40+ Love Sucks Quotes

There are a few moments when you will realize that love sucks, that it just hurts too much, demands too much and you do not know what to do anymore.
At those moments when life sucks for you, just keep on reminding yourself that it will be alright.
Love sucks right now but eventually it will be back to normal, one day you will actually feel good about feeling it.
At these moments when love sucks, here are some quotes that you can try to relate to and feel better.

The truth is at one point in life you will actually realize that love sucks and so you stop trying.


You will not always get the answer that you want but it doesn’t mean you should hate it now.


One day you will find the right person for you and you will acknowledge that it really exists.

The only way to feel it is to actually try out, to take the risk and be on that unfamiliar zone.


Stop hiding that feeling of love because you will not get it, you will eventually stop trying.


I kept giving something and do not get anything in return and I am just so annoyed at love.


Trying makes you feel like you are doing it all and still failing and that is what sucks in life.


When that moment come when you do not know how to feel, remember that I am still here.


I will be here for you especially at that moment when you need me the most, I promise you.


Stop trying to play the victim when it is so clear that you can actually save yourself from this.


I know it may seem that love sucks but honestly, it doesn’t always have to feel that way, okay?


At the end of the day, it is you by yourself and that is the moment to talk about life in general.


You may feel bad right now but things are going to get better, one day you will find it for you.


One day a person will come and will change the way that you view what falling in love feels.


Loving you feels like giving it my best and still I have to expect the worst possible outcome.



There is so much pain in loving a person that it just hurts a lot and it sucks so much, really.


When you are done with trying to fall for people who are not worth it, you will see your worth.


There is much more to being in love than this and I hope that time comes when you realize it.


When love sucks, it would feel like you cannot do anything about it but you can, I tell you.


There is so much you can try to stop feeling that love sucks, find a new person, find a friend.


Remember that when you feel like love sucks, I will be here for you, I will listen to your rants.


When you tell me that love sucks, I will tell you that it is not the feeling, it is the people, really.


You are beautiful and you deserve to know how it feels, loving a person who returns it to you.


I will keep on reminding you that it is okay, that no matter how you feel right now it will be.


There is a rainbow after all the tears you have shed because loving has hurt you a whole lot.


Yes, the pain will leave you with scars but it will be a reminder of something to fight for.


When it is worth something, you have to try harder than you never had, to keep on fighting.


I want to be the person who does everything I can for what I want to get, that is what I want.


I get that I cannot be everything that I ever wanted but I want to at least say that I did try.


I gave it my all and still it just isn’t enough, and so I say that loving truly sucks so much now.


There comes a moment of hesitation, being unsure of what tomorrow can actually bring you.


Love is not always pretty, sometimes there are thorns, just like the most beautiful flower has.


And when you know just how much love sucks, I bet you wouldn’t want to even fall in love.


There will be moment when you just feel that love sucks but I hope you realize that it doesn’t.


It is not always going to be filled with giddy feelings but that is just the way it is with life.


You will feel sad, you will feel guilt, you’ll start feeling worthless, it is all part of the process.


Every joy that comes in your life is accompanied by pain, the other just gets delayed mostly.


So let yourself be consumed by that feeling and later on, as the intensity burns off, forget it.


It is as much as you give yourself some worth that you will receive that amount of love, girl.


Forget them all, you are going to be perfectly fine, maybe not today but pretty much soon.


When things fade out and you do not feel like loving any longer, I tell you to keep going.


There is so much more out there just waiting to be found so be brave and try even harder.


Now, more than the most is the time when you need to be as strong as you can possibly be.


Girl, you have the power to do this, you have the capability to be something more than this.


Love sucks especially when you do not feel the same intensity being given back to you, really.


There is something humbling when you know that love sucks and you do not feel that way.


In general, love sucks until you find the person you want to keep waking up next to every day.


It is always a risk, that is exactly what loving feels but believe me that it will be worth it all.


At the end of the day, the things you will regret are the things that you did not even try out.


What is so bad about hurting when it is possible to learn a lot from the pain you will feel?


Yes you are going to bleed so bad you think you will die but you will survive it, you would.


One day I want you to realize that there is so much more to this than just trying it out.


Fight for what you believe in, fight for the feelings that you have and you will be just fine.


You may not feel better today but one day you will forget you were ever hurt by loving him.


The scars will remind you of what made you the person you are at this moment, honestly.


And it will be worth it to see that the years you spend making yourself better will pay off.


It is going to be okay, one day you will find someone who will not care about your past.


It is important to know that there is a person out there just waiting for you to meet him.


Believe me, you will find that person and when you do you have to work harder than ever.


The worst thing you can think of is that love sucks when it is something that is very special.


So you will keep on trying until finally you succeed on doing something you didn’t expect.


Trust in yourself enough because that is the only thing you can possibly do at this moment.


Yes it may seem that there is no hope but the truth is there are so many things to hope for.


When the tides try to waver your feelings, I wish you will be strong enough to withstand it.


The wind is going to be strong so learn to adjust your sails and keep on pushing forward.


Life is not always going to be as easy as it seems but one day you will achieve that feeling.


There is something so settling about the idea of finding someone who will love only you.


And when I find that person who loves me unconditionally, I swear never to let him go ever.


I will keep holding on to her until the day that I die because that is what loving means for me.


As much as I can, I will do my best to settle for nothing but the best that I can that is the truth.


Let me tell you that one time it is going to hurt so much but you will survive that pain as well.


Stop making it seem that love sucks because the truth is that it is a wonderful, beautiful thing.


Be the person you would want to fall for, the one who is caring and kind and you will get it.


Just try to be the person you are and let others see your good side as well as your bad side.


Believe in the magic that loving someone brings into your life, you will do fine, I know now.


Just tell me that it is going to be alright and I will tell you in return that you will find him.


Maybe he is just there at the corner, waiting for you to come out and then you will see him.


This is your chance to be the best person you can be so go for it, I believe in you, dear.


There is something that makes love sucks and that is the way you feel pain when you are in it.


It will suck you into a spiral and lock you there without the key and you know that love sucks.


Love sucks especially for that person who cannot do anything about it at all, that is the truth.


It is the moment you are very lost that you will feel that love sucks because you are trying.


When you try your best and still feel that love sucks, it will just break your heart, believe me.


I have been there at that time when love sucks for me but I have gotten over it, I’m okay now.

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