30+ Life Sucks Quotes

At one point, you would think that life sucks, you will feel as if everything is going down the drain, everything that you have worked so hard for is slipping off of your fingertips, like nothing will ever go right again but the truth is that there will always be tomorrow, there will always be another day to make things right once more.
There will always be something that will help you get over your notion that life sucks.
But sometimes, the best you can do is to relate yourself to it so here are some life sucks quotes that you can relate to or at least make you feel a lot better.

Truth be told, life sucks and there just isn’t any other way to actually describe the feeling.


Mistakes will happen in life and all you need to do is find the chance to correct them all.


It is not a bad life, that is what I want you to know, it is but just another bad day, my dear.


You will fail more often than not but you need to get back up and show them that you can.


Giving up is not an option, always choose to try harder the second time around, my love.


This life is not meant to be taken so seriously but with fun, with the reality that is out there.


There is something about nature that is soothing like watching the majestic greens and blues.


I know you probably are not feeling that great but today is the last day, tomorrow is great.


Another chance is what you can get, something that is given away to you freely, all the time.


There are moments when all you want to do is just die but I am telling you not to, don’t do it.



There will be another morning after this, never let the bad experiences define who you are.


When you feel like nothing is going right try to think of one good thing that happened to you.


May you realize that speaking when you are angry is not that good so calm down beforehand.


I wonder why people like making a misery of other’s life when their own life is already so.


Life may not seem that interesting at first but when you learn to live through it you’ll know.


The truth is things in this era are always going to be short but I do hope that we will be okay.


That quote they say about everything happening for a reason is not real at all, I think so.


Life sucks but we only got one so we might as well try to make the most out of it, right?


When life sucks, hold on to the ones that are dear to you until it doesn’t suck the same, okay?


I hope that you learn to stop doubting yourself for the things you can never change today.


Just find any medium you can find to actually make your life a whole lot better than ever.


So I am telling you that you can change if only you know what to do for the first step.


Revenge is definitely not worth it, trust me for I have been on your shoes once upon a time.


If you are not meant to do something, no matter how hard you try, you’ll never be able to.


Let’s make it clear, any bad thing that has happened to you before is not your fault, okay?


Let the rain come, you have your umbrella ready anyway, so take that risk, live more free.


A fabulous story is one where you control what will happen, when you take charge, so do so.


Watching TV and just wondering about the room is a great thing and living a life is another.


I love receiving criticisms and compliments from other people and I hope you can give me.


There are times when you feel like you just want to give up and pack up, but do not think so.


Stop feeling that you cannot do anything at all because believe me you can do much more.


When you feel like life is crushing down on you, remember that there is a rainbow, dearest.


If it isn’t today, when will you try to make things a whole lot better, so start right now.


The truth is that not everyone can please you but it takes only a moment to know them.


There are times when you just cannot do anything at all but remember that you are great.


When you are feeling down, remember that there are people going through worse right now.


I just want to lie down and just rest up but sometimes it’s just so hard to do that right thing.


You have to be positive on your own to live a positive life, that is just the way it goes, okay?


Nothing feels good anymore, everything feels so bad but then that is just the way life is.


The most important thing is that you learn how to trust yourself especially when no one does.


Life sucks simply because eventually it will come to an end, it will come to a conclusion.


When your friends do not feel like being with you anymore you will feel just how life sucks.


The truth is that life sucks more often than not, you just need to learn how to deal with it.


Nothing will ever be easy but you can make things easier instead of feeling harder for it.


Stop hurting yourself for things that you know you can never change, that is the key to life.


If you want to live better, you need to take a risk, to make a change, because you can do so.


You will go against the waves at times but then again that is just the way life’s supposed to be.


I want to be with you and because I do, I will do my best to make the right things happen.


Some people can keep a relationship long enough but I guess I just am not a keeper, at all.


How do I deal with this, how do I manage my stress, how do I tell myself I will be okay?


It just feels so painful to watch a person get hurt in front of you, to feel what he is feeling.


There are a lot of kinds of happiness and you need to find the one you like the best, okay?


It is just about going along with the ride, being one with the flow, enjoying the moment.


How do I tell you that the best things in this life are meant to be free when you do not listen?


Listen to me when I tell you that things are going to be very hard but they are all worth it.


There ain’t any reason at all to why I do the things that I do, just that it’ll never be the same.


There are moments when I just want to close my eyes and imagine how to do things right.


Let me be that person you cry to when you do not feel like living anymore, I will comfort you.


Even when life throws you all the challenges, I promise that I will be there, no matter what.


Why can’t he see that I am the one who cares for him, that I should be the one he loves?


I do not get what he sees in her that I do not have, what more do I need to do for him, huh?


I tried my best but it seems that I am never good enough and maybe I will never really be.


Is this how they feel in the movies when they get their heart broken, how it just hurts so much?


I do not know about you but for me it feels like my world is slowly breaking apart bit by bit.


Let me tell you of the story of how I was once the best but now the very worst because of you.


There are so many regrets that I have in this life but you are not one of them, never will be.


You are my light, the one that I will always want to look at, to reach, to touch, more than ever.


Life sucks but you can’t do anything about it rather than deal with it and get it over with.


Let’s get this over with, it’s either you do or you don’t the choice is really all up to you.


There are just some things in life that you can never ever replace once you have lost them.


Trust is very hard to earn and losing it just totally is a bummer I should know, I’ve been there.


Life will always try to make you feel you are not worth it but I hope you do not believe that.


Sometimes life sucks but at the moments it doesn’t it actually feels great, so be patient.


Life sucks, sooner or later you will come to a low point in your life, be ready for that moment.


No one wants to be with me anymore and I just have to say that life sucks so much for me.


I cannot take away the pain because life sucks and you need to learn to make it less sucky.


Life sucks and sometimes what you want to do is to yell because of it but you just can’t.


Life sucks so if people don’t treat you right, you have the right to actually ignore them all.


In general, life sucks especially in high school where everyone just wants to belong somehow.


When you feel that your life sucks I suggest you find a book and read some, enjoy the moment.


Life sucks but eventually you will find hope, the inspiration and it would all be a lot better.


It is when you just cannot do anything anymore that you feel that life sucks totally, my dear.


Whenever you feel that life sucks, I hope you think of me and all the times we have shared.


Life sucks but it doesn’t suck as much because you are right here beside me at this moment.

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