40+ Good Night Love Quotes

For those who are far away from his or her loved one, the best way to maintain a goo relationship is through constant communication.
Thus, we should not forget to greet our loved ones every single day and most especially before going to sleep.
So here are the good night love quotes to send to your loved ones.

I truly believe that at night, the moon shines only for you and me. Good night my love! I love you.

Good night to the guy who makes my life a bed of roses and makes my days shine even brighter, I love you my love.

The only time I cannot sleep is when I have nightmares at the thought of losing you. But it would be all worth it when I get to experience your warm hug and kiss. I love you, good night!

I am not upset at those painful nightmares I have for as long as I wake up with you by my side. Good night my dear, I love you!


I am now browsing through those pictures we took when we’re together in hopes that my lonely night will pass by so easily. Good night my darling, I love you so much!

My dearest sweetheart, I want you to always remain faithful and hopefully you will forever remain a good boy. Do not think of any other girl except me. Good night and sweet dreams, I love you!

My day must begin with a kiss and hug from you and my night should end cuddling you. Good night my baby. Please know that I will always love you.

Instead of texting you messages like I love you and I’m missing you. All I want is to say thank you for being with me through the good times and the bad. Good night, I love you!

My dearest sweetheart, please know that I am forever yours and you will be forever mine, too. Goo night, I love you!

I’m sure my night will pass by so easily because I know I will be meeting you tomorrow. I love you, good night!

My day was great since you were with me. But my night is difficult since you are no longer with me. Good night sweetie, I love you!

I want to sleep as soon as possible because I know that when I wake up, I will finally be with you my love. Good night, I love you!

Thank you so much for coming into my life. I would love to stay with you until the last day of my life. I love you, good night!

I will try hard as much as I can, I will be sweeter than any of your dreams can and that’s because I always dream about you. Good night, I love you so much!

How I wish that this message would come with hands, face, legs and face so it can hug you tightly and kiss you so romantically. Good night my baby. I love you!

I am jealous of your sleep because it is during this time that I have to be away from you. Good night my dearest love, I love you!


My dearest sweetheart, I miss you so much and I can’t wait to be in your arms once again. I love you, good night!

Between a million of tomorrows and a million of yesterdays, there is only one day today that I would not want to pass without telling you how much I miss you. Have a good night my love, I love you!

I would not mind waking a thousand miles just so I can be beside you tonight. I love you my sweetheart.

God has sprinkled tiny but beautiful seeds of blessings in the world today. And I just caught one that is so nice and lovely too, and that is you. I love you! Good night.

Every time the night breeze will blow my hair, I have always imagined these to be your sweet kisses. I just can’t stand missing you this much. I love you, good night!

My love, we may be far away, but always remember that I always think of you every night and day. Have a good night. I love you!

I love all of stars that twinkle at night, but they’re just nothing compared to the twinkle of your eyes. Please know that I always think about you not only when I go to bed at night. I love you, good night!

I wish that time would come for my dream to come true, which is to wake up right beside you. Till then, I just want to greet you good night and may you have a good sleep tonight! I love you.

I love coming back home each night. It’s because my home is right in your arms. Good night to you, my love!

Hi there! I have just dropped by to say hello. I hope you will have a wonderful sleep and may your day tomorrow starts sweet! I love you, good night!

The sun has risen and set today, just like what it does for every day. But no one knows that my world has stopped. It will only move again when you come back. Good night my love.

This is just a simple message to let you know you are missed. I just want to keep in touch because I just miss your hug so much. Even though you are not with me, please know that I think of you every single day. Good night, I love you!

Oh how I wish I were there beside you tonight instead of just sending this loving message of good night. I miss you sweet heart, may you sleep tight.

My love, you’re the light of my world and the music to my heart. I miss you so much, good night!

I really don’t care much about nightmares because just thinking about you is enough to make my dreams so sweet. Good night my baby, I love you so much!

Missing you is the one thing I cannot explain and loving you is something I won’t get tired of doing. Good night my sweet heart, I love you.

Finally, it’s nighttime and this is the time when I need to lie on my bed and start thinking of you again. I wish tonight I would see you in my dreams. Good night, I love you!

Lying in my bed, whenever I see the stars, I start thinking the brightest start that I have in my life and that is you. I miss you my sweetheart, good night!

I was so pessimistic before you came to my life. You taught me so much in life, most especially on how to love things. Thank you for coming into my life. I love you my sweetheart, good night!

I am always reminded of those times when I was beside you and this thought alone is giving me great pleasure even though I have missed you so badly. Good night my love.

All my loneliness is getting a divine light each time I see your face at night. Good night. I love you!

Looking at the moon outside always gives me a reason to smile. This is because every time I see the moon so bright, I am reminded of those wonderful nights when you were at my side. I love you, good night!

I’m sorry if I can’t be there to hold you tight. I am sorry if I am not there to kiss and hug you so tight. But please know that you will always be in my heart. I miss you. Good night!

Consider this message as my tight hug for you. Good night, I love you!

How I wish I were the sheet in your bed tonight. That way, I can feel you more in me. I miss you so much so dearly. Good night, my sweetie.

You are the first thing in my mind as soon as I wake up and you’re again in my mind before I go to sleep at night. As you see, you are never out of my mind. I love you so much and may you have a good night!

When I went to bed tonight, I feel like something is missing. So I get up and grabbed my phone and sent this message. I love you so much my sweet heart, may you sleep tight tonight.

The thought of seeing you tomorrow is what helps me get excited to go to bed and get a good night’s sleep. I love you my sweetheart, good night!

Do you know what a great feeling it is to go to bed each night and know that you are mine and I am yours forever and a day. Have a restful night my love. I miss you so much.

I hope this message brings a big smile in your face so that everything will make me feel right. I miss you, good night!

No matter how old I would become, I will always run into you in my dreams. I miss you so much my darling, may you have a good night!

I cannot wait any longer for the time to come that you will be back in my arms. I miss you so badly and I wish you felt the same way. Good night, I love you!

Sending you this message of good night does not only mean that I wish you would have a good night sleep. But it also means that you will have sweet dreams and I wish that I were a part of that dream.

My dearest love, tonight all I want is to be in your arms and hold you so tight. I cannot wait for the time to come that we will be both in each other’s arm. Good night and I love you so much!

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