36+ Together Forever Quotes

One day, you will meet someone that you want to spend the rest of your life with, the one that you want to come home to from work every single day.
You will meet that person that will change your life, the one that you want to see when you first wake up in the morning.
When the time comes, be sure to be ready with things to say to the person, here are some quotes that might help.

When you fall for someone with all your heart you just want to be together forever, right?

I hope you will find someone someday that will make you really want to stay together forever.

For the rest of my life, I just want to be able to hold your hand and kiss your lovely lips.

To be able to look at you every time that I awake is one of the biggest dreams of this man.

Will you be mine for as long as we are breathing, for as long as I am able to remember you?

When you love someone, no one can separate the two of you, not even gods, not even life itself.

With you beside me, there is nowhere else I would rather be at, but without you I am lost.

I will never throw what we have away because all I want to be with you is together forever.

Whenever we are apart, it is as if my heart is pricked by millions of tiny little needles, love.

So let me tell you that the place that I favor the most in this world is right by your side.

Just hold me as tight as you can and never ever let me go, that is all that I ask from you.

At the end of the day, as long as you are next to me, I can actually go living for the next day.

Together forever, we will face anything that life decides to bestow upon the two of us, I swear.

Promise me that for the rest of your life, you will keep loving me and I will stay with you.

I know that eternity seems like such a long time but trust me that I will stay loyal to you.


Giving you my heart was the best decision I have ever made because you really did stay.

If having fame means that we would not be together forever, I would give it up just for you.

The joy and love that you have given me would last here in my memories as long as I live.

Grateful is what I truly am because you allowed me to somehow be part of the life you have.

I need you today and tomorrow and the day after that, I will need you for all the tomorrows.

Together forever are words so sweet, words that I can only dream of experiencing with you.

You are of the ultimate value to me, I can never imagine being with anybody else, just you.

I cannot even imagine leaving you, that just shows how much I want you to be in my life.

You made me into the person that I am this day, someone who will stay by your side, always.

There is something about you and the way you make me want to finally be together forever.

The world will let us be if you believe in me, if you trust in the love that we share, I promise.

I will not always be there, of course our lives will go on but when you need me, I will be.

Depending on me is not a weakness but a show of trust because you give me the chance.

I know that eternity seems like such a long time but if it means us, together forever, then sure.

Give it a go, what we have, you and me and I swear I will live everyday proving my love.

The first time I saw you, I just felt that you would be the person I would live with every day.

There comes a time in life when you decide who to love, who to leave and you are the first.

Let us both be together forever, through all the bad times and even the good times life offers.

I want to be the person who will never disappoint you, who will keep loving you, all this time.

You never said a word but I knew that we felt the same so I stayed with you as long as I can.

I am just truly happy to be with you right now when I know you need someone to be with you.

With you by my side, let us keep being together forever, build monuments to witness our love.

I will tell you a story, something that started with us and will end with the two of us, both.

If loving someone means being vulnerable, I will gladly be and show you that I am serious.

You act as if you do not believe a word I say when all I really want is to be with you all day.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be together forever, as long as the love remains true.

Let me know if there comes a time when you tire of being with me, I will not leave you still.

I just wish that what we have between us will be the same even as the years pass us by.

You know the name of my soul and because of that I will choose to remain by you, always.

I want to keep the two of you together forever, because you just match, you just click, really.

Nothing will ever be constant in this world, all things change, so may we never be apart.

I just wish that I would have the courage to tell you that I care for you, that I truly do.

Your love is sweeter than anything I have ever had before, you wake me with your love.

Will you be with me, together forever, let us face every obstacle, every challenge there ever is.

We may be separated by oceans but our hearts are connected by the red string that is fate.

Thank you for choosing me to be the person that you decided to be with now and always.

Should being with you made sin, then I would gladly be sinful, I will stay by your side.

Together forever, words that means something to both of us, something we both really want.

You will know who your friends are, you will know why you left the persons that you did.

With all that I have, riches, my heart, soul, I promise that I will keep on loving you, always.

We are miles apart and yet our hearts keep on reaching for each other, that is the truth.

For the rest of our lives, would you agree to be together forever, until finally, death parts us?

Even when the oceans decide to dry up, I will still be by your side, I can tell you that, freely.

I have never felt this way before for any other guy, so you truly are a mystery to me, truly.

Sometimes, I have the hope that time will stop just to give us more time to love one another.

You are pretty much everything that means something to me so just let me show you that.

Together forever with you seems like a big dream to me, honestly, but one I would not mind.

I do not want to know how to live a life without you here by my side, so spare me from that.

Will you show me just how to tell myself that you would remain here to be with me for life?

The best thing that life has to offer is to make you fall in love you forget everything else.

If by sacrificing everything we can be together forever, I would give it all up to be with you.

It may as well be forbidden to love you if I cannot even be with you half of the time, my dear.

You have captured my heart way before you have even opened your mouth, my darling.

Yours is my heart for I do not want anybody else than the you in this world we are in, love.

The place I want to be is just together forever by your side, watching things flow into place.

I think I was right to choose to be with you because you never left me, you stayed with me.

It was hard to get to know your heart but I have seen that it is definitely worth all of it.

There comes a time in life when there is nothing left but to choose, I am glad I chose you.

Just tell me when we can start being together forever and I will throw a party to celebrate.

Sometimes a single mistake can define our lives, but you never were a mistake, my dear.

No matter what other people say to you, I swear that I would always choose you, my love.

You are the one for me, the one I knew was going to stay with me for the rest of this life.

There is just nothing in this life that I want the most than to be together forever with you.

The best thing is that I can never get lonely with you here by my side because you are joyous.

There is something about you that makes me just so great to be with, I really do love you.

If I can, then I would spend every day of my life just looking at that lovely face of yours.

We may not be together forever but being a part of your life is somehow alright for me.

Your love is greater than anything I have ever been given in this life I am really grateful.

No words can really express how it is with loving someone, just the two that are involved.

Together forever, may we never be apart, never in distance, especially of the heart, my dear.

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