35+ Cool Status

Cool has a different definition to different people.
For some, it could be being updated with the latest tends whether with fashion or technology, while for some it could be being comfortable in your own skin no matter what other people thinks of you.
Here are cool statuses you can post on your social media:

It is better to keep quiet than to go down the same level of a fool.


Tears are the sum of unspoken feelings.


My two greatest loves in the world is sleep and food. If I lose either one or both for you, that means you are special.


Don’t tell them. Show them what your dreams are like.

Life is the ultimate journey of finding and marking your own path.


I will eventually get there. I am on my way slowly but surely.


I may not be a super hero. I may be far from the likeness of Iron man or Superman, but I will be one for the sake of the people I love.


I don’t have time to waste on people who try to change me.


They say I am a keeper. It’s true, but once you proved yourself to be nothing but a leech to me, I will drop you off my life in a single heartbeat.


I am far from perfect and therefore, you have no right to judge me.


If you are to fritter away time, make sure to waste it wisely.

A suspecting woman has a far better instinct than a detective and a way better sixth sense than a psychic.


Life is too short to spend your time with a frown in your face. A smile would infinitely look better on you. Trust me.

My body is too small to hold all my awesome personality and that’s why I grew horizontally.


The very best things in life cost no money. Sadly, the second bests are not free.


True friends do not stab you in the back. They slap you with the bitter truth right in your face.



Don’t act like you know everything unless you truly do; which means that either you are Google or an encyclopedia.


Monday and Friday ends with both the word ‘day’. But how can they be so far away from each other?


If I have Google in my mind and an anti-virus in my heart, will that save me from all this pain?


At a certain point, you will discover who the precious few are who you need in your life.

Seeing you smile every day gives me a reason to be smile too.


Loving someone means bravely putting their happiness above your own, even if you are not one of the reasons.


Distance, sometimes, ironically helps you to keep a closer relationship to those you love.


The beauty of fresh hits is that it does not carry any memory or feeling you had of someone.


Your kindness, sincerity and generosity are the ones which make you beautiful, not the pearls, make-up or the dress you put on.


What people think of me is really none of my business. That’s one less worry I don’t have to think about.


Mistakes made up who we are. No matter how bitter or painful, it is an important part of growing up.


Winners are people who stand back up no matter how many times they fall down. Losers are those who choose to lie down and just let their mistakes bury them to the ground.


Sometimes, it is easier to give up and do nothing. The question is – will it get you anywhere? Dwell on that.


Please, don’t depend on me like your problem is also my problem.


The sign of intelligence is the ability to be quiet at all times and the ability to speak up when needed.


Intelligence will wither away if not used wisely on hard work.


Just look at it this way: if they are trying to pull you down, it only means that you are above them.


Summer only contributed to my radiating hotness.


Life is too short for you to waste it on purely on social media. Go out there and enjoy the sunshine once a while.


They say I am bad, but they haven’t seen the worst in me yet.


There is no point in trying to explain myself when I know that I am right all along.


Leave a little bit of your magic wherever you go.


The road to true success is a road that never stops.


Dreams will only stay as a mere fantasies unless you act upon them and make them a reality.


Running away from your problems won’t stop your worries from chasing after you.


Everyone is a traveler in their own journeys.


There is always a time to be happy. It’s a choice.


A smile is your best accessory. Make sure not to leave home without it.


When I was growing up, I was scared to death whenever my teacher summons my parents to her office. Times have changed nowadays. Now parents are scared to death whenever the teachers call them to complain about their kids.


Nothing is possible only if you are doing nothing all your life.


Live loud, love unconditionally and laugh hard.


My perfect day is a mug of hot chocolate + a great book + the rain tapping outside my window + my room + me in my pajamas.


Keep calm, be happy and enjoy what life has to offer.


It’s simple. If there is gratitude in your heart, blessings will always find its way into your life.


Life is too precious to waste your time on your haters.


Life will not be complicated if we stop being so complicated.


A life without failures and mistakes is like going to school without teachers.


Cool is nothing against genuine kindness and sincere generosity.


The test of true coolness is to remain calm and collected whilst being in front of your crush.


If you are truly sorry, don’t waste your time trying to be fake in front of me.


Cleaning my room is like unearthing treasure from your childhood. That’s why I never manage to truly throw anything away.


I can still see your horns and claws in spite of the tears falling from your eyes.


You are amazing, breathtaking, loud and beautiful like the fireworks in the night.


Silent voices have the loudest thoughts.


You cannot stop the wind from blowing your way, but you can learn how to ride the breeze.


If I speak my mind all the time, I don’t think I will have that many friends left.


If one day I will have kids, I want them to be as cool as I am!


Where else did I get my coolness but from my equally cool parents?


Beauty rots with time but personality shines forever.


Beauty starts when you’ve decided to show your true colors.


Sure, I am in a good shape…like a perfect potato.


Just like in photographs, use the bad and negative in your life to develop who are.


Not all truths need to be heard.


I am not a believer of words but I am firm follower of actions.


If you run away from life, you will never learn to how to live.


Nothing is as perfect as when you are by my side.


The picture of your smile is more worth more than a hundred poems read at the same time.


You are not odd; you are the only one edition of yourself in this world.


Kids these days are feared by their parents. Back in my day, I shake with fear whenever I’m called to the principal’s office.


Not all truths need to be said. Sometimes, the Pandora box is safer away from eyes of the whole world.


Intelligence can never be out shined by beauty.


When life kicks you down, stand up and try harder.


Don’t rush. Trust your perfect timing. Everything that you have gone through will finally make sense.


Freedom is doing your passion. Happiness is loving everything you do.


Enjoy the happiness you have right now. Tomorrow, you might find yourself holding on to every thread of it.


The best thing you can do for a friend in need is to stay by their side and listen with all your heart.


I miss my job only when I needed money to go off and have another adventure somewhere again.


Genius has its limits. Stupid goes on forever and ever.


You can anything you want but ultimately though, not everything.


Success can only be achieved when you don’t stop working on improving yourself.


Kids these days got their hands full with problems about their love lives while I am here, having problems with collecting all my Pokemons.


Awesome runs in my blood. I was born with it. So, I don’t think I deserve the hate you are giving me.


If you want me that bad, I want to let you know straight on that buying me drinks and showering me with gifts will not get you far with me.


Every day, we receive a present called life. So, smile!


It is only difficult when you make everything so complicated.


It will take more than that to get me down. ‘Give up’ does not exist in my vocabulary.


Home is where I can eat my potato chips and watch a TV drama marathon while on my underwear.


Nothing beats the attitude of gratitude. It is simply the magnet for blessings to come in your life.


If you run out of things to be grateful for, just look at the mirror. Not everyone has time or is fortunate enough to dwell about this.


You treated me like a side dish, so don’t expect me to give you the feast of happiness you are looking for.


There are two reasons why I wake up every morning: one is school and the other is you.


No perfect soul is without a touch of crazy or madness.


Chances will never go to waste as long as you don’t allow them to pass like a fart.


I am never the one to settle as an option. Even if I like you like crazy, if you treated me like one, you will watch me walk away without looking back.

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