When you are in love, you want to show the world how blessed and thankful you are for the love you share with someone.
Sharing status of love not only lets the world aware of your current love status but it’s a form of letting your partner know that you are proud to be with him or her.
Here is some list of love status you could relate to:

Busy is a relative word that people who don’t value you use as an excuse for not thinking or caring about you.

Love cannot be defined or seen but can only felt.

The sad reality about love is that no matter how magical it is, it can still be deceived.

I would love to tell you that you’re my most price possession but I don’t want to own you. I want to belong to you.

Seeing your face, always brighten up my day.

The people around us may try to complicate what we’ve got but our love is our business. Not theirs.

Sometimes I feel like running away with you to somewhere away from toxic people who try to destroy us.

If only love can be shared among more people then there will be no more wars.

I can’t live without air and you.

I want to cherish our love forever.

Love is a privilege for those who are brave enough to take risks.

You are the jolt of electricity that spices up my life.

I would stay up all night if it meant texting you or talking to you.

I will rather fix argument between us than be with someone else.

If only I could keep you with me always, I will not allow anyone else to hurt you.

Love is protecting another person from pain even if it means you have to hurt yourself in the process.


Love is setting aside your own happiness to see the one you love smile.

I don’t have the heart to love anybody else than you.

You are so lovable that you make everyone fall for you within the first few minutes of knowing you.

Even if I’m going to cry for you one day, I’d take the risk. You are worth it.

I didn’t know I would be able to trust someone and would get real close like this that I can’t live without you any longer.

I think of you every minute of my day, as my inspiration and not as a distraction.

When you are in love, you think everyone else should be happy.

I don’t care if my love for you will be reciprocated or not. Loving you makes me a happy.

Loving you is my choice and staying with you is my decision.

Every day, I always fear that you might change your mind. So every day, I am thankful because you are still here.

I am s thankful that I met you in my life. I couldn’t imagine what would I be missing.

People are not themselves when they are head over heels in love because the power of love is so strong.

Love is about communication, understanding, and appreciation.

I’d rather love and get hurt than die not knowing love at all.

Every heart that loves is beautiful. Yours is the most beautiful of all.

It’s sad to know that some people use the power of love to deceive other people.

My heart can never beat for anybody else but you.

I can’t imagine loving someone else other than you.

If you love me, show me. Actions are heard louder than sounds.

If you stopped thinking about your own self and put his interests first, then you are unconditionally in love.

I don’t know how to stop loving you so I am scared that you’re the one who might.

If you are too scared to love then you will never experience the happiness it brings to people in love.

If you get blinded by love then how come you all you ever see is yourself.

I want to stay in love with you always and hope it will never change.

Sometimes, people can only express their love through actions because they are afraid to hear a straightforward rejection.

How come rejection be so painful when you never mind beginning with.

They say true love comes to those who wait, but please don’t let me wait till I’m too old to even remember your name.

Sweet kisses and cuddles are my favorite form of appreciation from someone I love.

I wonder how a person like you managed to enter my heart and now I have to keep you there for me to stay alive.

I will face all my fears if the prize for it is a chance to be with you for the rest of my life.

Loving someone is the best feeling in the world because you go beyond human instinct to be greedy and self-centered.

Loving you is easy but no one told me that missing you will be this difficult.

No distance will ever come between two hearts that are beating as one.

It’s sad how other people will try t0o destroy a love that is beautifully shared by two people.

If love is the greatest gift of all, then why do people keep fighting for it?

Jealousy in love might be a medicine but anything in excess will be an overdose.

A great love story does not end. If it does, then it’s not great.

We can always only dream about love if we are too scared to try.

A broken heart may learn to love again but the cracks will only worsen if they still choose to love the wrong person.

You know that you are with the right person if you can be your worst self with them and they would still find you very attractive.

Love does not focus on what’s lacking on your partner, but rather focuses on what’s good about them and cherish the love that you have with them.

You can never explain love to someone who have never been there.

Lovers may quarrel but they will still love each other at the end of the day.

The tears of the person in love will only fall if the other one does not feel the same.

Love can give you the biggest smile and the deepest pain.


There is no love without getting hurt in the process. We get hurt because we care.

If you love and not argue, then something is really superficial about your relationship.

If you can’t tell your partner about something or someone that makes you feel uncomfortable then you are not in a healthy relationship.

The happiest feeling on earth is loving you.

No one who has been successful in their relationship who never experienced getting hurt.

Being in love with someone who doesn’t love you back is the worst feeling on earth.

Never run after love that’s not meant for you because that will make it hard for your true love to find you.

Loving someone is a great responsibility because you are holding a very fragile heart in your hands.

NO amount of pain is comparable to the amount of happiness you feel when you are in love.

You can never know what life may bring so love to the fullest with no regrets.

The worse thing than being rejected is being secretly hurt and regrets.

You can never choose someone you would love because our heart can be difficult to understand.

Understanding love will take centuries so just feel it and enjoy it because life is too short.

Love someone because it is how you feel, not because of other superficial things.

Do not love because you need someone but need someone because you love them.

Those who fund love find deep sorrow.

Love is about reciprocated feelings and not about the material and superficial satisfaction.

I don’t know why people use to love to take advantage over another.

Loving you is the best decision I have made my whole life.

I cannot promise that you will no longer cry if you choose to be by my side, but I will be your shoulder you can cry on.

I found then reason to live since I met you.

You came into my life the moment I really need someone to love and love me back.

I knew I loved you since the day I met you.

It’s hard to believe how love can change people for the better.

Love is the most powerful force on earth that would keep us together no matter what.

I will not stop loving you until the very last days of my life.

It’s comforting how you shut the negative voices in my head up whenever we are together.

I started to believe myself since you believed in me.

I never knew I was capable of loving and being loved until you should me how.

I thought love is just a superficial thing.

If love moves a mountain, then it should move our island together because we are oceans apart.

I could have never known love if it wasn’t for you.

Love can bring us the highest euphoria and the deepest pain.

Loving someone means you will prioritize their needs and happiness first over you.

When you learn that the person you love does not love you anymore, respect that.

You can never experience true love if you are holding on to the sorrows of the past.

In order to find true love, first, let go of your past.

You don’t need to find true love. It will come to you if it’s meant to be.

Loving someone is very rewarding if you see the other person happy with you.

Happiness cannot be at its fullest if it’s not because of love.

Nothing can be as pleasurable as being in love with the person you treasured the most.

Knowing that the person loves you back is the sweetest thing you could ever think of.

If true love never dies, then I sure hope we will live together forever so we can spend the rest of our lives loving each other.

I can never imagine my life loving somebody else but you.

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