It is not important that you are good at dancing to dance, as long as you have the heart to do so.
Dance is one of the most popular form of art and it is performed by a lot of people all over the world.
Everyone can dance, it’s just that some people looks like they are made to do that.
However, if you pour your heart out as you dance, people will see that too.
Here are some quotes about dance that you might be able to relate to or help you to understand dance even more.

Just dance let your body feel the rhythm that is within your mind, go and make yourself proud.


I honestly think it is all about the spontaneity of it that makes it all the more exciting to watch.


It must have been the first time we met and I saw that you had a beat that made me interested.



May the fairies actually take me out on the night of full moon, so we can go on dancing a lot.


There have been rumors that you are actually good at this dancing thing, can you teach me?


If you can actually move your body as good as you tell me, well it’s your time to shine, boy.

You have to keep on dancing your heart out like no one is watching you from the sidelines.


You keep moving your body to the rhythm even though you tell us you have lost your beat.


It is up to you to actually make it a reality, of overcoming something that you could not.


Sometimes, all we have to do is dance and imagine that no one is staring at you, that’s it.


Who cares if you will look stupid, the most important thing is that you are having fun, girl.


For now, what you should do is actually look around for people that matters most to you.


If you are scared to try something out, maybe you should look for someone to be with you.


It is the movement of two souls, the way they intertwine and get apart that is dancing, girl.


And when you are in that floor dancing your heart out it sometimes feels like you’re flying.


It can take you to places, moving your body like that and I hope that it works out for you too.


Maybe the key is within you, maybe you are meant for greater things up ahead of you, babe.


You dance even without the music but the rhythm that is in your heart, you are born for this.


The thing about dance is that it is as good as a conversation between a lot of people, too.


Move your hips and feel the heat, move your arms and feel the beat of this dancing song.


Just like a piece of art, she moved her body in ways I never thought was ever possible ever.


And gracefully, as if the wind carried her body, she tiptoed and waltzed around the room.


Fairies are very good dancers, they have this innate rhythm to their steps and threads.


And I wonder if I can ever do something for you that you will thank me for later on in life.


The truth is that no one will care if you cannot dance so good as long as you tried to do so.


I will teach you how to move like this if you teach me your moves just as well, how about it?


Maybe we can both learn from each other, from the way you step your foot to everything else.


And when we are on that floor together, we are unstoppable, no one can dare to defeat us.


I think that the best things in life are meant to be gotten by people who can move with life.


Sometimes you need to go with the flow, just keep dancing with the song and just live life.


Who cares if they laugh at you as you dance, at least you expressed yourself, believe me.


So, what if you think you suck at this, what matters is that you are trying your very best.


I just sincerely believe that you should try something new, a step you have not tried before.


What matters in the real world is the execution of every act you plan on doing, keep it simple.


It is times like this that you realize that if you want to keep moving, you need to step it all up.


So for now, just swing your hips side by side and get ready to cartwheel around the room.


Girl, just dance like you do not care about anything else in the world, that’s what you should.


The power is in you and it is up to you if you are gonna do this greatly or poorly, so go do it.


When you skate you are also dancing to the rhythm of the ice and the song you have chosen.


The dance of life is going to be the hardest one you will ever encounter but it’s worth a try.


If you want to make sense of something then just dance along the voice that you will hear.


It is more a matter of doing your best and trying to be the best that you can actually get.


So, get out of your shell and experience something more, be something more beautiful, girl.


It is quite powerful, that pull that the song has on you, making your body move by itself.


Do it for yourself because you owe it to yourself to at least try to see if you are good at it.


If they say you look bad on moving your body, forget them, you deserve to try it out, still.


You can do it because you believe that you actually can so for now I suggest you try to do it.


If it interests you why not go ahead and satisfy that need for it, go ahead and try it out, dear.


Should you want to capture a woman’s heart you might as well try to learn how to move it.


Dance in the only way that you can, in the way that only you can because you truly matter.


Sometimes, the only way to do it is to keep singing your heart out through your body, boy.


Your body movements tell me that you are enjoying this so why does your face look like that?


Oh, I know you like what you are doing so stop pretending that you actually don’t, my dear.


I know you as if you are the back of my hand so I know you like moving your body, really.


You deserve to give this a shot because it might just be your thing, the one you should pursue.


For now, what I can tell you is this, you only need to keep your eyes trained on your goal.


Even if you go ahead and try your best, you might as well just keep your eyes glued on things.


You have got to keep on living like there is no tomorrow, do a dance with this life you are in.


Be on your toes and dance through this life as gracefully as you can that is if you could do it.


Sacrifice a dance for the gods up above and pray that you will be blessed just like before.


What is love but a shared dance with another soul that you have just pretty much met, dear?


And I tell you that your body language is telling me that you can dance, why not try that?


It sure seems to be that you were born to do this, to dance so why do you keep holding back?


The thing is that sometimes, you express yourself better when you move your body as well.


This may not be true for some but it is dancing that makes life all the more worth my while.


Stop talking with your mouth and start talking with your body, move it as you desire, babe.


Sometimes it seems like your feet has a mind of its own and I am left to wonder about that.


It is hard to explain it in words and so you move your body and show them what you mean.


Every performance that you try will prime you for the next big one that is coming your way.


When you are performing, you will bare your soul to the people that is watching you move.


Do not be pressured for you will be reminded that this is your own time, it is your moment.


Stop thinking that you do not matter or you are not good enough because you are, my girl.


For now, what you need to do is believe in yourself, that you are capable of becoming.


Maybe what you really need to figure out is how to express yourself better than ever, dear.


Darling we can take it as slow as you possibly want, we can take it however you want to.


And maybe it was in the way we told each other that we can that we made things happen.


For now, what we know is this: we are truly meant to be partners for this life we are in.


Maybe the truth is that you need to dance as loudly as you possibly can to be heard by them.


For now, I think that to try out to dance is actually worth it so go ahead and practice that.


A dance is but a telling of a story, of one that happened a long time ago and that touched you.


When a dance touches your heart, you will know that it matters to you so much, that’s it, girl.


Once you dance, keep in mind that your goal is to clearly express what you want to say a lot.


It is through dance that you can express your darkest and deepest thoughts, my dearest boy.


And it was through a dance that we first met each other and now look where we ended up.


Would you care to dance with me for the first time and for the rest of the life we will be living?


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