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Wondering how to wish someone with some happy quote to make their day? It is not always about your presence or some cute gifts; even few special loving words will make a lot of difference. Don’t be hesitant to share these happy quotes due to lack of words.
Make use of these quotes to share happiness and love! You can personalize these quotes with few memorable messages, pictures, video clips and more.

If you are happy, it doesn’t mean that you are perfect. True happiness comes for those who can see beyond the little imperfections.


We do not have a very long life, so be happy and makes others happy in this short span of time.


Forget your worries and be happy because you never know if you’ll get another day.


Try to make the best out of everything even if you don’t have the best after all.

The happiest people are those who’ve learned to let go.


Some people can make you happy even at the hardest times.


Happiness is when you learn to put others needs in front of yours.


Happiness is an expedition, not a destination.


Happiness cannot be received in a ready-made way. You need to make it by your actions.


One of the best moments in life would be when you realize that someone looks after you with all the love and care that can be given.


The secret recipe for happiness is to do what you like.


Even a small thing can make someone happy, in other words, it means just spending some time with a kid or a cute puppy.


If you want to be that one person who enjoys happiness, then you will have to long for it.

Happiness can be for a lifetime. It all depends on how you see it.


We must be grateful for the people who keep us happy. They are the people who make our lives blossom.


The magnificent gardeners are those who always make an effort to make his friend happy.



If you can make a person happy every day then you can make yourself happy.


Anything that you do today, be it a kind word, gesture or thought leaves a mark on the person who you made happy.


One must learn to let go of their past because it can be the bottleneck to your happiness.


If you ever want to give up, think of all the times you held on it, there was always a reason that made you immensely happy.


There is only one person who can make you really happy and that is YOU.


If you do not take chances in your life it will come to a standstill, so if you can be honest and stay happy would be the greatest gift you’re giving to yourself.


Always try to focus on the good things that come in your life and leave back the things that can stress you out.


Life is not about what might go wrong but how you would respond when something happens to you.


If you can count your blessings when others are counting their sorrows, you will be the happiest.


In every moment of the day think of something positive. This can keep you going and make you happy.


Even a brief moment of happiness is always better than lasting misery.


To be content also mean to acquire happiness.


The best satisfaction people can get is when you give joy to others.



Happiness is not an expensive gift; if it needs big price then it is not true happiness.


Happiness is not always materialistic but also depends on a person’s views.


If you keep crying over something that didn’t last, then you will not find time to smile.


When you start to think positively, it evokes an enormous amount of energy and happiness to stride forward.


Life is not about how much you’ve got but how much you enjoy.


If someone takes out the happiness from you, then they don’t fit to be with you.


A smile is the loveliest curve a person can wear.


You keep losing your sixty seconds of contentment, for every minute you spend angrily.


The only master key that can unlock the gates of joy is love.


There will be no time to love one another if the only thing you do is judge people.


There is nothing to be worried of because God is always on our side.


Never should a person strive to impress others instead spend your time making others happy.


Nothing is greater than a mom’s love towards its child and a dad’s affection.


A smile can be infectious.


Keep smiling and make others happy because one day life will be tired of disappointing you.


30 Quotes about being happy with Images

If someone says that you’ve made them happy, you’ve won in life.


To be a good person, you need to put others above you and always strive to keep them happy.


Spread happiness, not diseases.


Happy people are the luckiest.


Anybody can bring a smile on your face, but not everyone can make you happy.


To be happy is one’s choice and it is a wonderful feeling.


A smile can change a person’s mood and make them happy.



A person is happy when he puts a smile on many other people.


Wish happiness to everybody, even if you do not like that person.


Happiness is not only meant to be received, but also to be shared.


There must be occasional grief if you have to be happy all over again.


If you can connect with the silence that abides within you, then you can be truly happy.


Learn to step up because those things that you were most afraid to do, can make you the happiest.


If you can accept who you are, then you can be happy at all times.


Happiest people are the prettiest beings.


Be happy, not because you have thousands of reasons to smile but because you do not have to weep.


One of the biggest joys in life comes from always being happy for other people.


If you can smile at all the things life throws at you, then you will smile throughout your life.


Do not forget that comparison can steal away your happiness.


You can spend your lifetime thinking about others blessings, but that will not get you anything.


Happiness is achieved easily when you know that you are in charge of your contentment.


You do not require others opinions to keep you happy.


Always be nice to the people when you are on your way to greatness because you might as well meet them when you are your way back down.


Try to set an example by treating every individual with respect, even if they are mean to you- because at least you are nice.


Forgive and forget, because where there is hatred, there is no happiness.


The path of happiness can only be accomplished if you find joy in other person’s happiness.


Happiness is when you keep giving without expecting anything in return.


Wear a happy smile every time you walk out, for you might as well make somebody’s day.


You do not have to treat people the same way they treat you. Learn to make a difference by wearing a smile on your face.


20 Be happy quotes to share happiness

You have achieved so much, be happy with yourself.


Flood a person’s life not with water, but with happiness.


To live a positive life, the negative company must be changed.


Make yourself a priority once in a while and you will know that the happiness you were searching outside was within yourself.


Nobody can derail your destiny but you; keep the negative thoughts away and positive thoughts closer.


Better be alone and happy than to be surrounded by fake people.


If you can walk away from those who treat you badly, you will once again be happy.


Cherish what you have at this moment, nobody is happy forever.


If someone cannot see the worth in you, let go because you deserve to be happy.


Don’t let others decide your mood and nobody is worth your tears.


A child’s smile is infectious, catch one and spread it.


Follow the path that keeps you happy, for everybody has the right to live the life according to their way.


There are so many people who are unhappy in this world. Don’t be one of them.


Your success and happiness do not depend on other people’s belief and expectations.


Even if you are at the bottom, smile and keep going for that will make you wise and happy.


Life would be much easier if you can make others happy.


You will be the happiest if you achieve your dreams.


Do not wait for the perfect moment, make one instead and see the amount of happiness you will gain by it.


Life is short to regret the things that you could have done, so never wait for results of things you did.


10 Unique Quotes about happiness and love

The best way to foretell your future is by creating it.


Stay calm and happy; there is nothing you cannot achieve.


The way you deal with the failures in your life will determine your achievements and happiness.


Nothing is impossible if you have the nerve to do it.


If times are good, all are happy. But only a strong soul can smile when life is tearing him down.


Focus on the good things and that will put a smile on your face.


If you can stay happy throughout your struggles, you are a winner.


Bad days do not last long, so be hopeful every day and learn to wear a smile and be happy at every walk of your life.


Life gets better when you stop expecting.


Enjoy your life every day instead of waiting for better days to come.


No amount of wealth or attention you have got matters until you have radiated positive vibrations.


Enjoy the journey of life by always focusing on the positiveness that life has to offer instead of dwelling in the past.


Everyone would have been happy if people had to work for building happiness on earth, instead of creating his own happiness.


Always make sure you are happy with what you have taken up because you deserve to be happy, not miserable.


The only thing that is important is to be happy every day.

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