourself because you will get everything you need.


It is people that complicate things, it is them that makes things a whole lot more difficult.


Why am I so unappreciated that no one sees all the things that I am trying my best to do?


I should have known you would disregard me like I was someone you never talked to even.


You discarded me as if I was nothing to you and that is what hurt me the most, that’s it.


How do I begin from being able to tell you I should matter to actually trying to do just that.


I wish I can be with you, I wish that you would care enough to make me feel alright, girl.


I am feeling unloved, that’s the truth but you do not see me complaining as much as you.


Stop letting people bring you down, you can step onwards and climb your way to greatness.


If you hang out with people who do not matter, you’ll feel sadder than ever, believe me on it.


It is the loneliest place to be: to be by yourself, to feel so damn alone in this world we are in.


If you feel that you are unappreciated, maybe you should make them feel your absence, girl.


Just because someone turned you down does not mean you are not good enough, believe me.


And when you are feeling lonely and no one seem to care, that is what will hurt the most.


Tonight, it feels worse to be all alone in my room wondering what I shall do the next, really.


Life is just like that, you give all your attention to someone who does not return the favor.


The simple truth is that life will suck at any given moment you just have to be prepared for it.


And when the time comes, I want you to know that I am just right here for you, whenever.


It sucks so much when you are unappreciated and no one sees it but yourself, that it does.


Once you get the feeling that you are unappreciated I hope that you have the courage to leave.


You do important work all the time and still you are left being unappreciated, it just hurts so.


Then logic is simple, really, you have to be prepared to be unappreciated so you don’t hurt.


It brings you a lot of pain, being unappreciated but you will get through this, it’s just a phase.


If I am still unappreciated by tomorrow, I am going to leave this behind, everything around.


Just because it is unappreciated does not mean it cannot exceed the expectations that are in it.


No matter, it might be unappreciated but I will not change it because it is my fruit of labor.


And I tell young people that sometimes when you are unappreciated, you just work harder.


For all the things that I have said and done that made you feel unappreciated, I am sorry.


I wish I can take back that feeling that you had, of being unappreciated, I wished I still can.


I want you to know just how much unappreciated you made me feel and how sick I am of it.


I am leaving you today not just because my feelings changed but because I’m unappreciated.


What do you do so that you would make no one feel unappreciated, that is a wonder to me too.


And if I could, I would

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