40+ Romantic Love Quotes

Most men struggle how to express their feelings verbally most especially when it comes to the special women of their lives. It is great task to put the right words together without making things more confusing, thus making it more difficult to do it.
If you have been redirected here to our amazing website, consider yourself lucky because we have just the right and perfect compilation of romantic love quotes that you can use to express your feelings to your special woman.
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I want you to take my hand and let me make you happy forever.

Thank you for letting me experience what it feels like to love an amazing and great woman like you.

Until the day that I die, I will take care of you and that is a promise I don’t intend to break. I love you!

Whenever mu eyes see your smile my heart always gets captivated and loses control.

For me, you are the most precious and rarest gem in the whole universe. I don’t have any plans in letting you go. I will keep you forever.

I’m so glad that you accepted my marriage proposal because I will get to see your angelic face each morning, and the rest of the day will be beautiful.

The simple thought of you makes the stars in the sky shines brighter.

Your super sweet smile puts the sweetness of the honey to shame.

My heart started beating the day that you arrive in my life.

You are the rainbow that makes my dull life more colorful and full with liveliness of hope.

Honestly, I have found happiness again the day that I saw you in your pink coat and pink boots.

You are the great woman behind to all of my success in life. I couldn’t be any prouder than that.

All this time, all this years you are the special woman whom I have been waiting for. Thank God, you finally arrived.

I have the greatest and most priceless treasure in the entire planet; it is called you.

I used to measure my happiness with currency, now I measured it with heartbeats exclusively caused by you.

I will rather lose all my earthly treasures than lose you my beloved precious lady.


Romantic love quotes for her from the heart

You are the reason why I was left breathless but you are the reason as well why I am alive.

You don’t have to worry anymore who will take care of you; I am already here devoting my life to you.

I dived into the sea of love expecting nothing but heartaches then I found the woman who will become the most prized pearl of my life. She is no other than you.

You are no longer yours because you are officially mine.

Every happy moments of my life where sealed with our amorous kiss.

The day that my heart will die will be the time when yours stop beating.

You are like a green tea because you detoxify me over and over again.

I was a lonely man before. I was a broken soul before. You arrived. I have changed. I am now a happily married man with a soul mate of a lifetime.

Hearing you say that you love me is music to my ears.

I do not care about your past, let us bury it. Let us move forward positively and focus to building our future together.

This is the key to my heart; I want you to have it so no one else will open my heart but you.

The only thing that I will not get tired of doing of is to love and care for you.


You did not change me to understand you instead you taught me how to understand you. And I love you even more for that.

I consider myself blessed to experience this kind of love with you. I love you!

The best moment in my life happened when you said you love me. It only got surpassed the time you said yes and agreed to marry me.

Let us love one another in moderation. Not too much. Not too less. Because too much is as bad as too less.

Everything in my life changes for the better as soon as you arrived. I love you!

Our love needs no words because our hearts speaks in our behalf.

The only right thing that I have ever done in my life is by loving you. I love you honey!

You are the only reason why I am eager to live each day. Thank you for making me alive.

Seeing you so cheerful makes my heart so happy too. Your happiness matter to me the most.

You are the thought that wakes me up each morning and send me to sleep peacefully at night with a smile on my face.

I was heartbroken years ago then you put all those pieces back together. Thank you for making me whole again.

A long distance is between us but nothing can stand between our hearts.

I will not let anyone take you away. I will not let it happen again. And this time I mean it.

Whenever I look forward to spending my nights with you, my day becomes more bearable no matter how miserable it is.

You stole my heart from me but I can’t have you arrested because I also stole yours. I love you!

Are you a flower? Because you bloomed in my heart and took over the place like the flowers in the meadow.

Please hold my hand so we can take the journey to our happy ever after together.

There is only one woman whom I want to be the mother of all my children. She is you!

Thank you my sweetheart for giving me this highest honor of being your husband.

It breaks my heart to see you cry from being hurt, so I made a promise to myself that the only tears that will roll down on those rosy cheeks of yours will be tears of joy.

How did you fill my heart with so much love? I was so empty before, but you filled me with all the love that you’ve got.

The sun gives light during the day while the moon gives light at night, but it is you who keeps my life so shining bright.


Thousand years are worth the wait when I finally found you.

My life is now 100 percent complete because of you. I love you!

The sound of your angelic voice is a soothing music to my soul.

You are the compass who gave the directions and led me to the right path of my life. I could not have done it without you by my side.

A simple hug from you brings comfort that no one else can provide. It works like magic. I love you dear!

I will not let this day pass without reminding you how much you meant to me.

As you read this quote please do take note, I love you so and that is my oath.

The beat of your heart perfectly matches the thump of my heart. Together we are a good match.

The fish rule the ocean. The birds rule the sky. You are the only one who rules my life.

My devotion for you is bottomless. My passion for you is endless. My love for you is limitless.

My love for you is beyond measure and until forever that I will treasure. I love you!

I want you to be the woman who will fill the gaps in my hands, no one else but you.

You are the core of my strength. I can conquer anything in this world as long as I you are with me.

Instead of pumping blood, my heart is bursting with affection and adoration for you. I love you my one sweet love!

You are the foundation of my whole world. Without you I will fall apart. I love you with all my heart dear!

My heart beats a hundred times faster whenever I see your lovely smile. Keep smiling sweetheart!

The best thing about loving you is that I can be myself. No hesitations. No pretentions. I can be just as what I really am.

The day that I believed in fairytales is the day after I met you and fell in love with you.

You made everything in my life more magical and special so I concluded that you must be real life fairy tale princess. I was no one before then you made me your prince.

I may not be a knight in unsullied and shimmering armor, but I will protect you with all my might, with all my strength and with all my spirit.

Your passionate heart and unconditional love is my most precious possession in this world.

You were never my last choice or my first choice, but you are the only choice that I choose to have because no one makes me happy like you do.

Until I met you, love is a word I do not fully comprehend. You did not only make me comprehend it, but you let me experience it.

Loving, humble and passionate are the characteristics of a woman whom I love. Those are one the many things that I love about you.

To love you for the remainder of my life is the goal I am most eager to be fulfilled and accomplished.

I will protect you from any pain even if it will be the cause of mine. That’s how much I love you.

I am so crazy in love with you but you are also the reason why I am still sane. I love you sweetheart!

One of my missions in my life is to be with you until our hair turns gray.

I found your love when I needed it most and I don’t intend to lose it because I am keeping it for good.

I will do my best for us to stay together for I believe that it takes an enormous effort to last until forever.

The road to our happy forever will not be an easy path, but let us hold hands and draw strength from one another for us to last longer. I love you!

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