25+ Nice Friendship Status

Friendships are the greatest blessing one can ever have.
Life is really more colorful and fun if you share it with a friend.
Here are some statuses to show your gratitude for your friends:

It’s hard to find true friends, so if you find them, cherish them, and keep them.


A day with friends is a beautiful day that is well spent.


A friend is someone who sees through your smiles and tears.


The greatest betrayal is not of your boyfriend but from your best friends because they are supposed to be your crying shoulders when you are down.

A meaningful friendship is those that will change you for the better and not for the worse.


The greatest thing of having real friends is that they stick with you with all your dramas.


Try not to make friends before you understand their stories. Great friendship understands when there are differences.

A friend will lift you up when you fall. Your close friend will laugh at you first, help you gets up, then find someone responsible and breaks his face.


When two friends understand each other, they will stay together even though they are mikes away from each other.


Friends are sometimes are closer to us than families.


A broken friendship is like a crumpled paper, you can always look back to what’s written there, but it would still end up being a waste.

Not every friendship should grow into a relationship. There are risks and consequences always at stake.


Real friends are those that will laugh at you in your face, but will defend you and say pleasant things about you when your back is turned.

Do not forget who was there for you when you have no one to take care of you.


Fake friends will listen to nasty gossips about you. Real friends will always have confidence in you.


If you belong to the right circle of friends, you won’t feel alone no matter where you are.



If you are the type of person that is weak with friendship and relationship, then you are one of the people with the biggest heart.


The world is full of judgmental people ready to scrutinize you, but friends will always be there to get you through.


My friends are loud and noisy yet the most fun people to be with.


Because of my best friend, I learned to save a lot of tears from falling from my eyes.

Friendship is a common treasure that is often taken for granted by many.


The priceless moment when you are telling a lie but your best friend goes along with your story.


A true friend will be able to listen to your heart despite trying to hide your real emotions.


Every relationship has trust as its foundation, including friendship.


A true friend, will hate to see you cry and would do every possible step to prevent you from crying.


It is ideal to live alone. There is no friendship with a numb-skull.


Our friendship is my personal four-leaf clover which brings good luck to me every single day.


I am not an idealistic person. I just know that my friends will help me survive this cold and cruel world.


If I get to choose between my lover and friends, I’d still choose to be with my friends because they are the one that will always be there even your lover already left you.



Be careful whom you keep as friends. Some that will cause you to fall intentionally or unintentionally are not worth keeping.


A real friend will tell you the truth even when you prefer not to hear it.


Love will start nicely but might still end. True friendship is something without any end.


Whenever you fall, your friends will lift you up. Your best friend will laugh at you and will push you to carry on.


Sometimes, having friends is better than meeting Mr Right Guy.


I am not wishing extravagant luxuries in my life; I just want a happy life with a lot of friends to share my happiness with.


Fake friends will be there when you are at your coolest. Real friends stick with you even when you are at your dumbest.


You will know your best friends from the heart no matter how others try to destroy their image to you.


Talking to your best friend all day is the best activity ever.


Did you ever wonder how great ideas come to you whenever you are with your best friends?


It’s always heart-breaking to see how friends turn to strangers.


You can never be truly happy with whatever blessings you get if you don’t have friends to share it with.


I have friends who make my solitary life a meaningful one.


You know you are with great friends when you start calling them for emergencies instead of 911.


Great friendship starts when you see yourself in their shoes and relate to them as much as you have ever with anyone!


In this big world, it is always nice to know that there are people who you can belong to. You call them friends.


If people are just like wolves, our pack is the best.


Out of the million people in this planet, it is always reassuring to belong to group of people who believes in you.


You will always have that one friend who knows the suffering you truly have despite the smile you are faking.


Sometimes your friends worry about your well-being more than some of your relatives do.


It’s always nice to meet someone who will not judge you with your past and gets along with you really well.


Friends are always there to pull you up when you are at your lowest. Isn’t life sweet for having friends?


I have been through a lot of challenges in life. It’s impossible to survive if it’s not for the friends who stayed by my side all throughout the years.


I can never imagine life without any of my friends. We have been together since like forever.


Even if my life is often a mess, I manage to survive each day because of my friends.


The best people in life are the ones who are always by your side whenever you stumble and fall.


If you are in a great company of friends, you will always feel at home even with the people who are not related to you by blood.

Your friends are your worst critics but they will fight for you if somebody else does.


You know you are friends when you are almost near their house and your phone’s WiFi automatically connects.


You know you love your friends when you are crying in their place.


There are times when you feel like crying but you are afraid that your friends might just go there and cause a commotion and kill someone.


When you are doing something for your friends, you know it’s true when you see it as a personal task, not an obligation or a demand.


Loving a friend is like loving a brother or a sister that is born from another mother. It might be cliché but it’s true.


It is always painful to see our friends cry and we know that so we try not to cry in front of them.


Living is difficult on this earth but friends are there to get us through the loneliest and most difficult times.


At times, insecurities and self-doubt will get to you and your best friend will be there to bring back your confidence in you.


Friendship focuses on the moments shared together and not from the things he or she is getting from the friendship.


If I get to choose between my friend and a box of chocolate, I’d choose my friend then guilt-trip her or him into buying me the chocolates.


My friends are my superheroes, best buddies, I know that with them, I can survive life’s great challenges.


I don’t know how others can fake friendships. Why don’t they just settle with being acquaintances rather than faking it?


Have you ever thought of being so scared but faced it because your friends are there? That’s the power of friendship.


When I am lost and scared, I just message my friends and hearing from them back, makes me more fearless.


Real friends will boost your confidence in yourself. They will not limit your capabilities unlike most families do.


There is always so positive about your friends that you cannot stay negative when they are around.


Do not listen to negative things. Listen to your families and friends who believe in you.


Some friends will not tell a bad word against you whenever you make mistakes. Your best friend will slap you and tell you, What’s the hell is wrong with you? Because, he trusts that you too be good.


Have you ever heard of friendship trusts that got broken and went exactly the same when it gets broken?


Friendship bond grows stronger each time they experience great challenge together and survive it.


You know you are real friends when you will still fight for him or her even when you are mad at him or her.


The only person that could tell you how much you’ve change is your old friend.


Is true friendship measure by how long you have been together? Or how many times you spent for each other?


If you cannot have richness in life, then be rich by having the best friends that life has to offer.


You don’t get to choose your friends. They will come to you and you will come to them. It’s destined to happen.


You cannot go through life without having a friend that you can rely to.


Friends will be there for you to be able to achieve your dreams, and enjoy life to the fullest.


You can never grow old if you keep your old friends with you as you grow. You will always remember good times as kids.


It’s tough to find real friends when the world is so full of deception, so take good care of them once you find them.


Your friends are the reason you smile at the end of the work week.

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