40+ Sad Lines

There are moments that you will feel sad and a lot of things can cause it: heartbreak, loss of someone you love, death of a family member or a friend, feeling left out, finding out that you are almost dying, not knowing how long you have to live and many more. When you feel like the whole world has turned against you, the best way to cope with it is to find someone who understands the way you feel about life. Here are some of the best quotes that might help you through whatever is going on in your life right now.

The worst way that you are ever going to miss somebody is when you are sitting beside him or when you are with him and yet you feel like you are miles away from each other.


Life is tough and sometimes the only thing you can do is to keep on smiling through the pain that you are experiencing.


The road to getting to where you want to be maybe the toughest one out there, so remember to bring an extra pair of tissue because you never know when the tears will fall.


Sometimes you need to choose to let go because holding on is just causing you too much pain than you are willing to bear.


Life will hit you at the worst times, it will bring you down to your knees until you just want to give up but you cannot because you are a person that shines the brightest during the darkest of times.


I actually do know a lot of people, it’s just that they are not my friends, for I barely have those type of person in my life.


Loving makes you weak, it makes you suffer. You feel the things the love of your life is feeling. When it comes down to it, you would not care even if it hurting you, you must keep a bright smile and keep on tolerating the pain.

There comes a time in life when you must let go of what is hurting you even if it feels twice the pain to let go than to keep holding on.


How do you keep on living when the only person that matters to you is gone and you know that that person is never going to come back?


If only people decide to build bridges instead of walls, then maybe they would not be as lonely as they are.


Just be yourself in this world full of fakes because the one who truly loves you will accept you for exactly who you are.


I’m so over crying myself to sleep, I just want to get over all the pain that you have caused me to begin with.


No matter if you are here or not, my life will keep on going because I am finally living for myself and no one else.


In the most unexpected moment, that very person in whom you put all of your trust in will be the one who will betray you.


I am hoping that a day would come when you realize that you are hurting me far more than you know.



So you are giving up on me now? Well, guess what? I’m giving up on you too if that is what you are going to do.


Sometimes the most beautiful girl, the one with the bright eyes and tantalizing smile is the one hiding in a world full of lies.


Slowly but surely, I am getting tired of life and everything that comes with it.


Honestly, I am not afraid of falling on love again, what I am scared of is that once more, I am going to choose the wrong person and get hurt so bad.


The worst feeling is when you are trying so hard to get noticed by the person that matters most to you and then you keep on finding yourself being ignored by that very same person.


Sometimes, when I am silent and not saying a word, it is a way of conveying just how hurt I am.


You want to know why I am leaving you? It’s for our sake, so that we can be better people, even if we are without each other.


Just because people cry does not mean that they are weak for doing it, sometimes it is because they are so tired of being strong for far too long.


The problem with me is that I fall instantly, so hard, and when I get hurt, I forgive easily and then when people leave me, I tend to care so much.


When I miss someone and it is not within my power to do anything to make the emptiness in my heart go away, I die a little.


You have told me so many lies every time you open your mouth but out of all of it, my favorite one was when you told me you would be here forever, because I believed it.


Life is so fragile, so short, so fast moving that you cannot afford not to say the things you truly want to say. You are not sure when you are going to die so go out there and say the things you have left unsaid until now.


Always choose your own happiness before anyone else. If you cannot love yourself, no one else can. Happiness is a job that starts from the inside.



Being lonely would never kill me, but often times, I truly wish it would so I can escape all the pain.


I wanted to let you go, for far too long but I cannot take the thought of you moving away from me.


Great things come from the smallest of things if one remembers how to pay attention to details.


The problem is that I keep on finding the right person at the very wrong time of my life.


Sometimes, silence is even louder than a scream.


You used to make time for being with me, always, but now everything has changed.


People change, always and there is not a single thing you can do about it.


There are times when I just sleep when I am feeling sad, it does not end the feeling but it gives me a bit of an escape from reality.


Remember this: when the time comes that you are going to fall in love, you need to be prepared for the pain.


Hate is such an ugly emotion, it eats the core of someone’s soul. It destroys a person until nothing but a rotten vessel is left.


A relationship is meant for two persons. The problem is that people forget the act of counting and keep on loving more than one.


You cannot keep on living your life putting up with other people’s standards. Just be true to yourself and let them love you.


Most of the times, I just want to be alone, on my own with no one to see me or care for me, because then, no one would be able to hurt me as well.


When people ask me Are you okay, I smile and say I am but deep inside me I just want to shut the whole world.


Do you not find it annoying when you are at the point when you are so angry then you burst into angry tears because you are not sure what to do anymore?


I do not know that being empty on the inside would feel as if I’m carrying a heavy weight.


People say they want to be gone all the time when in reality what they want to most is to be found by anyone.


I hate goodbyes, it is not as if there is anything good in them, you just watch as people leave you and then they never come back in return.


You want to know the truth? It kills me in the inside when you do not talk to me, when you go on with your life as if I never existed and when you keep on telling me you care when you obviously do not care enough to bother asking me if I am alright.


Eating is good, it takes away all the sadness I feel.


I cannot bring back the past no matter how hard I try so all I can assure you is that I would not repeat the same mistakes. Is that good enough to bring you back to my side?


I remember staying up late to talk with each other over the phone, hiding under my blanket so that no one would see the light and then covering my face with a pillow so no one would hear me laugh as we joked around. Then one day, I woke up and it was as if all those late night phone conversations never happened at all.


Do you know what you left me with? Scars that will be forever unseen because they are right here in my heart.


Listening to music used to be one of my favorite things to do until you came and broke my heart. After that, it only became a reminder of how bad you hurt me, and the words became knives that slices at my heart every single time I listen to what used to be our favorite songs.


My only wish is that someday, I can forget all the pain that you have caused me and the happy memories we once shared.


I guess it does hurt me to see that you are happy and I am not the one making you smile.


Truly, I know you do not deserve my tears, a lot of people have told me the very same thing. So I asked myself why I keep on crying over you just because you left me to fend off for myself during the time when I needed you the most.


To tell the truth: I do not want people to forget me and think that I never existed. I want to leave my mark, even if they are trails of broken hearts that I stepped upon.


I got it, you like to ignore me as if I do not exist. That’s okay, I’m used to being invisible anyways.

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