40 New year around the sun quotes That Will Warm Your Heart

There are days when all is right with the world. The sun is shining, and everything seems to be going your way. The lottery? You won it! Hair? Never looked better! Popularity? At an all-time high! When you experience a day like that, you don’t need any words of wisdom. You just go out and have a day of fun, carefree activities, greeting the world like a supermodel on a nice bike ride, stunning friends and family at an outdoor barbecue, and showcasing mad skills during an afternoon of cornhole.

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But let’s talk about those other days—the dark and dreary days when you can’t seem to catch a break. You step in a puddle in your brand-new shoes, back into your boss’ car in the company parking lot, and lose a day’s worth of work on your computer because you neglected to hit “save”—and that’s all before lunch! Those are the dark times when you could use some sunny words from smart, poetic people to help you see a glimpse of light on the other side. Luckily, we’ve got 40 sunshine-filled quotes that should get you through more than a month of bad days.

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