100 College Friends Quotes

When you go to college you meet several people who have different walks of life.
Some of them may just be passing by and maybe some become your best of friends.
There are million words could describe your college friends but if you cannot tell what you want, here are some quotes that could probably help you to express your feelings or thoughts about them or will make you feel more inspired to make friends more in college.

My college friends are the most beloved friends that I have in my life and I love them for it.


Keep it cool and simple and you will find the right friends in your college life.


I swear to you, you would not be able to live your college right if you do not have friends.


You are going to make friends no matter how hard you try not to make one.


My college life is not complete without a bunch of crazy and hyper college friends.


All kinds of first time in life are sometimes experience with college friends.


Imagining a life without college friends is like plain bread; nothing makes your life special.


College friends are really for keeps; they were the ones who are always there during your good.


Sometimes you can find your true lifetime friend from your college friends.


All you need are friends who will never judge you and will never leave you; for me there are my friends.


College is never been easy but your college friends make it bearable and memorable.


Before I don’t understand why some people claim that college friends will be your lifetime friend, but now I really know why.


There are many things in life that will not only learn in the four corners of the classroom; friends sometimes are the best teacher of life experiences.

Family is the best word to describe college friends since you do and experience things together.


When you think you are the only one who did not study in class, look to your friends, maybe you’ll find out there were too.


To pass a course you only need; books, notes and hardworking friends.



Openness is somewhat more common to college friends than to your high school friends.


Visualizing your future is more fun when you have best friends dreaming with you.


You don’t know who are the sincere among your college friends, you will find out only when you’re failing but yet there were still there.


Seeing your college friends doing great and happy is priceless.


College friends are like thieves in the night who steal your precious time without knowing it.


Misunderstandings and fights also happens between best friends but a friendship with a solid foundation will overcome it in just a day.


After a bad day in school, your friends are the best option to be with.


College friends should be treated with love and care because they are the ones who will help you to overcome your college years.


During exams the ones who stay late with you are your friends.


College friends are as companion during our journey in college, who are a big help to overcome obstacles in the road to success.


When you fall and feel ashamed about it, friends help you to stand up and give you it’s alright look.


Confronting your college friends is never easy, because you don’t know if they were still your friends on the next day.


Our friends contribute largely to our personal growth since they are the ones with us during the transition of teenage years to adulthood.

Because of our friends, laughter becomes music in our ears, food becomes tastier, and joy fulfills our hearts.


True friends respect each other’s opinion despite of differences on beliefs and traditions.


It can be stressful to have fight with your friends, but it happens all the time.


At the end of the day, it is your friends who can mend your broken heart and tired soul.


Whenever you feel empty and lonely, always remember that you have your friends that could light up your day.


You just need to be careful in picking your college friends because not all of them are sincere and good ones.


How big influence my college friends are? I can afford being stupid as long as I am with them.


Of all my friends, friends are always the best.


In a circle of college friends, there is always a comedian that could remove bad vibes in the group.


Being always with your friends, make them knew you so you can’t hide everything from them.


Your life becomes an open book whenever you choose to disclose it to your college friends.


Since I enter the university, I don’t care if I look disgusting when laughing so loud as long as I am enjoying with my friends.


Hard times become easier because I have you friends, my friends.


Always remember that your friends define you so choosing your college friends should be careful.


College life is boring if you indulge yourself in studying too much, which is why you should have college friends to make it more fun and memorable.


Whenever you need money, advice, company and tutor; friends are always there for you.


Who among your friends are true and sincere? Well don’t let go of them they are treasure.


Appreciate every college friend you have because not all of them will stay if you’ve taken them for granted.


There is nothing wrong in spending your spare time with your friends because it could give you a satisfying and contented feeling.


Diversity should never be an issue between you and your college friends.


When you can’t find any friends, it means you are the problem, reach out and get along with others.


Toughest battle in college became manageable whenever you have college friends behind your back that is ready to battle with you and never let you deeply wounded.


Love to one’s friend comes in many aspects and a that kind of love to a college friend that you could give could also be unconditional and everlasting because this kind of love doesn’t always found for couples but also to the ones who treasured each other truly.


You are already blessed if you find friends that will not just passersby but will stay forever with you no matter what happens.


Being straightforward to your friends is not bad unless you addressed it carefully with love and sincerity.


There are plenty reasons why life becomes meaningful when you have college friends to depend and to lean on; one is there are source of happiness as well as your learning.

Successful individuals are not only based on how much money is making and number of achievements but also in terms of having friends.


I am just having fun with my friends that I don’t even notice that we are already doing remarkable ones.


You have done several weird things with your friends in college but enjoy it and love every single moment of it.


A true college friend thinks you are well grown tomato though he sees some parts of yours unripe or rotten.


Only true friends will accept you imperfections and still love you the way you are.


You don’t need to have a large circle of college friends to be happy, you just only need some true ones.


Finding a true friend in college is like picking a ripe mango. You know why? Because you must try it first for a couple of times or more before you will find the perfect ripe one.


There are several words that could symbolize your friends but for me it is only one; treasure.


A real college friend is not all about meeting them during your lowest times but meeting them before that and will stay forever.


It is amusing that sometimes friendship in college starts from asking What’s your next class?


Humorous side of me comes out unconsciously whenever I am with my best friends.


A real friend in college is someone you are kept disagreeing with but still you are remain friends.


You don’t have to own expensive clothes, car, accessories, phones and whatever material things to find a real friend, all you need is to be you, the real you.


Don’t let insincere college friends come to your life and will use you for their advantage. It is better to know them first before it is too late.


There is one thing that are commonly share in a circle of best friends; Food. Food of yours is also food for all.


What word comes to your mind when you think of your college friends? I will tell what’s mine; Awesome.


Your best friends might forget your name after how many decades but never forget the memories you shared together.


What is the best thing for having awesome friends in college? You will have an overflowing confidence.


Your real college friends are the ones who will fight for you even you chose to give up.


A good kind of friendship is when even though you won’t be able to see each other every day but your hearts are still connected.


Treasured every moments you spent with your best friends because time will come that you won’t be able to see each other again.


Most of my college friends are like sail in the boat they were the ones who made me keep moving during my stormy days.


I am a pessimist you are not, I am boring to be with you are not, so why we are friends?


A real college friend doesn’t afraid to always tell the truth even it could hurt you.


College friends make you experienced all kinds of craziness in this world.


Allot time for taking a pause in studying, free your mind for a while and occupied it with happy memories with your friends.


There were no words can describe my love to my friends, but I know that I could anything for them as long as for their own good.

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