40+ Sad Love Status

Loving someone is not always about cotton candies and rainbows.
Sometimes, we experience pain because we tend to care so much for someone that we hurt ourselves.
Here are some quotes that could relate to the pain we experience because of love.

I couldn’t forget the day I have to go away and you just watched me go.


We used to be so close but now I felt we are being complete strangers to each other.


I don’t know which pain I can tolerate more. The pain of being alone or the pain of being with someone who doesn’t care.


I will always love you and I will never let you go unless you ask me to.



I like to expose myself to so much pain so that all that will be left is numbness and I couldn’t feel pain any longer.


It’s hard to realize that I have no friends even if I am acquainted to many people. Am I not likeable?


I know that someday, I would be able to forget you, but right now, let me just cry and feel the pain.

It’s hard to trust a person again when they already broke it. No matter how hard I try, I couldn’t trust you again and that’s just going to cause us more pain.


Someday, if you think about me, would you think of how much love you have lost?


It’s hard when the people who encouraged you to go on gives up on you. It will make you give up on yourself too.


I may look like beautiful with that perfect smile, but I have cried a million times before I got used to it and just faked it.

You are the biggest and most beautiful mistake that I have ever committed.


I have cried a hundred times, right now, I am just sad. Makes me realize that I may be slowly giving up the smallest hope of being together again.


It’s hard when you try to make your presence known but you are just invisible to his eyes.


When I am not talking, it means that I am feeling so much pain and talking might burst into tears so I just kept quiet.



I was sad when you broke up with me. Now that I think of it, my life became better and I am now happy. How about you?


It’s hard to keep your strength if you have enduring so much pain for so long. Your tolerance might not catch up.


Sometimes I feel that I am the one causing all my pain because I get too trusting and I care so much.


When you jumped on a cliff and reached the rock bottom, you will be afraid to jump again—even a prince will say he will catch you. You just become smarter.


I know that I have to move on not because I don’t love you but in order to respect your choices and myself as well.

People say I am pretty, smart and independent. Looks like I did a great job hiding all the pain.


I didn’t know that you were lying all this time. All I know is that, those lies made me a happy at one point. Now it makes me cry.


I know life is short and I should be out there somewhere creating a new chapter, so that’s what I am going to do after I let go of the baggage you left.


I think the only way for you to realize how much pain you caused me is that you experience exactly what I am going through right now.


I am now losing my hope in love, people and humanity. That’s all because someone whom I trust so much broke my heart.


When you give your entire heart for someone, they have the tendency to just play with it or break it. And it will leave you heartless.


They say love hurts, but it doesn’t kill you. Instead, it makes you stronger. I don’t know if this will make me stronger any further.


I love you so much that I wanted you to be free. Now, you are so far away.


I don’t know what hurts more, the tears I cried or the fake smiles?


Why did you have to leave me? When you said that we will conquer everything with our love?


I will keep crying, I will keep sleeping and keep on living until I am recovered of all the pain you caused me.


I don’t know why fate is messing up with me each time I fall in love. Why does it always have to be the wrong time?


I loved you so much and my world revolved around you. Now my entire world is ruined because you left.


I miss the times that you spend so much time on me and I was your priority.


How could you stay by me when you are in love with someone else? Does it kill you to see me in love with someone else?


It would be easier for me to move on if I would just let go off all the memories we shared—good or bad.


I know love will bring happiness and sadness. What I did not expect is this great amount of pain.


What’s worse than missing someone? It is realizing that they don’t even miss you a bit.


My life is so extreme. When I am up, I am on top of the world but when I am down, I am at the rock-bottom.


I don’t know how some people just doesn’t know how to respect others’ relationship. They just go and take everything away from you.


Will not allow this pain to absorb me and miss my chance towards my own happy endings.


Life is certainly unhappy without you, but I will keep trying until I am strong enough to fall inlove all over again.


I believed you when you told me that I am your one and only and that you will never leave my side.


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I made myself so lovable so that it would be easy for you to love me but I didn’t realize I was invisible in your eyes.


If you spend your time fixing our problems together and not with her, then that would have saved this relationship.


I cry myself to sleep because that’s the only time I get so real with my emotions and stop pretending I am fine.


I didn’t wat everybody to love me, all I wanted is to be loved by you I didn’t know that the opinion of your friends matter to you a lot and left me like that.


Does it really need to hurt so much so I could realize you have been untrue all this time?


You make me feel like everything that I believed in are just mere fallacies. Something I only created inside my head.


Of all the memories I shared with you, it’s sad when you looked at me in the eyes and told me we’ll be strong enough to go through it all.


I am okay when you came. Why do you have to come and leave me so broken and miserable?


I remember the days when we are together and how happy you were. I wonder if you don’t even think about those times.


I figured that the only way to make yourself happy is to depend on yourself and reward yourself because nobody would.


Only people who truly know me will know how much pain I kept inside. I figured, nobody really knew me anyway.


After all what happened, I came into a realization that nobody will be able to hurt me if I just stayed alone.


It hurts to see her taking my place in your life. That should be me with you, but you let go.


It kills me to see that you are doing every fun thing we ever did together with her now.


It’s so hard to fake a smile to cover your pain. I just got so used to it because I have to do it each day of my life.


It’s hard to keep on smiling when you are hurting so much that you didn’t realize tears are already flowing despite your efforts to smile.


I thought I will be lonely if I am all by myself. But it is worse when I had you yet O still felt alone.


I want t hold you tight and sleep with you by my side but you are already so far away.


I wanted to escape. I wanted to let go of all the memories, but all I really wanted is for you to go and come after me.


Sometimes I just stop crying because I am tired of it and it wouldn’t make any difference anymore because the pain just won’t go away.


Its really hard to invest permanent feelings to people because people? They are temporary and some would just come and go as they please.


I don’t know why you had to keep by your side when I know you are inlove with someone else. I won’t let you take advantage of me any longer.


Sometimes I wonder if I was mistaken the first time when I thought you cared for me more than you really do.


I wanted to save you so much that I ended up crushing myself in order to save you. Now that you are fixed, you just left without even saying goodbye.


It kills to realize that we will never be the same way again as I hope we would be.


From strangers to friends to best friends and then lovers. Now tell me, how did we go back to being strangers when we have built so much together?


I know I made many mistakes in my life. The greatest one is when I just watched you walk away.


I am so lonely now because I trusted the wrong people and kept on loving them despite realizing that.


I hate to admit that I still love you despite all the pain you’ve caused.


It’s time to finally love myself and know that enough is enough. I need to love myself first so that others would. You don’t even.

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