40+ Relationship Status

People do stupid and crazy things when they are in love, some are very vocal about their relationships and feelings while others are not.
In this modern world of ours, it is very common for us to share what is happening in our daily lives in different social media platforms, and relationship status is not an exemption.
Whether you are in love, legally committed, heartbroken, cheated on, friend zoned, in a long distance relationship or moving on, you can probably find the best relationship statuses on our list that best suits your current situation or feeling. So go ahead and check our list out.

A person who really cares will stay and wait for the real reason even if you told him how many times nothing is wrong.

Whenever you apologize to a person, it does not mean right away that you are wrong and the other one is right; it is just that you value your relationship more than your pride and ego.

You are in a lifetime relationship when a man wants you to meet and talk to his parents.

That moment when you are looking for him in the midst of huge crowd only to find out that he is staring at your eyes already.

I want someone to look at me like how Gollum looks at the one precious ring.

No couple is perfect at the beginning. It is like the potato and a tomato; they don’t look good together at first. But when a potato becomes french-fries and the tomato becomes ketchup, together they make a perfect combination.

People said if you love someone go set it free, if it comes back it is meant to be. I’m just kidding, don’t set it free because most of the time we have to fight hard for someone we love for them to stay.

Who says love is easy and simple. You love him, he loves her, she loves another man and that man loves you, nothing is as complicated as that.

No matter how many years passed by, you still have this magical power to make me feel crazy in love each time I laid my eyes upon you.

Convincing other people that I don’t like you and I’m better off without you is a piece of cake. Now I am having a hard time to convince myself of the same thing.

I honestly thought that if I love you so much, it will be easier for you to love me back. Right now, I can honestly say to myself that I was wrong.

That magical moment when you met someone and you know he will become a part of your world despite not even knowing any single detail about him yet.

I want you to be my Tom and I will be your Jerry so that no matter how many times we fight we will never be apart.

In magnet, opposite pole attracts each other likewise in love it is how you work on your differences that makes the relationship intact and lasts longer.

The best relationships does not depend on how good at you in understanding each other, it depends on how good both of you handle your misunderstandings.


Have a relationship with someone who does not only take pride in having you but is also willing to take the longest road, to hike the highest mountain and cross the deepest ocean just to be with you.

How am I going to enjoy and have fun with all this crazy and funny stuffs when it is you I want to laugh with?

They said death is the biggest loss in life; I think the biggest loss in life is when a relationship dies while we are still alive and did nothing to help it survive.

The real essence of a true relationship is neither about the kissing nor the fancy dates. It is all about being with the right person who makes you happy and loved in a way no one else can.

Are you torn between going and staying? Probably it is about time for you to go because if you really want to stay, you would not be thinking about going in the first place.

Compatibility is not measured on how many years you spent together but how good you are being with each other.

Relationships can be compared to electrical currents. Wrong electrical connections will give you uncontrollable shocks while the right connections will surely bring light to your life.

All relationships are blessings from God. May it be for just a short period of time or until the rest of your lifetime, God puts and removes person in your life for a reason you may or may not know.

Relationship Goal= two persons who are not afraid to hold on to each other against all odds.

All kinds of relationship are founded on trust from each side, without it, you have nothing.

If we spend more time cherishing the good things of one another than pointing out the mistakes then maybe most relationship will be a successful one.

It’s funny how much time you have to go out and make lots of girls fall in love with you, but you can’t spare a second to give attention to the girl who already is.

An idiot is the one who says he misses someone but did nothing when she was still staying by his side.

Don’t be frustrated if you do not end up with the one you want, because you will surely end up with the one whom you deserve the most.

I thought I don’t deserve anyone better, and then you came along and proved me wrong.

That moment when you hated someone the first time you met them, then as the time goes by you just found yourself falling in love with that someone.

No matter how hard we try to fight for someone we can’t do anything anymore when fate interferes and said I’m sorry dear, my bad. Wrong person to fight for.

If you are a little unsure about whom you really are; you better not screw up the best thing that ever happened to you so you may not regret it afterwards.

The best feeling is when he calls you beautiful like it is your name.

Is it a good thing or a bad thing when you just can’t seem to find the word to best describe your relationship?

Would you rather keep your love for someone a secret or tell them and risk being rejected?

I walked into my classroom today just like any other day but today my heart skipped because I saw you there.

No matter what I do, I guess being me is just not enough.

I want to be the only one who can make your worse day better and the only one that makes you say My life has changed for the better since I met her.

Does loving someone who does not love you back really that pointless?

The biggest lie that I told myself is when I said I wish you both happiness. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine.

Do you love me thus you need me? Or you need me thus you love me?

I finally said Yes not because he proposed to me but because he asked me to set him free.

There is no space for a third party unless the two people create a space to be filled in.

No matter how mad you are at your partner when he says something funny, you can’t help yourself but smile or laugh.

Sometimes the best relationships are the ones without any label.

Two important things in a relationship; first to find out your similarities the second one is to respect and work out your differences.

A real relationship gets angry, upset or irritated with each other but bounces back to normal right away.

Never dole out everything about your relationship, keep those magical moments between you and the person you love.

A strong relationship has two brave people who are willing to do almost anything to keep the love alive.


Heartaches are part of loving, so don’t give up on love no matter how much heartache you’ve been trough.

Never settle for someone who treats you like an option because you deserve someone who will make you a priority.

When a relationship is founded on mere physical attractiveness, it is meant to be short lived.

You may be physically apart, but you will never be apart at heart.

It takes two people with utmost trust to each other to make a long distance relationship work.

Sometimes you just need enough time to be able to move on and move forward from all the pain of being heartbroken.

Today you may be at your worst and at your lowest point but time will come that you will just shrugged it as if it is nothing as you remember this moment.

Can we talk? three words that often starts a relationship.

The recipe for an unbreakable relationship is love, loyalty and trust.

Falling asleep in the arms of my husband is the best feeling of all time.

A hug is a simple gesture of love that makes everything better.

When you recycled a relationship, don’t expect it to last forever. It was thrown away in the first place for a reason.

Don’t love somebody who cheated on someone whom he once loved because it is not impossible that you will be cheated on as well.

When two people are madly in love, fate finds a way to bring them together no matter how far the distance is.

Cheating doesn’t always mean that you slept or kiss with another person, when you find yourself flirting and erasing messages so your partner won’t see them, you are already there.

Cheating is a sin punishable by karma.

There are 3 no’s of Relationship. No cheating. No lying. No promises that you can’t keep.

Relationships don’t die a natural death like we humans do. They are killed by ego, pride, ignorance and lies.

It’s better to stab someone with truth than pamper them with lies.

A broken trust is like a broken thing, you can always put it back to pieces but it will never be the same as it is before.

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