35+ Emotional Status

What sets us apart from other creatures in this world is our ability to feel.
Some people base their decisions upon their emotions, while some people keep their emotions apart from their lives.
At some point in our lives, our emotions will come bursting forth no matter how much we hide it. That’s why there are quotes like the one you will find below to help you express those bottled up emotions:

Do not make a decision when emotions are raging within your veins or you will soon regret it.


Some feelings will keep haunting you until you face them and tame the demons of your past.


Silence is often times an indication of screaming rage caged within the bars of the heart.


Sadly, there are people who only love you because they need you.



Removing someone from your life is like removing a part of you that you will never get back.


Hard times get the best out of you. Work it out and let it work to get you better.


When that particular song plays, it is not actually the rhythm that gets you. It is the people, the memories that come sweeping into your mind.


Life is an emotional journey in every corner.


You have to remember that everybody changes and emotions fade.


During those times when you are down and you have nothing, look around; are those who stayed by your side are the same people who you’ve helped during their worst. I don’t think so.


The sad reality is when you needed someone the most, you will find them either their backs turned on you or they are gone.


Isn’t it beautiful how a three-minute song can paint a hundred different kinds of emotions?


We are all a little crazy or a little mad or a combination of both.


Expectation is the catalyst for all heartaches and broken relationships.


Choose loneliness over a toxic and bad company. At least, loneliness would not drill a hole into your heart and burn you to ashes after it leaves you.


When I fell for you, I found myself lying on the floor…all alone.



Beneath this quiet façade lies a thousand of emotions I never want to show.


Tears fall not because I have fallen into the pits of my weakness, but because I have been holding myself up for too long.


Maybe that’s why there are drug addicts and alcoholics, they choose the easy way out of numbing of the pain and they get obsessed with it.


Not talking to you, being away from your loving warmth and not being able to hold your hands are killing every bit inside of me.


If in my dreams, you are mine; then let me sleep and hold you forever.


It is not the relationship that I fear; it is the risk of getting ripped apart by the hands of the person you trusted not to break it.


You say it, you do it, but what really matters is what you do not.


Those who dives in the skies of love knows the risk of getting themselves hurt from the fall.


There are those moments when instead of bursting in anger, my rage comes out as tears.


Sometimes, I am just too angry to move that I choose to succumb to my tears.


I don’t have time to waste on those who don’t care about me. I only have time for those who love me.


Solitude is a good company. Most of the time, it helps you find the answers you’ve long been searching for.


Love does not pull the trigger. The one who you love does.



Do not expect other people to make time for you. They only will when they need you.


It all began when you started to ignore me. Now, I know the end to our story.


Nothing hurts than loving someone who USED TO put you up in the highest pedestal in their hearts.


Is there anything more heartbreaking than watching the person who is your world make someone else their universe?


Sadly, the person who said ‘I love you’ is the same person who said ‘I never want to see you again’ to me.


The person whose lips fell words like ‘I love you’ and ‘you are beautiful’ is also the same person who told me ‘I hate you’ and ‘I wished I never met you’.


Without you, the birds have stopped singing, the winds have seized blowing and the sun did no rising.


Once upon a time, I have you. Now, I have lost you.


Break up is the winter, the death of all that is beautiful, to a colorful spring.


The madness, the strife and the cries boiling around me is slowly killing me.


Do not make the fatal mistake of placing your heart into the hands of someone else.


Your own happiness is your sole responsibility. Do not make the mistake of leaning it on someone else.


Do not waste your tears on someone who will see it as nothing.


Happiness is a decision. It is a choice that I am not yet ready to make.


The pain of missing you is like a deep dark void eating my insides.


It makes more sense to be single than to stay in an abusive and draining relationship.


Never wrap your emotions around the goal of pleasing others.


Your emotions are as unique as your attitude; embrace it.


Emotions are usually what drive people on making their purchases.


You will be surprised how simple the answer is to such complicated and twisted questions.


If you are sad, it is wise not to shop. Otherwise, you will regret having empty pockets.


I don’t understand why people I need seemed to be ‘busy’ all the time when I cleared room for my schedule just to help them.



We always have happiness inside our hearts; it never dies. Sometimes, though, sadness and pain overshadows it.


I admire my heart for surviving all the pain, the betrayal, and the hurt that it has put through all these years.


A beautiful person is one with a kind heart, not one with pretty looks.


You only call me when you need me; how convenient for you.


After all, your stories are all that matters. You didn’t even care what’s happening to me. Now you are telling me that I am never there for you?


I am not selfish. I am just tired of putting up with all your drama.


Best friends are all we need to make the bad times good and the good times even greater.


What do you expect? I am human. I am capable of feeling sad or angry.


People will never look at the kindness you’ve shown them. They will only notice you when you made a mistake and that is all they will remember.


The truth is I never really changed. It is just you do not know me enough.


At the end of the day, all I think about Is how I badly want to tell you what happened during my day…but I can’t because you are no longer here anymore.


My heart keeps beating. It won’t stop whispering your name. It won’t stop singing your songs. It just won’t stop beating long after you left me.


Bring love to this world full of hate.


Never place your worth into the hands of someone who is too blind to see it.


To live only for the opinion of others is a wasted journey.


You will never understand my pain until you feel the full blow of it for yourself.


Our life is built from the opportunities we took and the ones we’ve missed too.


Even if you expect it hurt this way, it would be so much painful than what you have imagined when it hits you in the chest.


Even If I disappear, it hurts me to know that no one will care to look for me.


One hello leads to a devastating goodbye…eventually.


One lie is good enough to tarnish a person’s trust on you forever.


Even if you copy my style or the way I move, you can never fully copy me for my emotions and attitude is one and only.


I’m trying to drown your voices in my heart. I am doing my best to take you out of my heart. But it hurts me to think that there will be nothing for me to hold on to that reminds me of you.


I am so tired of crying. So no more tears will fall. Even if I see you walk past by me.


Every breath I take is so hard without you to push me forward.


Let’s steal each other’s hearts and run away to the road that leads to the unknown.


Before you judge someone else, make sure to look at yourself in the mirror first.


Whenever someone says your name, my heart just skips a beat and dances around the room.


Some people waste their time by making their hobbies minding other people’s business.


My heart walks in these dark streets. Where every corner I can hear my accelerating heart beat. Only to find out that the only thing following my footsteps is my loneliness.


I can bear living without you. It will slice my heart every day. Every breath feels like burning my lungs. But I will survive, just like how you did survive without me.


It’s after you are free of a toxic relationship that you will realize that you shouldn’t have been with that person in the first place.


Sometimes, we take the chances and we get hurt. Sometimes, we do not take that one opportunity just to keep our hearts guarded.


The way you smile at me only hurts me more for I knew that you will never be mine in the first place.


I wish that it will be so easy to let someone love me as the person who has my heart love someone else.


No matter how loud you scream, no one will stop and listen unless they care about you.


She did not need to say the words. I heard the screams of her heart loud and clear.


One day, I hope you will regret the day you let me go without a fight.

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