10 New Year’s Nail Ideas for a Sparkly 2021

We’re finally ringing in a new year—goodbye, 2020! Hello, 2021! Celebrations will likely look a little different this year with small gatherings trumping big, blow-out parties. You may even decide to cozy up at home and watch some New Year’s Eve movies to start the year off right. Whether you’re going out or staying in to watch the 2021 New Year’s Eve Ball Drop in Times Square, you want your hands to look great as you hold those festive, bubbly New Year’s Eve cocktails. It’s the new year, so make it fancy!

For a fresh look for 2021, these new year’s nail ideas bring a whole new meaning to “new year, new you.” As you’ll see here, there’s no shortage of creative, sparkly (so much sparkle!) nail art ideas. Try your hand at these looks, from super simple to spectacular, or just paint on best winter nail polish colors for pretty hands all season long. (And January is a great time to practice for all those cute Valentine’s Day nail ideas!)

To get a truly professional-looking, at-home manicure, trim your cuticles, file and buff nails, and moisturize hands with lotion or oil, just like they do in the salon. While you’ve got your supplies out, give your toes some love. Most of these nail art ideas will make for a fun pedicure, too!

1Animal Print New Year’s Nail Art

Start the new year off with a roar! Sassy and sexy animal print nail tips top a nude base coat for a look that says, “I’m ready for anything!”


2Fireworks New Year’s Nail Art

Sparks are gonna fly when your friends see these multi-colored glitter fireworks on your fingers. Layer bright hues on top of midnight-colored base polish to mimic fireworks bursts against the night sky.

3Cableknit Sweater New Year’s Nail Art

Staying in this New Year’s Eve? This cozy “sweater weather” design will go perfectly with your under-a-blanket-by-the-fire itinerary. Choose one color for a calmer look, or go bold with multiple polishes, as shown here.


4Baby Pink Glitter New Year’s Nail Art

A little glitter goes a long way! Baby pink nails with an iridescent glitter top coat and loads of sparkly rings up the fancy factor.

5Red New Year’s Nail Polish

It’s a known fact that candy red nails never go out of style. Keep is classic with solid, shiny polish, or embellish a nail or two with simple nail jewels for a little added sparkle.


6Dark Silver New Year’s Nail Polish

Flecks of colored glitter take this silver polish to another dimension. With a slightly darker (almost gunmetal) tone, this polish is appropriate for the office or the office party.

7Black and Gold New Year’s Nail Art

What time is it? It’s time for show-stopping nail art featuring fireworks and a clock face (so fitting for New Year’s Eve). Check out the video tutorial to see how this unique design comes together.


8Gold Glitter New Year’s Nail Polish

Go all out with all-over gold glitter polish. Because it just makes sense for New Year’s Eve…and doesn’t it remind you of Champagne bubbles?

9Leopard Print New Year’s Nail Art

We love the touch of icy blue added to this leopard print design. The glittery base colors would look great on their own too for a new years celebration.

10Marble New Year’s Nail Art

Go for a pretty in pink look this New Year’s Eve, and try an accent nail or two in this marble pattern for added visual interest.

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