40+ Send Off Quotes

When someone is going to go away, there will be a moment of goodbyes, of hugging someone and telling them how much you are going to miss that person that is going away.
There will also be a time for telling the person just how much the future has to offer and to keep in touch and all that.
You may sound sappy as you are full of emotions so here are some sendoff quotes to help you in telling that most needed goodbye.

I do not like good byes, I hate it, I just want to be able to say until we meet again next time.


Why is it that people cannot always be together? I wonder why people need to go far away.


Someone will always leave, someone will always tell you good bye, and you have to accept it.


Honestly, I want more hellos in my life, I want more people to get to know, not send-off.



If you are my real friend, let this moment not be a goodbye but just a short absence, right?


Often times, I found myself telling me that I should hold on to the happy moments as they go.


One day, you would not even realize what hit you, you would just forget me as I forget you.


Now that you are off to somewhere far away, I still am wishing you all the luck and love.


Now, go out there and show the world what you are truly made of, I will wait for you here.


One of the hardest things about falling in love is having to eventually say goodbye.


I did not want to part with you but here I am right now, not being able to love you, dear.


Parting with friends is one of the hardest experiences you will have to go through in life.


When saying goodbye becomes normal to you, it is necessary to stop for a moment.


I hate good byes because there is always some sort of sadness that comes together with it.


Sometimes, it is necessary to say good bye to know who your real friends truly are.


Maybe this is the best for us right now, to say good bye to each other just for now.



Tomorrow, I think that things will be a whole lot better, I will just hold on to that for now.


I do not like to be parted with you but I am left with no other choice but to do just that.


I will love you no matter what, even after we have said our goodbyes, long after that.


You were the best friend I never had and it is just so sad that we must part ways today.


If I had a say in this, you would remain in my life forever and ever, until the sun dies.


I just want you to know that you gave me some of the best memories of my life, thank you.


You were there at the best moments of my summer, I would not dare say good bye to you.


Let us stop with exchanging good byes, my friend and let us just meet together again.


Someday soon, let us meet once more, let us be like how we once were just before we parted.


When we meet again one day, I assure you that I will recognize your face anywhere else.


I am sure that we will eventually meet each other again, so no more good byes, okay?


Promise me that there will not be any good byes anymore because we will meet again.


People say good bye all the time so why does it hurt me so much to look at you now.


I guess the hardest good bye is when you love a person so much you wish you could just die.


The pain of goodbye kills me in the inside, it reaches my heart and then just pulls me apart.


There is no going back now, here we are, at the brink of telling each other our last goodbyes.


To tell you the truth, I am still holding back my tears because I do not want you to remember me crying, I want you to remember me as the girl who always smiled at you.


It is so hard to say goodbye to the people I have learned to love, so why does it happen?


Tell me how can I stop you from leaving, how do I stop you from telling me good bye again?


I will not stop crying until you tell me that you are not leaving me alone in this fight.


I keep on telling myself that eventually I will be okay but myself just won’t listen to me.


I have grown sick of good byes, people tell it to me as if it is nothing but a mere greeting.


Do not underestimate good byes because it can actually mean to get out of a person’s life.


I keep crying for things that I have already lost, for the things I did not get to say good bye.


Distance would not tear us apart but the longing and the need eventually would.


I told myself that I love you but here we are now, bidding each other the goodbyes we told ourselves we will never say to each other. So what happened?


What really happened to all those promises we made when we will just say goodbye?


There is no sense in going over this again because in the end you will tell me goodbye, right?


I guess nothing in this life is permanent, even you whom I had thought would stay, left me.


I will just forever hold on to all the memories that we will make as we are still together now.


I did not want to let go, I wanted to keep holding on but I had to give you the choice.


It was your decision to leave me behind so don’t you dare come back ever to me again.


I hate the fact that one day, when I visit you, you will have pictures with another person.


We keep on forgetting the things that matters and only focus on when to say good bye.


It is such a shame that we had to say good bye to each other after such a long time, right?


Nothing matters to me as long as you are mine, in my arms but now you are not, I am alone.


No one can separate us even if you are going to go far away now because we are in love.


I am still in love with the sound of your voice and I wish to hear it so make time for me still.


Even when you fly to another place, as long as your heart remains mine, I will be alright.


Our memories of today will last for all eternity no matter how space starts to separate us.


I remember our first meeting like it was only yesterday, I love you then and I always will.


Good bye for now but soon enough I hope that turns into a hello, I wish that it really would.


One day, when the weather is fine we will meet again under the same sky, on our spot.


Saying goodbye to you never gets easy, even if I always end up doing it anyway.


Out of all the friends that I have, you are the only one I find it so hard to say good bye to.


Once that you are out of my sight, rest assured that you will still always be on my mind.


We have shared so many things together that it is impossible to keep the two of us apart.


You still mean so much to me after all this time, after it has kept as apart for so long.


Yes we will grow up and go to places far away but believe me that I will stay the same.


I would not have it any other way, I still look for you in every pages in my stories.


I hope you think of me and remember the girl that you once loved, even after goodbyes.


Let the whole world get mad at me for not letting you go now, I just love you that much.


It is important to move on even when you are the one who gets to be left behind, you know.


It hurts to be left behind but you have to accept that some good byes are really permanent.


I am just not ready to bid you good bye even though you seem so ready to do just that.


Please tell me that our friendship will last forever, that you will never leave me ever.


When a friend moves away from your place, a hole in your heart will remain forever and ever.


Saying good bye does not really mean that you will be gone from my life forever, right?


I hope that we never get to say another good bye that we will keep on being together.


In my heart, I know that we will meet again, that this is not the last time I will see you.


No matter how much money I am offered, I will never go far away from you, I never will.


The memories that you have left behind for me are so great that I do not want to part ever.


Parting with someone important is always painful, but it just happens all the time.


Some days you just get used to not saying anything when other people leave you behind.


Sure it hurts, of course it does, but there is no going back to what has been there before.


I believe in the power of love, that no matter what happens it will always be enough.


We are friends and I think that is a good reason never to say good bye to each other.


Even when the tide is high and I cannot see you, my heart will always be with you.


Now, here I am sending you off on your journey. Know that I will miss you all the same.


Tell me that it will be alright, that you will be fine even after this goodbye.

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