30 Single Life Quotes

There is nothing wrong with living the single life, most of the people in this world still hasn’t found the right person for them so they go on living a single life.
It is quite nice actually, only having to consider yourself in everything you do.
Never let anyone make you feel that you are doing something wrong or that you should find a partner soon.
That is up to you to decide and should you decide you do not want it then that’s okay too! Here are some single life quotes that might be able to enlighten you even more about it.

Living the single life ain’t nothing to be ashamed of, maybe you should even be proud of it.


I can be whoever I want to become because no one will ever hold me back, it is really okay.


Who cares if I have no one to go home to when I get home from work, I can watch Netflix.



I can go ahead and do whatever I chose to do without consulting someone if that’s alright.


It is nice to have some alone time for a change, to be able to do what is on my mind at last.


I want to tell the world that I am going to be okay, that I am going to try to do things my way.

Finally, I can do a lot more now that I am able to have some alone time, some time for me.


And I have decided that I will dedicate a day just to be able to travel by myself, it’ll be fun.


May I not have to but on a do not disturb sign on my heart just to let people know about it.

I have fun being alone, by myself, I need not anyone else in this world just to be happy, really.


I describe myself as someone who is strong enough to live a life that I want without anyone.


A relationship is nice especially with someone you love but you need to be alone before that.


You should never let yourself revolve around one person unless that person is but yourself.


So tell me, what do I do with what I am left with, how do I deal with the things I try to do?


I need to spend some time with myself to be able to realize who I am without my other half.


For now, I am going to live a single life until the right person eventually comes my way.


And if you want a single life for the rest of forever, then so be it, you can go for pets anyway.


There is nothing weird or wrong about living a single life, it is your own thing, believe me.


Go ahead and try the single life, it is a choice that you should be able to make on your own.


Finally, make some paradise that you can visit within your heart and not outside of yourself.

To be able to live your life on the terms you want and never to apologize is but a blessing.


It’s okay to go ahead and do that, to be all by yourself and still be happy because it’s you.


If you know yourself you can live life better so I suggest you wise up and be enlightened.


I am not lonely, just because I am alone does not mean that way, I can be on my own, really.


Be comfortable with yourself because that is truly the best place to be at, believe me on it.


And it is really up to you how you decide to live your life but I hope you live it really well.


Do not let others define you by your way of living if you are happy with a single life, go for it.


When you have no one else to rely on but yourself, that is when you will know who you are.


I want to be labeled as someone who is mature enough to enjoy her own company, that’s it.


You will never lose yourself and maybe that is why you need to have a better relationship.


What you need is someone who will push you to your limits and that is but yourself, my dear.


When you are alone, you get to think more and be able to decide more about things in life.


May you never be defined because of the status you are in, nothing is wrong with a single life.


I like being by myself because I am always going to be here especially when I need me most.


I celebrate on my own and sing for myself because I love myself that much, I like her a lot.


There is nothing better than the chance to be able to do all the things you want: freedom.


Focus on what you have instead of focusing on what you do not have, and that is yourself.


Single life is actually good because you learn how to take care of your own body and person.


When you realize that alone time matters it might be too late so start setting time aside now.


If you have decided to be all alone by yourself for the rest of your life, cats would be great.


If you have a hard time trying to love yourself, then how could you start loving another one?


When you are by yourself, you do not need anyone else’s opinion but your own and it’s good.


Before entering a relationship may you have lived a single life so that you know you are okay.


I want to be able to do something that only I can and so I decided to be by myself for now.


You can always go into a relationship but when you get caught in a toxic one it hurts a lot.


If you are not used to it, it will feel lonely to be alone but when you get used to it, it’s fine.


All I have ever wanted was to see you happy & I think you could be happy even by your own.


You are awesome, whoever is living a single life out there, you will be just fine, believe me.


Once you hurt the most important person in your life, yourself, it’s hard to love anyone else.


You have just had your heart broken so I think that you deserve some time alone to mend it.


Then you find a flower that makes you feel less alone than you already are and things are okay.


So go ahead and watch the sunset, appreciate its beauty as you are sitting on that beach side.


For now, all I want is be able to be happy when no one else is with me for I am strong.


And there are times when a single life feels even better than being in a relationship, really.


I think people who are able to live their life all alone by themselves are really strong, right?


There is more to life than just finding the right person, it is more of finding the right purpose.


I want to be able to be beside you and to be the one who will be here but first I need me.


I need myself more than I need anyone else in my life and that is the truth of things, really.


The best type of life to live is that which I can be myself, that which I can pray for myself.


It is nice to live a single life, you are free to go to the places you want to go without a hold.


I am committed with the idea that I need to become a better version of myself, that’s about it.


I have spent my whole life trying to fit in but instead I should have loved myself all along.


It is the moments when you feel you are worthless that you should love yourself even more.


I admit it is hard, to be able to get things done when I feel like shit but I did and now I’m here.


Maybe there is no choice but to live a life on your own to keep things from escalating a lot.


It was in that moment that I have decided that life is meant for those who can live alone.


I just wish that I am the person who I can be with for the rest of my life, I have to try at least.


I chose this life simply because I seem pretty good at it, in maintaining it with myself, really.


There was no choice left, it was either I chose me or not so I decided to give it one last try.


The point is that you can actually live with your own skeletons if you are dedicated to do it.


There will be time when it feels worst to be alone but you will get past them all on your own.


You are strong and I believe that, so forget anyone else and just trust yourself on this, dear.


No matter what other people think, it is you who matters the most in this life so go live it out.


For now, I just believe that nothing is better than liking the person you see on that mirror.


Believe me, you can do this, you can go living a life that is worth everything else in the world.


I have yet to be in relationship with someone I can enjoy solitude with so I stayed a single life.


So yeah I live a single life but no I am not available, I am just enjoying my own company now.


I love myself enough to try out the single life and I have decided that it is pretty exciting, girl.


I think people should try out a single life first before anything else, it is quite relaxing, really.


How do you go from a relationship to a single life they ask me and I tell them that I just did.


You have to have courage not to rely on anyone else but yourself that is the single life, girl.


For now, I want to be able to tell people that I am happy that I am living the single life.

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